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Four Videos Of The East African Gospel Song "Amenitendea" (sung by adults)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part I of a two part pancocojams series that showcases examples of the East African Gospel song "Amenitendea" (He has done it). This song's title is also given as "Amenitendea, Immanuel", meaning "Emmanuel [Jesus] has done it".

Click for Part I of this series. Part I showcases four videos and one sound file of children or children and teenagers singing "Amenitendea".

Part II featured four videos of adults singing the East African Gospel song "Amenitendea". One of those videos features Kenyan animation.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, religious, and aesthetic purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to the composer of "Amenitendea" and thanks to all those who are featured in these examples. Thanks also to the publishers of these examples on YouTube.

I've been unable to find any information about who composed the religious song "Amenitendea" and when it was first performed. "Amenitendea" means "He has done it" in Luganda, a Ugandan language. It's therefore likely that this song originated in Uganda, East Africa. However, some of the people who sung this song in the videos are from Kenya, East Africa or Tanzania, East Africa. I'm not sure if those people are singing in Ki-Swahili or in Luganda. As the publisher for the video given as Example #1 below wrote "Luganda is a bantu language, as is Swahili, subsequently some words and word structures are shared. Although it may mean the same in Swahili, doesn't mean it's wrong to say that it is Luganda)."

The Luganda lyrics for this song are given in the description for the description section of the first video that is embedded in Part I of this series.

Any information about this song would be greatly appreciated.

Also note that I often showcase multiple renditions of the same song because I'm interested in documenting and showcasing the different ways that a particular song can be performed.

In addition to this song's message, and the way that it is performed, I'm also interested in the clothing, hairstyles, and performance styles that are shown in these videos.

These examples are given in chronological order based on their publishing date on YouTube with the oldest dated example given first.

Example #1: Amenitendea - African Animation (Kenya)

Mwangi Animation, Published on May 2, 2012

"Amenitendea" by Gospel Nation... animation by Mwangi @ Balozi Productions. Enjoy the River Road flavour!
*This song may have originally been from Uganda. I'm not sure where the group "Gospel Nation" is from. The animation was done in Kenya.

Example #2: Amenitendea

Alex Sibo-Mana, Published on Jun 6, 2012
The song begins at 1:20 in this video.

Example #3: Amenitendea - He has done for me (Immanuel)

Hope Restoration Christian Ministries , published on Mar 17, 2013

Example #4: Amenitendea By Bofenda Touch of a KinG H264

AFRO TV Published on Apr 6, 2014
The description for another Bofenda Touch of a KinG video indicates that this group (or singer) is from Kenya.

This concludes Part II of this series.

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