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Alabama State University Stingettes - 2009-2010 Compilation Video (with comments & information about the 2014 & 2015 squad's captain & accomplishments )

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part II of a five part series that showcases a pre-2013 video of the majorette dance line of a Historical Black Colleges and University (HBCU) and includes selected comments from that video's discussion thread.

Part II provides information about Alabama State University's "Stingettes" and showcases a compilation video of the 2009-2010 Alabama State University Stingettes. The information section also provides information about Stingette's 2014=2014 captain Asia Martin, and the accomplishments the Stingettes' achieved in 2015.

Click for Part I of this series. That post includes links to all of the other posts in this series.

Part I focuses on Jackson State University's "Prancing J-Settes".

Part III focuses on Alcorn State University's "Golden Girls".

Part IV focuses on Southern University's "Dancing Dolls".


Part V focuses on Texas Southern University's "Motion of the Ocean".

Except for the majorette dance line showcased in Part I, these dance lines aren't given in any particular order. Additional HBCU dance lines will be showcased in subsequent pancocojams posts.

The content of this post is presented for historical, cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

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Thanks to members of Alabama State University's Stingettes now and in the past. Thanks to all those who featured in this video and thanks to all those who are quoted in this post. Thanks also to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

"Alabama State University, founded 1867, is a historically black university located in Montgomery, Alabama...

Marching band
Alabama State's marching band is officially known as the "The Mighty Marching Hornets" (MMH). The band has been nationally recognized and is a several time invitee to the Honda Battle of the Bands. The Mighty Marching Hornets also are stars of a Documentary/TV series. The show is called "Bama State Style" and it gives a peek at the lives of the students in the band. In 2016, MMH made an appearance in a major film entitled Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk.[8] The featured auxiliary is The Sensational Stingettes, a dance line that debuted in 1977. The Stingettes have been featured in a music video and live performance with music celebrities Robin Thicke and 2 Chainz.

MMH is traditionally led by four or five drum majors. MMH and the Stingettes perform at select football games, all basketball SWAC home games, and other special events.

From By staff, Sep 28, 2015 'Asia Martin: More than an ASU Stingettes Sensation'
"You may recognize her from the big screen, music videos, or as the two-time captain of the Alabama State University Stingettes danceline. Asia Martin is dancing her way onto the scene with her uniquely raw and classy talent. We sat down to get the Buzz.

Asia, affectionately named “Slaysia” from supporters is a 20-year-old Senior, Fine Arts major studying at Alabama State University. She slays. Asia is captain of her historically black college and university’s (HBCU) for the second year and she is entering her fourth season, having made the danceline as a freshman.

Being a freshman Stingette was not what I expected. It is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time management. You do not get to go out and party. Our [stingette] life is school, practice, and sleep. It is about dedication. If you want to be a part of the team, you have to love it.

During her reign as captain, the Alabama State Stingettes starred on reality television show “BAMA STATE Style”. The show had 5 episodes and filmed constantly throughout the season. We asked Martin to share her experiences...

Under her reign as captain the ASU Stingettes have seen several accomplishments.

HBCU Dance Competition 2015 Winners
HBCU Buzz #3 -Top 5 HBCU Dance Lines
HBCU: Best In stand Dance 2014-2015
HBCU: Best Uniforms 2014-2015
Best HBCU Captain 2014-2015"...
Click for a 2015 video of a stand performance by the Stingettes (performing in the [football stadium] stands).


vbrot11 Uploaded on Dec 16, 2009

Compilation of the 2009-2010 Alabama State Univeristy Stingettes
DISCLAIMER: I arbitrarily chose this video through YouTube surfing. I don't mean to imply that one video could be representative of the entire history of this or any dance squad.

These comments are given in relative chronological order, with the oldest dated comments given first, except for responses. However, these comments may not be in consecutive order.

In this comment section and others in this series I'm particularly interested in documenting vernacular terms that are used about j-setting such as "buck", "throw counts", "stands" (meaning "counts" and not stadium bleachers), "field shows", "tail" and "crabs".

I'm also interested in presenting comments that refer to the history of that particular HBCU majorette dance line and/or the changes that have been made in what has come to be known as "j-setting".

I've assigned numbers for referencing purposes only and I've added brief explanatory comments for a few of these comments. (Additions and corrections to these explanatory comments are welcome.)

