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The Global Reach Of Nigerian's P-Square's "Shekini" (list of commenters' nations with selected comments

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part II of a three part pancocojams series on the Nigerian dance song "Shekini" performed by P-Square and Barbapappa's song "Hek Nifi Lili", a Moroccan parody of "Shekini" performed by Barbapappa.

Part II documents the global reach of p Square's song "Shekini" by compiling a list of the nationalities that commenters gave (with each nation given one time), and by presenting selected quotes from some of those commenters.

Click for Part I of this post. Part I provides information about P-Square and information about Barbappa. Quotes from an interview of P-Square, and quotes from an interview of Barbapappa are also included in this post, along with information about the meaning of the word "Shekini". Part I also showcases the official videos of these songs, and includes examples of these songs' lyrics.

Click for Part III showcases the video of that song and also provides selected comments from those video's discussion threads.

The content of this post is presented for folkloric, sociological, cultural and educational purposes.

I believe that some YouTube discussion thread comments should be preserved, studied, and shared for educational and folkloric purposes alone or along with the YouTube sound files or videos that prompted them.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to all those who were associated with the performance and production of "Shekini" and its Moroccan parody. Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

SHOWCASE VIDEO: PSquare - Shekini [Official Video]

PSquareVEVO, Published on Nov 17, 2014

Africa’s biggest singing duo come through with the second video to one of the singles off their recently released 6th studio album, “Double Trouble”. “Shekini” video is an energetic pictorial which sees the artistes combine with youthful dancers to perform moves that’d bring you to life. From garages to underground scenes, the dark-themed flick definitely does justice to the song. Video was directed by Clarence Peters, and song produced by Vtek, who also made a cameo appearance

This list consist of fifty one nations.* The nations are given in alphabetical order with each nation mentioned one time, although most of the nations listed had multiple commenters who identified themselves as being from that nation

Cape Verde
Congo Kinshasha
Ivory Coast
the Netherlands
Nigeria (Naija)
São Tomé and Príncipe
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Sudan
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates
United States
"The Caribbean" was also mentioned by a commenter.

"The Gulf" was also mentioned by a commenter.

A commenter mentioned that she or he was from West Africa and another commenter mentioned that she or he was from Africa.

A commenter referred to "Biafra". Click

A commenter described herself as a "Nigerian/Ugandan/Irish girl".

*Most of the comments in this discussion thread are written in English. There are other comments in French, Arabic, Portuguese, Yoruba, Nigerian Pidgin English, Swahili, and in some other languages that I can't identify.

I read all of the English language comments that were posted as of January 27, 2016 6:30 PM. [Update - South Africa added at January 28, 2016 6:48 AM]

The above list also includes nationalities that were mentioned by those who wrote in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Yoruba, and Swahili..

This list doesn't include commenters who wrote in Arabic.

My apologies if a nation was mentioned in that discussion thread that isn't included in this list.
Editor's Notes About These Comments:
A number of the commenters wrote "with love", "respect to (P-Square) or (Nigerians), or "love and peace, or similarly phrases sentiments. A number of the African and African Diaspora commenters expressed pan African sentiments such as "We are one" and "Africa United". In addition, global feelings of good will was expressed by many of this discussion thread's commenters.

The "peace and love" and the "much love" phrases remind me of Jamaican Reggae great Bob Marley's "One Love" song. "Big up" is another very popular saying that frequently appeared in this discussion thread and in other contemporary African music threads. "Big up" means the same thing or similar things as "Congratulations" and "Props [to]" (proper acknowledgments) It's interesting that African Americans don't appear to use "Big Up". However, a lot of other African American Vernacular English (slang) words or phrases were included in comments from people who gave their nationalities as other than the United States. They "killed it" (meaning "they did very well" is one of those African American slang terms that appears to have been picked up worldwide. "Cool" and "jam" are two other African American derived slang words that appear to be used quite often by "non-United Staters" in YouTube discussion threads.

"Thumbs up" is another common saying that I've seen on a lot of YouTube video discussion threads for non-African American contemporary music. I wonder if the use of this saying has been reinforced by YouTube's way of documenting comment likes and dislikes.

Of course, since this is a YouTube discussion thread, there were there a number of were contentious comments in this discussion thread. Most of the contentious comments revolved around which song and video was best - P-Square's or the Moroccan parody. The fact that that parody has more YouTube viewers than P-Square's song/video also resulted in brags, taunts, and responses.

As is the case with many YouTube discussion threads, some of the comments in this discussion thread include profanity. And, because this is a YouTube discussion thread, there were also a number of racist comments in this discussion thread. None of the comments from either of those categories are given below.

