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Evangelist Chimere Nwenu - "Jehovah Na God" - "Double Double" (Nigerian Gospel video with partial lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases a video of four Nigerian Gospel songs led by Evangelist Chimere Nwenu.

The featured songs are "Jehovah Na God", "When Jesus Say Yes", "Lift Him Up" and "My Lord Is Good (Double Double)".

The (partial) lyrics to these versions of these songs are also included in this post.

The content of this post is presented for religious, cultural, and aesthetic purposes.

Thanks to Evangelist Chimere Nwenu, the lead vocalist of these versions those songs. Thanks also all the vocalists and dancers who are featured in this video and thanks to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

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SHOWCASE VIDEO: Jehovah Na God- Double Double

Sam Johnson, Uploaded on Jun 6, 2011

Jehovah Na God, When Jesus Say Yes, Lift Him Up & My Lord Is Good
(Double Double)
The songs end around 23:09 in the video. An interview with the lead singer Evangelist Chimere Nwenu begins after that. At the end of that interview at 28:52 there are short video clips of other Nigerian singers and dancers. It's likely that these video clips are also of Gospel music, but I'm not sure about that.

The languages used in these songs are Nigerian pidgen English, Standard English, and Igbo.*

*I'm guessing that the traditional Nigerian language that is spoken is Igbo because the lead singer's name is Igbo (the element "chi" is found in Igbo names referring to God. According to, "Chimere" is an Igbo name meaning "God's Deed". Here's an excerpt from another blog post Modern Igbo Baby Names by dearfriend: 4:28pm On Jan 02, 2013 ["Naija" is a contemporary colloquial name for Nigeria. My guess is that "naira" is a form of that colloquial name.]
"chisonari...God is sweeter
chikamso...Am following God
chinonye...God be with me
chidubem...God guide me
chigozie... God bless
chidumeje...God is leading me
chikaima... only God we know
fesochukwu... serve God only
naetochukwu... keep praising God
Chikasinma... God is the best
chisomebi... God dwells with me"
More "chi" names and other Igbo names are found in that last post.

The transcription below is for the Nigerian Gospel songs "Jehovah Na God" (Jehovah Is God), "When Jesus Say Yes", "Lift Him Up" and "My Lord Is Good (Double Double). These songs have the same tune and are sung are sung right after each other with no noticeable transition. Consequently, the transcription doesn't indicate individual songs.

I made the transcription found below from screen captions and from part of the English (not pidgin English) that was sung or spoken in that video. This transcription does not fully reflect the call and response style of the singing. All of the English and pidgin English words aren't included in this transcription and none of the Igbo words that are sung in the song are included in this transcription.

Here are definitions of some of the Nigerian pidgin English words that are found in this song (from
Nigerian pidgin English dictionary
abi - is it true, (checking conformity with fact, reason, truth or some standard or principle)

na- is [used to describe something being something else]

dey – 1. to be , to be alive; 2. in the process of doing something

oga- boss, master

sabe- to know something or someone
Also, "double double" means something that is multiplied two times (in the case of the Gospel song "double blessings")

I welcome additions and corrections of this transcription and additions and corrections for the Nigerian Pidgin English that is found in this sound.

Abi you no no se Jehovah na God
Sister why you de do like se you no sabie my God
Abie ye abie you no no se
[Quoting Biblical scripture]
“And you shall remember the Lord your God
[English spoken]
For it is He who gives you the power to make well.
Oh my God!
[Screen captions]
Some my trust in their chariots and some in their horses.
{English spoken]
But child of God we will always put our trust in God.
For those who do shall be sworn

[screen captions]
And they shall do exploits. Thank Jesus.
Why you de do like se you no sabie my God- brother.
Abie you never hear se my Jesus be Master.
Abie you never hear se my Jesus be Oga kpata kpata.
Haven’t you heard
He walked upon the sea.
He made the blind to see.
He made the lame to walk.
the lame walked.
the barren bore a child
He divided the red sea and made the Isrealites [Israelites] pass.
[Sung]- Abi you never hear se] that He gives wealth?
That He gives wealth alright.
[Sung] Abi you never hear se] that he gives children
good children
[Sung] Abi you never hear se that he gives a good wife?
He gives a good wife. Mighty One.
Abi you never hear se my God gives good husband.
Jehovah gives a good husband.
Most Generous God.

