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President Obama's Classic Saying "Don't Boo. Vote" (in 2008, 2012, & 2016)

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Judging from media reports "Don't Boo. Vote" is the most popular take-away line from President Barack Obama's 2016 Democratic National Convention speech. Yet this is by no means the first time that President Obama has urged people to take action at the voting booth instead of just booing for candidates they don't like.

This post documents then Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama saying "Don't boo. Vote" in 2008 and President Obama including that saying in speeches in 2012 and 2016. Several tweets that refer to President Obama's saying "Don't Boo. Vote" in his 2016 DNC speech are also included in this post. Also, notice a July 5, 2016 post in which then presumptive (and now) Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton quotes President Obama saying "Don't Boo. Vote".

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Obama: "Don't Boo. Vote!"

SawViking, Uploaded on Oct 21, 2008

Obama calms down angry crowd, and makes a funny critisism.


From After ripping Republicans, Obama tells Las Vegas crowd: ‘Don’t boo. Vote.’, By David Nakamura August 22, 2012
..."In his jobs bill last fall, Obama pushed for new investments to hire more teachers, construction workers, firefighters and police officers. But those proposals were not approved by Congress, prompting the president to lambaste what he called an obstructionist Republican Party. Republicans have argued that Obama has not done enough to tame the federal debt and that his stimulus spending has not done enough to reduce unemployment, which stands at 8.3 percent.

The audience began to boo when Obama said congressional Republicans had blocked his bill, but the president cut in and said: “No, no, no, no, no. Don’t boo. Vote. That’s right. Vote.” The line prompted a huge cheer.
The first time Obama mentioned Romney by name, the crowd booed, drawing a rebuke from the president. “I don’t want you to boo,” he said, “I want you to vote.”"

President Obama: "Don't Boo—Vote!" - Las Vegas, Nevada, Published on Aug 22, 2012

Obama: 'Don't Boo, Vote' By Stephen Feller | Sunday, 04 Nov 2012
"President Barack Obama went after Gov. Mitt Romney during a campaign stop at McArthur High School in Hollywood, Fla., on Sunday afternoon for “changing facts” to fit his policy proposals, while sounding a familiar note by saying that those proposals have already failed in the past already.

Obama, and the elected officials who took the stage before him forcefully reminded the crowd that voting, and getting others to vote, is the most important thing they can do in the next two days…

Obama reiterated calls for voters to select candidates who will work to “move this country forward,” regardless of party, because of the overall inaction of Congress in Washington - what he referred to repeatedly as the “status quo.”"...


Hillary ClintonVerified account
"Don’t boo, vote! Booing doesn’t help. You need to vote.” —@POTUS on Donald Trump’s dangerous policies
1:25 PM - 5 Jul 2016

Watch President Barack Obama Full Speech At The DNC 2016

LIVE BROADCASTING 2016Published on Jul 27, 2016
The "Don't Boo. Vote." clip is at 18:25-18:31 of this video.

Barack Obama DNC Barack Obama Speech DNC 2016 Democratic National Convention 2016


These tweets are presented in chronological order with the oldest tweet given first. I've assigned numbers to these tweets for referencing purposes only.

July 28, 2016

1. Oprah Winfrey ‏@Oprah
"Best line ever from @POTUS "don't Boo, Vote!" #DemsInPhilly"

2. Niecy NashVerified account ‏@NiecyNash
"Blessed I got to see this president in my lifetimeπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ "Don't Boo.... VOTE!""

3. Adam ShapiroVerified account ‏@adamshapiro
" "Don't" is the new "Don't Hate...participate." "

4. J.D. ‏@iownjd
"Obama is smooth, calm, cool and collected: "Don't Boo, VOTE." Say what u will, can't help, but admire that type of charisma; can't teach it."

5. Chris ThileVerified account ‏
"That was brilliant, beautiful, reassuring,
and inspiring. And yes, yes, yes: “don’t boo, vote.” "

6. peteachuVerified account
"Don't boo, vote. (Definitely most applicable to this situation but pretty great advice in life in general)."

7. Best CoastVerified account ‏@
" "DON'T BOO, VOTE" Love you @POTUS ❤️"

8. rolandsmartinVerified account ‏@rolandsmartin
"Brothers will be on the street in 45 minutes with "Don't boo, vote!" T-shirts! Just watch. LOL"

9. Harry Shum JrVerified account
"Harry Shum Jr Retweeted Hillary for America
That speech was mighty powerful. "Don't boo...VOTE""

10. Kate Garchinsky ‏@katesnowbird
"I made a shirt. Buy it, wear it, love it. #POTUS #DontBooVote..."

11. Yelena Perlin ‏@yelenalena
"Passing of the torch. Don't boo, vote. #imwithher #DemsinPhilly"

12. jmbler ‏@jmbler
"@washingtonpost I want that on a tshirt asap.
Don't boo vote!"

13. Danny Greg (Telegraph Hill, San Francisco)
" “Don’t boo; vote.”

I’m going to severely miss Obama as a world leader. Such class"

14. Merri Dee ‏
Merri Dee Retweeted Chicago Tribune
"What an incredible speech, man, legacy! "Don't boo, vote!" It's up to each one of us to see this through. God Bless."

15. Molly WoodVerified account
"I want to auto-post this every single day between now and November: "Don't boo. Vote.""

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