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Five Videos Of Nigerian Singer Sir Wilker Jackson

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases five videos by Nigerian singer Sir Wilker Jackson.

A few comments from one of these featured videos' discussion threads are also included in this post.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, folkloric, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

In addition to the music and singing, I'm showcasing these videos to highlight the traditional clothing, traditional women's hairstyles, and the dancing that is shown in these videos.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to Sir Wilker Jackson for his musical legacy. RIP.

Thanks to all others who are featured in these videos and thanks to the producers of these videos. Thanks also to NAija Soundz and to Wyld Pytch/51 Lex Records, the publishers of these YouTube videos.

Information about Sir Wilker Jackson and information about these songs would be greatly appreciated. For example, is this Highlife music? What are the titles for these songs? And what is each song about?

Another Sir Wilker Jackson vido ( included this information in its summary: "sir wilker is a Akwa Ibom Artiste that is known with his beautiful female dancers." Commenters in that video's discussion thread wrote that Sir Wilker Jackson was an Akrom Ibrom singer. Here are two comments from that video's discussion thread:
Lavender ann, 2012
"what language is this am loving everything reminds me of my vilage in Kenya were this funny too."

Anthony I. 2012
"ibibio from akwa ibom state nigeria"


Example #1: Sir Wilker Jackson - Shabba

NAija Soundz, Uploaded on May 24, 2008

the freshest song alive
Here's a comment from this video's discussion thread:
vixxy02, 2009
"Eli:Dah Ette! Amanam ndi'sim obio,koro isong ama bet fi!
At last we can now say we are proud of 'Ette land' (Akwa-Cross) now that we are doing things for ourselves, and having that sense of pride! Abasi odiong nnyin!!!"


NAija Soundz, Uploaded on Mar 21, 2009
Here are a few selected comments from this video's discussion thread
vixxy02, 2009
"inmytime: I just love it! It reminds me of the mornings in Calabar,when this genre would be playing on Cross River radio and the pounding of the mortar, and the smell of akara would wake me up, and the sound of 'ala olok' in the distant background, and the 'ogi' sellers calling out "ogi! akara!"
Dah uwem ama nem ini odo!!"

zaa404, 2012
"Chief kooffreh USA MUSIC ARTIST/PDP CHAIRMAN USA This is a traditional dance of Calabar people called "Ekombi" and and the saying is based on idiomatic expressions for example HE IS SAYING A BAD WOMAN NO MATTER WHAT YOU/HUSBAND GIVE TO HER HER VIRGINA /LEGS IS ON THE STREET which we all know it is the truth. Then Akpabuyo small town about 40 miles from Calabar city Nigeria girl is beautiful.He sounds like he comes from Akpabuyo the singer." 

Queen E, 2013
"Stunning rendition of real music, missing home so far away from my people. I am so proud of Akwa Ibom. May God grant us the strength to be trailblazers in Nigeria"

naija4life Naija4lifestyle, 2013
"I have watched Female dancers from ALL OVER THE WORLD ( and most especially from Africa) but i still mantain that the Dancers from Calabar / Efik ARE THE MOST GRACIOUS AND FLUID!
Mind you, i am not from that part of Nigeria. I am facinated by the movements, so Majestic, so Enticing so,,,, WORDS FAIL ME!

Thanks for posting."

Eyen Efik, 2016
"I love this song especially since I am an eyen Akpabuyo :-D"

Example #3: Sir Wilker Jackson - Eyen Anwan Esuk Ibaaka (Official Video)

Wyld Pytch/51 Lex Records, Published on Oct 20, 2015

Example #4: Sir Wilker Jackson - Anyem Ufan (Official Video)

Wyld Pytch/51 Lex Records, Published on Oct 20, 2015

Example #5: Sir Wilker Jackson - Sik Dian Ima (Official Video)

Wyld Pytch/51 Lex Records, Published on Oct 22, 2015

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