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Dixie Hummingbirds - Take Care Of Me (videos & lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases three videos of the Dixie Hummingbirds singing "He'll Take Care Of Me".

My transcription of this song (primarily taken from the videos given as Example #1 and Example #2 below) is included in this post. Additions and corrections are welcome.

Information about the Dixie Hummingbirds is also included in this post.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, religious, and aesthetic purposes.

Thanks to the Dixie Hummingbirds for their musical legacy. Thanks to the publishers of these videos on YouTube. Hat tip to Gigi Erba (from Italy) who alerted me to this song, and sent me a transcription of the video given as Example #3. That transcription is found below. Additions and corrections are welcome.

"The Dixie Hummingbirds are an influential American gospel music group, spanning more than 80 years from the jubilee quartet style of the 1920s, through the "hard gospel" quartet style of Gospel's golden age in the 1940s and 1950s, to the eclectic pop-tinged songs of today. The Hummingbirds inspired a number of imitators, such as Jackie Wilson and James Brown, who adapted the shouting style and enthusiastic showmanship of hard gospel to secular themes to help create soul music in the 1960s."...

From The Dixie Hummingbirds (Inducted [in the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame] 2000)
"The Dixie Hummingbirds are probably the best known of the black gospel quartets, having performed for over 50 years throughout America and Europe. They became the inspiration for countless R&B and soul singers, from Jackie Wilson and Clyde McPhatter to Bobby “Blue” Bland and The Temptations.

The group was formed in Greenville, South Carolina, by James Davis in 1928, a year before the Great Depression. The members were Barney Gipson (lead), Davis (tenor), Barney Parks (baritone), and J.B. Matterson (bass). In their early teens they sang in the Bethel Church of God in the junior chorus. Soon Fred Owens became the bass and the group became the Sterling High School Quartet. Davis changed the name to the Dixie Hummingbirds."

Example #1: Dixie Hummingbirds - Take Care Of Me Part 1.wmv

BevYoYummy Uploaded on Mar 11, 2011

Live in Miami, Florida featuring: Ira Tucker, Sr., James Walker, Beachey Thompson, Paul Owens and Howard Carroll
Transcription for "Take Care Of Me"
(as sung by the Dixie Hummingbirds)*

Soloist- My mother and father
Group- [hums “Ooh” throughout this soloist portion]
Soloist: They’re gone long ago
They left me down here
But Lord knows I’m not alone
(You know why?)

[Group sings –“Ahh!]
Soloist- I got Jesus .
I don’t need nobody else.
{Group sings an extended version of “Ahh!]
Soloist - He said if I live my life right He would
Group- [hums extended version of “Ooh” ]
Soloist – TAKE care of me. (Oh Lordy]

Soloist- Things are getting worse
{Group hums – “Ooh” throughout this soloist portion]
(You don’t think you’re gonna last. It only looks like that)
Soloist - Day by day
Group- [hums something like “Ee you”]
Soloist- [You know] I don’t let that bother me.
Group [hums another vocalization]
Soloist- For in times of trouble
I take time to pray
When I get up in the morning
Group- [hums an extended form of “Ahh!]
Soloist: He always hears my plea.
And He [This word is extended]
Takes care of me. (You know)
*This transcription doesn't include the introduction to the song. The song and my transcription begins at 1:31 of this video.

The Dixie Hummingbirds soloist portion features a lot of words that are spoken with the lyrics or Group vocalizations. These "testifying" spoken words embellish the song and might be omitted or changed with each rendition of a particular song. In this transcription, those spoken words are presented in parenthesis. The Group's portion of the song is given in brackets.

Additions and corrections are welcome.

The chorus and its riff is given in the transcription for Example #2 below.

