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Rev. James Cleveland - "Lord, Help Me To Hold Out" (examples, lyrics, comments)

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This post showcases two examples of Rev. James Cleveland's 1973 song "Lord, Help Me To Hold Out". Lyrics for this song and comments about this song are also included in this post along with information about Rev. James Cleveland.

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Thanks to Rev. James Cleveland, the composer of this song for his musical legacy and thanks to the vocalists and musicians who are featured in this post. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post, and thanks to the publishers of these examples.

"The Reverend Dr. James Edward Cleveland (December 5, 1931 – February 9, 1991) was a gospel singer, musician, and composer. Known as the King of Gospel music, Cleveland was a driving force behind the creation of the modern gospel sound by incorporating traditional black gospel, modern soul, pop, and jazz in arrangements for mass choirs. Throughout his career, Cleveland appeared on hundreds of recordings, won 4 Grammy Awards, and received a star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Cleveland began singing as a boy soprano at Pilgrim Baptist Church where Thomas A. Dorsey was minister of music and Roberta Martin was pianist for the choir. He strained his vocal cords as a teenager while part of a local gospel group, leaving the distinctive gravelly voice that was his hallmark in his later years. The change in his voice led him to focus on his skills as a pianist and later as a composer and arranger. For his pioneering accomplishments and contributions, he is regarded by many to be one of the greatest gospel singers that ever lived.[1]"...

(Rev. James Cleveland)

Lord, help me to hold out (3X)
Until my change come
I beleive we ought to say that one more time
Lord help me to hold out , please Lord wont you help me
I begging you Lord pleaset Jesus Help Me to to Hold out
Until my Until My change come,

Verse 2:
My way may not easy
You did not say that it would be
But when it gets dark
I can't see my way
You told me to put my trust in Thee
That's why I'm asking you
Lord Jesus Lord Jesus Help meto Hold out I am just
about to make it over I need a little help help the
Devil tryn to stop me

Verse 1:
Lord I need you to help me to hold out
though the mountain tops to high
I need you to help me to hold out
Give me the patience I need to hold out
Thank you Jesus---Until

until my change come


Lord help me to hold out (8X)
I believe I can hold out (sopranos,altos) (4-6X)
Hold out (tenors)
Lord Jesus Help Me to hold out , beleive i can make
master Lord help me , been cryn in the mid night hour
if i can only hear from heaven, Lord
Until my change come (3X)


Example #1: "Lord Help Me To Hold Out" James Cleveland

Johnzoe777 Uploaded on Feb 18, 2009

James Cleveland The Harold Smith Majestics Lord Help Me To Hold Out "1973"
Selected comments from this example's discussion thread:
hymn214, 2011
"lawd !!! church in the 70's !!!!"

Dedrick Reynolds, 2012
"old school" is a usually positive adjective that refers to something from the past.

Elizabeth Smith, 2012
"I love old gospel. It gets straight to the point. No flowery stuff. Just calling on the Lord and asking for what I need believing His will is already done. Thank you Jesus for your gift of salvation"

Loretta Lee, 2012
"Today's gospel is good but there is nothing like going back to when gospel music spoke to you. I so love the gospel of yester years it ministers to the whole person!"

mestisha, 2012
"There was a message in the older songs. It's not hard to "figure out" what is being said. A change is coming, Lord help me to hold out until my change happens."

babygirlsims1, 2012
"I also remember this from childhood, however, I now I really know what it means. So many times I've had to say these words even if the song wasn't on my mind. Can really shout now!!!"

MrTheOneAndOnly83, 2012
"Rev James Cleveland piano, Rev Charles H Nicks .jr Organ,"

Tonya Duford, 2013
"When I am going through something, this is my go to song.

Nancy Wiley, 2013
"I miss hearing these old songs"

Honey Chiles, 2015
"Lord, You know what I'm going through! Give me the patience and strength I need! LORD, HELP ME TO HOLD OUT!"

Example #2: Detroit Mass Choir - Lord Help Me To Hold Out

Marcel West, Uploaded on Dec 11, 2011

Turner Hughes leads "Lord Help Me To Hold Out" with the Detroit Mass Choir

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