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Mavis Staples - "99 1/2 Won't Do" (civil rights version with video & lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases Mavis Staples' civil rights version of the Gospel song "99 1/2 Won't Do".

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Thanks to Dorothy Love Coates, the composer of the Gospel song that serves as the basis of this song and thanks to the composers and performers of this song. Thanks also to the producer of this video, and the publisher of this video on YouTube. Thanks also to the transcriber/s of this song.

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LYRICS: 99 1/2 WON'T DO [Civil Rights Version]
(original Gospel song composer: Dorothy Love Coates; )

(additional lyrics by Ry Cooder & Mavis Staples)

Well, I'm runnin'
I'm tryin' to make 100
99 and 1/2, it won't do
I'm runnin', runnin' for freedom y'all
Cause 99 and 1/2 just won't do

Now, if your God won't help you
You better try mine
My God is a freedom God
He'll make a way for you,
In a weary land,
He'll give you rest,
When you're tired,
Protect you on a danger zone
He'll guide you down a rugged road
And bring you out on the bright side

I'm runnin'
Tryin' to make 100
99 and a half, it just won't do
It's a rough and uphill journey
Lord, I'm tryin to make 100
99 and 1/2, it won't do, no, no

Down in Mississippi
It just won't do
Brothers in jail
It just won't do
Uneducated children
It just won't do
It's the 21st century
It just won't do
It feels like it's 1960
It just won't do
Broken levies
It just won't do
Lyin' politicians
It just won't do
Runnin' through hatred
It just won't do
Homeless babies
It just won't do
Freedom now

Lord, I'm runnin'
I'm tryin' to make 100
Cause 99 and 1/2 just won't do
Aha, my God's a freedom God,
My God is a peaceful God
He's a livin' God
And He's a merciful God
He has a kingdom, you know
And a city called Heaven

12 gates to that city
24 elders in the city
48 angels in the city
The streets are paved with gold
Have you heard of a city?
And don't you wanna go?
The address is 100, I gotta make 100
You see, I got 99 and 1/2
But it just ain't quite enough
I wanna go to that city
City called Heaven
No more cryin', no more hatred
Always Howdy, howdy, howdy,
And never Goodbye
Oh, that city
Come on, don't you wanna go?

I tell ya, the address is 100, 100, 100
See, 99 and 1/2, it just won't do
No, no, no, no, no
99 and 1/2, it just won't do
I'm here to tell ya that 99 and 1/2,
99 and 1/2,
99 and 1/2, it just won't do
I can't use it


FEATURED VIDEO: Mavis Staples "99 & 1/2"

modernfreedom, Uploaded on May 10, 2007

Its been 50 years and so little has changed. Police brutality at the 2007 May Day march in Los Angeles.

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