Example #2: Dixie Hummingbirds Take Care Of Me Part 2

BevYoYummy Uploaded on Mar 11, 2011

Live in Miami, Florida featuring: Ira Tucker, Sr., James Walker, Beachey Thompson, Paul Owens and Howard Carroll
Continuation of this song's transcription:

Soloist- (I’m glad I’m able to say) Take care of me (this word is extended),
[Group sings “Lord take care of me” throughout this chorus]
Soloist – Lord, I need You.
(Talking to the audience “Anybody that needs Him now)
[Group sings – “Every day of my life”
Soloist- If you live like He told you
[Group hums “Whoo”]
Soloist – Won’t He hear you
(Group sings “He’ll take care of me” throughout this soloist portion)
Soloist (I said), won’t He hear you.
Won’t he hear you.
He’ll take me
[Group sings “He’ll take care of me”}
Soloist - He’ll take me
He’ll take me through my trouble and strife
[Group sings- “Through my trouble and strife”]
[Group hums “Ahh]
Soloist- Sometimes I am weak (I’m talkin ‘bout myself)
[Group hums another vocalization]
Soloist – And things are mighty dark and dreary.
But the Lord always
Steps right on in
[Group hums “Ah”]
Soloist – He always stepped right in and made my path clear.*
Lord, take care of me.
Group- “Take care of me. Please.
Please, please.
Soloist- Take care of me
Group -Take care of me
Soloist- Lord!
(Oh, you don’t have to talk that loud.)
Group - Please Please
Soloist- And I will be alright.
[Group sings- Take care of me” throughout this soloist's testifying (spoken word portion)]
Soloist- (speaking to audience says something like “Well, you know I talked with Him a little while.
As the Bible teaches, I got down on my knees to pray
And I said, “Lord, I want You to let the problems go away”)
Yeah [This word is extended]
Oh, I won’t worry
Because He’ll take care of me.
{Group: sings “He’ll take care of me.” Throughout this portion.]
Before I die
(Oh, you don’t want to hear this.)
Soloist- Me! [This word is extended]
[Group -Take care of me. Please Please Please.
Take care of me.
Soloist – (I’m gonna let it alone)
Oh-o [sings an extended form of this word]
Group – sings Oh-o.
He takes care of me.
*I'm not sure about this transcription. The soloist says something about how the Lord helps him. I used this line from the transcription that was given in Example #3.

Example #3: Dixie Hummingbirds - Take care of me

5blindboys Uploaded on Aug 1, 2009
A fine rehearsal gospel song of the Hummingbird old timers with James Walker leading.
Here are two comments from this video's discussion thread
terry tubbs, 2009
"1954 this was originaly recorded .This was Walkers first lead solo with The Dixie Hummingbirds beautiful song."

David April, 2009
"This is from Ashley James' film documentary "Loves Me Like A Rock" released in 1994 and was shown at various film festivals across the country. I saw the film when it debuted in Philadelphia followed by a performance by The Birds. Unfortunately the film was not released for wider distribution due to issues related to music rights. This segment moves me. To see and hear Walker, Tucker, Carroll, and Owens together is amazing."
This transcription of this video was made by Gigi Erba and friends (Italy). Comments made during that rehearsal that aren't part of the song are given in parenthesis..

This transcription was sent to Azizi Powell via email.
Video Transcription: Dixie Hummingbirds rehearsal (Song: "Take Care Of Me")

Mother and Father closed the door ( that's it ),

They left me down here ( but that's allright ),

I never will be alone (that's right there ),

I'm not worried ( that's it ).

He said....went in mains ( = if I lived right, ),

He said He would take care of me ( that's what I'm talkin'about ) ( let's go a little further),

Take care of me oh! Lord ( that's it ! ),

Lord I need You every day of my life.

Take care of me oh! Lord ,

Please take me through my troubles and strifes ( listen to this ).

Sometimes my way get dark and dreary

But the Lord always stepped right in and made my path clear.

Take care of me please Lord ! Please ! ( that's mighty nice )

(Let's do that one more time....we are ready to record it, we don't have to do it anymore ).

(That's mighty nice ! )

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