Comment Order:
This compilation is presented to give a sample of the types of comments that are posted on that discussion thread. Other comments are featured in Part III of this series.

These comments are given in chronological order with the oldest comments given first, except for responses. However, the comments may not be in consecutive order. I've assigned numbers for referencing purposes only.

June 2015
1. Moe the new age
"okey im morrocain and i just gotta say that the original is always better than the cover no matter how many views it gets ! RESPECT from morroco to our brothers and sisters in nigeria ."

2. Mady Yonas
"Much love from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ! We be jamming to Shekini every night in Addis ,Big ups to PSquare , WizKid , Eddy Kenzo , SKALES and many more for putting Africa on the global playlists .. So Proud"

July 2015
3. Edsa Victoria,
"I love the song.. Original is always better than copies. From mozambique love u psquare"

August 2015
4. Agnes sinja Sinja,
"Wahala. Nawapenda sana :p, East Africa (Kenya)"
Translation: "Trouble. I love you very much>

Wahala = Nigerian Pidgin English; Nawapenda sana = Swahili

5. Hajar Mahmou
"Thumbs up if you love mother Africa <3
I liked the parody because as a moroccan it made me laugh and especially because it made me discover and looove this song by these amazing nigerian artists ."

September 2015
6. GreeneyesSalma
"Omg the comments are shamefull! WE ARE ALL AFRICANS. May Allah bless OUR Africa. Ameen!

From an Moroccan AMAZIGH/BERBER."

T7. rap House

"I'm Moroccan and I freaking love Psquare. Shekini is one of my favorite songs. I like the parody, it's funny. Even Psquare themselves said they liked it. So to all Moroccans and Nigerians that are fighting over these two songs: stop fighting and appreciate these artists. At the end of the day all this fighting isn't helping anyone ;)"

October 2015 [no comments from that month were selected for this compilation]

November 2015
9. ViruSraSta
"great tune! Big ups from Poland!!!!"

10. Jose Lentini
"love the Nigerian music so want to go back trying to push it out here is the U.S."

11. Bruna Martins Altez
"Esa es la música que vamos a bailar en fin de año."
Spanish to English -"That's the music that we dance on New Year's Eve."

12. Rida Omarat
"im from Morocco and i love psqaure i wich they can do thier show here in Morocco . keep it up ur the best . african and proud"

13. Dania Q
"Mamma Africa is going places..... world better leave dancing to us Africans.
much love from Sudan to Nigeria."

December 2015
14. anelka grant
"Ive been hearing bits and pieces of this song and finally i hear the whole thing. Amazing. Can't stop dancing 💃 from Jamaica with love !!!!"

15. bastian nazim
i Got The Power yeaaaah Algeria <3

"Eu sou do Brasil e adoro esta música, dançamos ela na aula de ZUMBA!!!!!"
Portuguese to English
I'm from Brazil and I love this music, she danced in class ZUMBA !!!!!

17. Iris Soanarindra Andriamady
"love from Madagascar :D (even if I'm not there now, I'm Malagasy :D)"

18. daphne randall
"global love from kenya to nigeria"

19. Imelda Anukwa
"one love guys i feel de swaga"

20. Daryl King
"From a non African in Canada, I love this so much!"

January 2016
21. Lelek BH
"Pefect! Greetings from brother Brazil"

22. init bruv, January 2016
"Love from Somalia (Africa United <3)"

23. Franklyn Caleb
"Reaping from Qatar. Nigeria and all Africa we too good"
"Reaping" is probably a typo for "repping" (meaning representing your nation, city, group etc.)

24. Amine Mohamed
Love from Montreal, Im Moroccan Ive been listening to Naija (Nigerian Music ) since 2008 Love it !!!!

25. Ana Simakova
"From Russia with Love 🇷🇺🔥"

26. Oscar Ruderstad
"Sweden, come into the dance. Big Up to this tune!"

27. Isabelle Pierre
"Love and respect from the United States."

28. May Well
"Much love straight out of Ethiopia <3"

29. noof mohammed
"you'r song was the best song of our party....we love you from sudan"

30. Vanessa Simon
"We loveeee P-square and NAIJA from HUNGARY !!! yoooo"

"I'm So InLove With African Music 😍!! My Brother is A DJ And Every time he put this songs People too Crazy Loving this Music's. #BigUpFromHonduras!

32. Princess Jayda

33. Abhijeet Dutta
"africans knw how to make some great music ............. loved it so much.... respect from india :)"

This completes Part II of this series.

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