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Portuguese Cape Verdian Singer Sara Tavares - "Longe do Mundo" & "Ginga"

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This post presents information about Portuguese Cape Verdian singer Sara Tavares and showcases one sound file of the song Longe do Mundo and one video of her singing "Ginga"

Portuguese lyrics and English translations of the song Longe do Mundo is also included in this post. Tat song are also included in this post.

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Thanks to Sara Tavares for her musical legacy. Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publishers of these YouTube examples.

"Sara Alexandra Lima Tavares (born 1 February 1978) is a Portuguese singer, composer, guitarist and percussionist. She was born and brought up in Lisbon, Portugal, where she still lives. Second-generation Portuguese of Cape Verdean descent, she composes African, Portuguese and North American influenced world music. She composes in Portuguese and Portuguese-based creole languages. Although Portuguese is the main language of her songs, it's not rare to find in her repertoire multilingual songs mixing Portuguese with Portuguese creole and even English in the same song (e.g."One Love").
Tavares won the 1993/1994 final of the Endemol song contest Chuva de Estrelas (performing Whitney Houston's "One Moment in Time"), which helped her win the Portuguese Television Song Contest final in 1994, consequently earning a place in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, with the song "Chamar a Música" reaching 8th place.

She's also known for singing the European-Portuguese version of "God Help the Outcasts" for the Disney movie "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," which won a Disney award for the best version of the original song. She also won a Portuguese Golden Globe for Best Portuguese Singer in 2000….

Her more recent work is much more influenced by jazz, soul and African music, and she has a strong following amongst jazz enthusiasts.

Example #1: Longe do Mundo - Sara Tavares (lyrics) [English translation: Far from the World]

Sandra Reis, Uploaded on Jan 6, 2008

Eu não sei se vais ouvir-me
Se estás aí ou não
Eu não sei se compreendes
Esta oração

Se eu p'ra ti sou uma estranha
Que o coração perdeu
É ao ver-te que eu pergunto
Se já foste como eu

Longe do mundo, perto de ti
Peço conforto de quem eu fugi
Perdida, esquecida eu oro a ti
Longe do mundo mas perto de ti

Peço conforto e nada mais
Na voz dos que sofrem padecem sinais
Vêm de longe e chegam por fim
Quem vai ouvi-los? quem sofre assim?

Eu não sei se vais lembrar-te
De um coração tão só
Coração tão vagabundo
Que perde, chora, todos os dias

Longe do mundo mas perto de ti
Peço conforto de quem eu fugi
Venho de longe e chego por fim
Quem vai ouvir-me chama assim
Perdida, esquecida, aqui ao orar
Longe do mundo mas perto de ti...

English translation [from Portuguese]

I do not know if you're gonna hear me
If you are there or not
I do not know if you understand
this prayer

If I'm a stranger you p'ra
The heart lost
It is to see you I ask
If thou wast as I

Far from the world near you
I beg comfort of who I ran away
Lost, forgotten, I pray thee
Away from the world but close to you

I pray comfort and nothing more
The voice of those who suffer suffer signs
They come from far and arrive finally
Who will hear them? those who suffer so?

I do not know if you will remember
A heart so alone
Heart so bum
You lose, cry, every day

Away from the world but close to you
I beg comfort of who I ran away
I come from far and arrive finally
Who will hear me call so
Lost, forgotten, here to pray
Away from the world but close to you ...

Example #2: World Music Winners - Cape Verde - Sara Tavares - Female Guitar Virtuoso

Seka Moke Published on Jun 20, 2012

World Music Winners - Cape Verde - Sara Tavares - Female Guitar Virtuoso
Selected comments from this video's discussion thread

Hermi Cruz
"My tiny country Cape Verde Islands has beautiful music due to the blend of all cultures that stopped by."

"I am telling you. Not sure how it happened, Brazil, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde. They put out this sweet rhythm that just naturally lifts you up. The Portuguese, the African, and the Brazilian influence. Just shake my head and say this is good."

Susan Dhifaoui
"the music of Cape Verde is beautiful-'morna' music similar to the prado music of Portugal. If you like this, you might also like to search Cesaria Evora; also a great CV musician who sadly passed away Dec. 2011"

"Depois de tanto tempo sem amor... Obrigada pela magia, pela ginga, pelo sentimento de ser feliz, colado a mim... Esse pok pok, tun, tun... Mexe tudo aqui dentro. Alegria vai no vento, festa no meu coração... Vem com sentimento em ser feliz. Coisa boa! Danke!"
Google translate from Portuguese to English:
After so long without love ... Thank you for the magic, the ginga, the feeling of being happy, glued to me ... This pok pok, tun, tun ... Move all here. Joy goes in the wind, party in my heart ... Come with feeling happy. Good thing! Danke!

"whats the name of this song?"

Vania K.

"I do not speak Cape Verdean Creole and Portuguese but this is just beautiful. I love Sara Tavares' music. It takes me somewhere. Does anybody have the complete lyrics and translation for 'Ginga'? I tried to Google it but nothing. Hugs from the Philippines. :)

Danila do Rosario Fernandes Morais
"Ginga have the same meaning of "shake body""

"Shake your body, or move with me

Anthony Thorne
"I hear Haitian music, long live African music if you know what I mean. This woman is great ... Sara Tavares I do agree with Marc. I am African Caribbean. She would be great at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival."

Be Plush
"Why isn't Sara playing at a music jazz festival. Where is she now? This is a very talented artist and needs to have more concerts in the US. Sara you have a gorgeous voice. Where are you? Come perform in New York."

"What is this music genre ?"

MaRiNa KingsDaughter
"this music genre is called "Morna" and the Godmother of it is Cesaria Evora.. If you like this genre you will enjoy listening to Sara Mayra Andrade and Lura too... I looove Sara Tavares :)"

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