[English sung] My Jesus is Master.
[Screen caption]
None is like Him.
[Sung] He said I am the Lord.
[Screen captions]
I changeth not.
I changeth not.
What is your need, young man?
Are you in pains?
Are you in difficulty?
Have you no child?
You that are in pain-listen.
[English sung] My Jesus the Master
[Screen caption] He is the Master.
{English sung] He is the Master of the Masters.
[screen caption] Mighty One.
{English sung] He’s the
{Screen caption] King of Kings.
Why you de do like se you no sabie my God.
Abie you no no se Jehovah na God.
Why you de cry like se Jehova no bie your God.
{English spoken] Child of God, at the mention of the name of Jesus
Every knee must bow and every man must confess that Jesus is his Lord.
Child of God, I declare that in the name of Jesus….
[screen caption]
I command you sickness bow in the name of Jesus Amen.
Every barrenness bow in the name of Jesus Amen.
{Sung]- He’s the lion of the tribe of Judah.
He’s the Prince of Peace.
He’s the Lord of Lords.
I call him His Excellence. I call him His Majesty.
[Sung] For there is
[screen caption] None like You
[Sung]. Why are you crying? Why are you weeping, my brother eh
[screen captions]
Wipe your fears.
Come to Him with your problems.
The King of Kings will solve them for you.
He did it for the people of old.
Child of God, He will do it for you.
therefore brethren, weep no more.
cry no more
like one who has lost all hope
because of what.
Why you de do like se you no sabie Oga.
Why do you weep like one who has lost all hope.
Wipe your tears and be calm.
Abie you no no se Jehovah na God.
[Spoken]If the Lord can be for you, child of God,
who can be against you?
Thank You God! Thank You, Father....
[screen caption]
When Jesus say nobody can say no....
I release you to manifest in the name of Jesus.
None you can come against you child of God…
[Sung] Your enemies
[Screen captions]
They shall be scattered
for He is always near.
If He says you shall bear a child.
child of God, you shall bear a child.
If God says you shall be rich, child of God,
you will become rich.
If He says you shall marry.
Child of God, you must get married.
If He says you will be wealthy,
you must surely be wealthy
Why?- because when God says anything
it must come to pass.
-no power can challenge him...
[Sung- My Jesus is Love]
[screen captions]
He went into the grave
and took the key of death from satan.
He went into the grave and took the key of barrenness.
He went into the grave and took from satan the key of retrogression...
[screen caption]
They shall all be scattered.
[Sung repeatedly- When Jesus say yes, no power can say no. ]…

[screen captions] Who can change what my God has said?
Child of God, who said that some will not marry?
Who said that some will not bare children?
Who said that you will not progress?
[Sung] If He tells you to move, no power can stop you.]
[Screen caption]
If he lifts you up, no power can bring you down.
[Sung] When Jesus heals you]
Screen caption - When your disease is being healed, no power can afflict you
[Sung] For He’s a great healer.
For He’s a great great warrior.
[Screen captions]
He is the ultimate warrior. No power can challenge Him.
all powers belong to Him.
At the mention of the name of Jesus every knee must bow.
[Sung] Every tongue must confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord.
He remaineth the same.
[Sung] From January to December.
He never will change.
He can never change in your situation.
He never changeth at all.
{sung] When Jesus says yes no power can say no...
[screen caption] When He says yes nobody can say no.
[Sung] When Jesus say yes. When He say yes...
Group- When Jesus say yes nobody can say no.

[Spoken] Children of God!
Come along. Let us uplift our God.
For He alone deserves our praise.
He said we should uplift Him
that He shall win souls for Himself.
{Sung] Come on lift Him up
Group- Higher!
Everybody, lift Him up.
Group- Higher!
Lift Him up.
So lift Him up
Lift Him up
He’s the lamb of Judah.
He’s the Prince of Peace.
He’s the Lord of Lord
Lift Him up
Oh higher
[Screen caption] The Ancient of Days
Oh higher! Oh higher!
Oh higher! Oh higher!
[Sung] Come on lift Him up...
{screen caption]
Father, the hour has come.
You said that if You are uplifted
that You will win souls for Yourself.
Father, manifest your work now.
You are the Mighty One in battle.
The Mighty [?] battle war...
You are the One that comes
to the aid of the whole world.
the word that pierced the grave.
You that can never be affected by anything.
Mighty in battle.
What You did gladden me.
You that feeds all.
Your work gladdens me.
The Lion that guards the nations.
King of Kings Your name Good God.
We thank You for what You did
so that You can do more.
You divided the red sea
and made the Isrealites to pass.
You that humbled Pharoah.
Mighty in battle.

