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Five Nigerian Highlife Videos - Uwem Edi Imo (Udeme Mi Vol.1)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases five Nigerian videos with the citation/title "Uwem Edi Imo (Udeme Mi Vol.1)". These videos also include song titles after the words "Uwem Edi Imo". The videos give the name Akilo as the vocalist for these songs.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

In addition to the music, I am interested in documenting and sharing examples of the traditional clothing and hairstyles, contemporary clothing and hairstyles, the traditional dances and/or contemporary dances that are shown in these videos.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks also to Akilo for his performance. And thanks to the composer/s of these songs. Thanks also to all those who are featured in these videos and thanks to all those who are quoted in this post. In addition, thanks to the producers of these videos and thanks to Braced In Vogue, their publisher on YouTube.
I haven't found any biographical information about Akilo. If you know of any links to that information or can share information about this singer/group, please add those links and/or information in the comment section below. The English language title of these songs and English language summaries for these songs would also be appreciated. Thanks!

I happened upon these video while YouTube surfing for traditional Nigerian music and dance. After finding these videos, I searched the internet for information about this singer or group, but didn't find anything.

But a pdf file entitled "Ibuanyidanda (Complementary Reflection), African Philosophy and General
Issues in Philosophy" indicated that "Life is wealth." is the English translation of the Anaang language phrase "Uwem Edi Imo". That article also indicated that "The Annang Society is found within the North-West region of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria."


Using Google search, I found this information from Movie: Udeme Mmi (watch & Laugh For An Early Weekend Starter) by amakaikeng(f)...On Sep 13, 2012
"...Udeme Mmi is an Effik comedy-movie starring Belinda Effah, Moses Armstrong, Ime Bishop Umoh and Obongawan Bennett James. The movie was produced by Emem Isong, written with collaborative efforts from Uduak Isong and Chidi Oguamanam and directed by Lancelot Imasuen."
Here's the link for the official trailer for that movie:
UDEME MMI: Official Trailer.

That video's subtitles indicated that the English translation for "Udeme Mmi" is "My portion".

However, I'm not sure if this movie has anything to do with the videos that are showcased in this post.

In addition, I found this YouTube video with the title "Udeme Mmi":" That video was published on Oct 20, 2012 by wiseguy4ree. The video summary indicates that this is "A song by Mr John Jima: Contained in Album: Mbahado Aba Vol. 2". From the comments in the video's discussion thread, this is a Christian song.

Again, I'm not sure if there's a connection between that song and at song has anything to do with the videos that are showcased in this post.

Lastly, I found a 50 minute YouTube video with the "Udeme Mi Vol 1 - 2015 Latest Nigerian Highlife Music" That video was published on Apr 30, 2015 by 9jaHighLife. That video features all of the videos that I showcased below, and others. Unfortunately, there are no comments in that video's discussion thread. And there are very few comments in those videos that are featured below.

Even though I know so little about these videos, I'm interested in sharing them with pancocojams readers, because of the music and the traditional clothing, dancing, and women's hairstyle. However, with all due respect and with apologies for my cultural ignorance, I'd love to know the answers to the following questions:

Is Akilo the vocalist for these songs? Are these traditional or contemporary Efik or Akom Ibom songs?

Are the "Uwem Edi Imo" and "Udeme Mi Vol." the album names?

And are the songs that are showcased in this post religious or secular?

One of those song's titles is in English. Does the title of this video "Women's Wrapper" refer to the clothing the women wear around their waist?

I'd also love to know the English translations for the title of the other four songs that I featured. And are those titles in Anaang?

Any responses to these questions will be greatly appreciated.

Example #1: Uwem Edi Imo - Woman Wrapper (Udeme Mi Vol.1)

Braced In Vogue Published on Oct 12, 2013
I'm assuming that "Woman Wrapper" refers to the cloth that the women wear wrapped around their waist. Is this correct?

Example #2: Uwem Edi Imo - I Fot (Udeme Mi Vol.1)

Braced In Vogue Published on Oct 12, 2013

Example #3: Uwem Edi Imo - Anana Owo inanake Abasi (Udeme Mi Vol.1)

Braced In Vogue, Published on Oct 13, 2013

Example #4: Uwem Edi Imo - Ima Ndo (Udeme Mi Vol.1)

Braced In Vogue Published on Oct 13, 2013

Example #5: Uwem Edi Imo - Nnomi Udeme Mi (Udeme Mi Vol.1)

Braced In Vogue Published on Oct 13, 2013

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