1. JSUalumTwirler01to03
"Absolutely wonderful season ladies...Each year your skill and precision grows, outside of just supplying the audience a look/presentation which is outstanding...I look forward to the squad growing in their dance and performing skill and Lisa continuing to take it to the next level. Each season brings about major improvement...Wonderful job ladies!!!"

2. ElleRapheal
That WAS sIcKonINg... all the crabs names started with a J just about.. how cute
"Sickening" is a high compliment. "Crabs"= the squad's new members

3. ASU19992006
"Man that was all the business! I love this! 2009 was the year of the Vick, Vickie Betts that is! She took the Stingettes to a higher level and the rest of the dance squads have too catch up, lol. The Jsettes and the dolls didn't know what hit them. The Stingettes outshone them all with beauty, style, grace, creative field shows and superb stands routines. 2009 was a banner year. Thank you Stingettes for raising the bar! You represent Alabama State University very well. CLASS OF 1999!
This commenter mentions two other Historical Black College & University (HBCU) majorette dance squads- Jackson State University's J-settes and Southern University's Dancing Dolls.

4. chrismontrell
"The funniest thing about stingette videos is the gay dude that be in the background. You can tell dude know every move from the remarks he make during each!"
Click for a pancocojams post that provides some information about j-setting and Black gay men. There are anecdotal accounts of Black gay men dancing in the sidelines or the bleachers along with the Jackson State University J-settes in the 1990s. Also, click for another pancocojams post about j-setting and gay men.

5. antonio manson
"im reading all da comments , and everybodi saying da stingettes cant b touch ... but one thang about and 2 thangs for show ASU(albany state university) golden passionettes got dem beat .... but da stingettes looked good dis season .. i go tired of seeing da same thing in dere field show doe"
Albamy State University's Golden Passionettes are another HBCU majorette dance squad. That university is in Albany, Georgia.

Notice the widespread custom of using the suffix "ette" in the name of many of these HBCU majorette dance squads.

6. ASU19992006
"The Albany State Passionettes on their best day couldn't touch the Alabama State Stingettes on their worst day. Boy stop! And I have never seen the Stingettes have a bad day. They always BRING IT!"
Notice the saying "Bring It!" That saying is the title of a reality television series about high school majorette (j-setting) squads which debuted in 2014 and is now in its third season. The television series focuses on Jackson, Mississippi's Dancing Dolls and their competitions with other j-setting squads. The high school Dancing Dolls shouldn't be confused with the HBCU Southern State University Dancing Dolls. Click!_(TV_series) for information about that and click the Dancing Doll (television show) tag below to find a pancocojams post on this dance group.

7. vbrot11
"@dejea08 This may be your first time "noticing" the Stingettes. Youtube them and just watch different performances throughout the 30+ years they've been on the scene. You will have a greater respect for their craft and their contribution to the world of HBCU dancing."

8. datnigjay
"the definition of a real squad."

9. Gashlyn2010
"GREAT SQUAD! It will be a while before another team comes through that looks so well together. Victoria you worked OUT & were a beautiful captain! This was a great year for the Stingettes."

10. Dimitri Jones
"See the thing i Love about her,, even if she messes up she plays it off and come back so HARD!!"

11. SaddleupASU
"u better werk betts...cant waut to c ya buck this year"

12. big mike
"The only thing i have to say is STANDS and FIELD is CLEARLY two different worlds for this squad"

13. Courtney Allen
"OMG i can't wait to try out for them next summer.!!! i LOVE their choreography and uniforms."

14. stewievsbrian1
"This was a great video. Although im not a fan if their field routines but them' Stands' is on another level. Great captain. Great squad. Its always the past year squads that stands out. Legendary season, Stingettes."

15. stewievsbrian1
"This was a great video. Although im not a fan if their field routines but them' Stands' is on another level. Great captain. Great squad. Its always the past year squads that stands out. Legendary season, Stingettes."



16. Ardrill Sims
"This was truly a great squad thanks to Vicky..and i think the 2013-2014 squad came the closest to this one thanks to keekee !"

17. Brandin Jones
"i agree this squad was freaking great i was the 9th grade i remember seeing this squad this year did come close but they good to!!!!!"

This concludes Part II of this series.

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