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Classic Sesame Street - "B Is For Bubbles" (film clio & lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases the classic 1970s Sesame Street film clip "B Is For Bubble".

The content of this post is presented for nostalgic and entertainment purposes.

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Thanks to the producer/s of this film clip.

SHOWCASE EXAMPLE: Sesame Street: B is for Bubble

Sesame Street, Uploaded on Sep 18, 2009

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"(Hint: Sing the song as if it was "3 Blind Mice")

B is for bubble, B is for bubble
Bubble, bubble, bubble
Bubble, bubble, bubble
B is for bubble & bubblegum
And B is for brother who bought you some
And B is better than any letter for bubblegum

*To sing it again in a special way, have one person to start singing the 1st line (B is for bubble, B is for bubble). Next, have a different singer start from the beginning while the first singer continues. Then, so on with another singer after the previous singer resang the 1st line. When the last singer starts to sing the last line, everyone could sing it together to "bring it home"/finish the song with style, like it originally did.

POW! (giggle)"


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