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Bunny Mack - "Let Me Love You" ("My Sweetie") YouTube examples & comments

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This is Part I of a three part pancocojams series on the song "My Sweetie".

Part I presents information about Sierra Leonean singer Bunny Mack who composed "Let Me Love You" ("My Sweetie") and recorded the first version of that song in 1979. This post also includes information about that hit record which has been covered by a number of recording artists. This series only features two remakes of this song.

Three YouTube examples of Bunny Mack's "Let Me Love You" ("My Sweetie") are also included in this post.

Click for Part II. r zzzvPart II showcases Wale's remake of "My Sweetie".

Click for Part III. Part III showcases MoeLogo's remake of "My Sweetie".

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Thanks to Bunny Mack for his musical legacy. Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post. Thanks also to the YouTube publishers of these examples that are featured in this post.

"Bunny Mack (born Cecil Bunting MacCormack 3 December 1945 – 11 July 2015) was a Sierra Leonean musician, singer and songwriter. He was best known for his song "Let Me Love You". [1]

Early life
Mack was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He began playing the harmonica and penny-whistle at the age of six. He made his first public appearance when at the age of eight, and played with friends in the band called The Daverns[2]

Mack rose to fame and became popular in the global music scene after the release of his song "Let Me Love You", which became a disco hit in 1981. He was voted Musician of the Year by African Muzik Magazine and received a Gold Disc for "Let Me Love You".[3] In November 2009, American rapper Wale made a remix version of the song that was included on the album Attention Deficit.[4][5][6] The song was also featured in the British music Charts[7][8] In 2014, the remix version of the song LET ME LOVE YOU was also featured on Capital Xtra Afro beats Top 10 Music Charts on a new version called "My Sweetie". Mack died in London on 11 July 2015.[9]"

"Today’s Throwback Thursday is an absolute classic floor filler, released in the 80’s Let Me Love You was not only a hit amongst Africans but also Caribbeans with its infamous lyrics My Sweetie, My Sugar.

Bunny Mack, the man behind the single Let Me Love You is an African singer, composer and musician born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, his sound is a fusion of disco/funk/calypso topped with English lyrics.
"Throwback Thursday" is a recent American (USA) originated referent for the informal custom of featuring old school (oldies but goodies) music, dance, fashions etc on Thursdays. Similar terms are used for other days of the week.

"Bunny Mack Interview: “No Qualms” about Wale’s Sample of his Classic Song, by AfroFusion, November 29, 2010
...[Wale's] My Sweetie,” produced by the Apple Juice Kid, features a heavy sample of Sierra Leone music great Bunny Mack‘s 1979 classic “Let Me Love You.” That song became a dance floor smash worldwide, and the extended 12″ vinyl record can still command a hefty asking price. And, of course, it still packs the jams. So it was a pretty smart choice for a sample. But what about Bunny Mack?

Non-Sierra Leoeneans have always been confused about the origin of the song. Nigerians think he’s Nigerian. West Indians think he’s West Indian. And the rest of Africa thinks he’s Nigerian. Much of the confusion may derive from the fact that his hugely popular album, Supafrico (1982), was released on the WIN label, which is a subsidiary of Lagos-based Tabansi Records. In any case, considering what has happened in the past with a few African artists, some of Bunny Mack’s relatives were understandably concerned. I, for one, was curious to know what he thought of the whole thing"...
That article includes an audio file of the interview. In that interview Bunny Mack says that he "has no qualms" (doesn't mind) that Wale sampled his song.

These examples are presented in chronological order based on their publishing date on YouTube with the oldest dated example given first. I've assigned numbers to these comments for referencing purposes only.

Example #1: Bunny Mack - Let Me Love You

verosartis, Uploaded on Sep 1, 2008

extended version
Selected comments from this sound file's discussion thread:

1. donjuleon, 2008
It took me YEARS!!!! to find this. A friend of mine who is a dj refused to give me a copy.
Certified Classic."

2. frozenimpact, 2008
"use to hear my mum playing this song as a child i love this song (wine ur body down)"

3. Eboué Béécham , 2009
"Crucial song. Timeless, Peerless and without equal in the African music hall of fame.
Transports one onto the dance floor with an unfathomable power."

4. princeok12, 2009
"bunny mack is straight 4rm Sierra Leone."
4rm = from

5. shjakes , 2009
"This will make you hold the back of your head and "Dingolay" (wind down to the ground ! :)"

6. 90210g2, 2010
"What a timeless classic!!! Mr. Bunny Mack we owe it you, Sir. Big up to Sierra Leone and to all my other Africans that appreciate this classic record."

7. John Laurie, 2011
"OMG. This brings back so much memories of parties in Clapham, London with the immigrant Grenadians and Dhal Puri Roti. Friends of my Dad playing this song over and over again. I was only 5 at the time."

8. Janice Williams, 2013
"I love this tune, it reminds me of my yesteryears."

9. Inter Mezo, 2015

10. naijabebe, 2015
"RIP Bunny Mack. Thank you so much for such a fab tuuuuuune😊"

Example #2: Bunny Mack - Let Me Love You

ieattheburger Uploaded on Aug 28, 2011

All video clips and audio used under Creative Commons licence Attribution (by) & Noncommercial (nc)

Contains derivative works from the following in chronological order as they appear in the video:
1.Amazing African Dance Group choregraphy with Djembe druming (
3.The Lawn Boy (Feature film) Directed by Ron Gonzalez. Production by Arthur Marie Company & The
Gag Order Films. Distrubuted by Vangard Cinema: Buy here (
4.My Sweetie - Wale (Directed by tabi Bonney)

Audio: Bunny Mack -- Let Me Love You
Label: Rokel
Country: UK
Here are two comments from this video's discussion thread:

Tiyisela Mpuzana, 2015
"what a killer bassline. We used to dance the night away to this track."

naijabebe, 2015
"Tuuuuuuune😍 Memories... Thanks for the upload"

Example #3: Bunny Mack ft Ils My Sweetie 2014(Official Video)

ETM PRODUCTION Published on Aug 14, 2012

Bunny Mack's 'Let me love you' is a old school jam remembered by many, the Sierra Leone born singer lives on in the memories of three generations. and LET ME LOVE YOU is sure to get dance floors pumping every single time, it has been remixed many times over the years but nothing like this Bunny Mack who is embarking on a comeback has worked alongside ILS Production and they present to you 'MY SWEETIE 2014' there was no official video ever to this song but now there is!!

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