I will raise both my hands for You.
Great One I will dance for You.
You that feeds all.
I will remember Your goodness.
I become overjoyed
When I remember your good works.
My heart sweetens like honey.
Mighty in battle.
You feed the whole nations.
Mighty in battle.
King of Kings.
I remember what you did for me.
In the land of Egypt.
You showed Pharoah.
that Yours is the Supreme Power.
None can talk back to You my Lord.
None can be angry with You, Mighty One.
When things become too difficult
We call on You , Glorious Worker.
You heal when doctors have been defeated.
[Sung] I will lift You higher , higher ,higher, higher.
[Screen] Everybody-lift Him up –Higher.
Common [Come on] Lift Jesus- Higher.
[Sung] Come on. Lift Him up
[Group sings]- Higher!....
He’s the Prince of Peace!
[Group sings]- Higher!
He’s the light of my life.
[Group sings]- Higher!...
[Screen] Oh higher. Oh higher!....

If He has done you well
Come let us dance to Him.
Child of God , lift Him up.
If He has done something for you.
Lift your hands for Him. Dance for his joy.
He is God that heals.
He is the Generous God.
He is God that gives children.
He gives riches.
only Him gives a good wife.
Him alone gives a good husband.
How shall I praise Him
that will be enough?
You shall be free now
Oh my Great God, He’s Mightier than the Mighty.
The One who comes to our aid.
You are mighty in battle.
Any family You enter shall have peace.
Any family You enter shall have progress.
If you enter our business-progress!
If you enter the delivery theater
there will be safe delivery
Receive thanks.
None comes to you King of Kings
And walks away empty handed.
None that you touch remains the same.
King of Glory, my Lord, receive thanks.
Come and receive our thanks.
We are burdened with our thanks-giving.
God that made me what I am
You have made me a king.
You have crowned me a king.
Receive thanks.
I have been to the mountain and to the valley.
None can be compared to You.
North to South everybody lift Him up.- Higher.,,,
[Sung]- Lift Him up-
Group- Higher!
[Screen] Everybody Lift Him up- Higher!
{Sung] Lift Him up!
Group- Higher!...
[Screen] Child of God, raise your hands to Him.
For only Him deserves to be praised.

[Screen] Hee Hee My Lord is good oh.
[Sung] Every thing na double double
Group- Everything na double double.
[Screen] Everything a double double
[Sung] Everything a double double
[Group sings]- Everything a double double
{Screen] Come and taste my God.
Then you will see how sweet He is.
Everything good comes from Him.
Do you need a good husband?
Do you need good riches?
Lift up your heads oh yeah gates
Lift up your heads oh yeah everlasting doors.
Let the King of Glory come in.
[Sung] Who is the King of Glory?
The mighty mighty powerful
The Ancient of Days
He’s the lily of the valley
He’s the bright and morning star.
He’s good all the time. He’s good everyday.
{Screen] He’s good to my family.
He’s good to my people.
[Sung]I will enter his gates with thanksgiving
I will enter into his throne with praise.
I will say he is my King.
I will say he is my refuge.
I will say he is my deliverer.
He’s my [?]
I will sing to his favour because he deserves my singing.
[Sung] I will kneel before him because he’s worthy of my [?]
[screen] without God in my life
I don’t know what I would have become.
I don’t know what I would have become without God.
My enemies would have scorned me.
He gave me a good voice.
And charged me to sing unto Him.
That He will exalt me when I praise His name.
From everlasting to everlasting
His mercy endures.
From generation to generation
His Grace endures.
My Great One.
His grace endureth Mighty God eh.

Hee Hee My God is good-oh
I will praise His name forever for He is good.
Everything na double double.
Everything na double double.
[Spoken] Receive all our glory Jesus.
Receive all our praise.
[Screen] The money that He is are in doubles
The child that he gives are in doubles.
The wisdom that He gives are in doubles
The upliftment that He gives are in doubles.
The blessings of the Lord are in doubles.
All blessings come from Him.
Grace comes from Him.
A good child comes from Him.
All good things on earth come from Him.
Mighty One.
Shout with joy to Jehovah.
Mighty One...
Let us dance to Him in His presence.
And clap to Him
For He alone deserves our praises.
[Sung] - Hee Hee My God is good-oh
These songs have the same Makossa music beat.

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