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Nigeria's Daddy Showkey's Galala Dance (information, videos, & comments)

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This pancocojams post showcases Nigerian vocalist Daddy Showkey and the galala dance that he created.

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Thanks to Daddy Showkey for his cultural legacy. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post, and thanks to the publishers of these videos on YouTube.

From [published in 2003]
"When he was born 33 years ago, no comet appeared in the horizon to herald the birth of a star. His story of grass to grace started only in 1990 when along with a group of boys in the ghetto of Ajegunle, formed a band called "Sexy Pretty Boys" and debuted with an album titled "Biggy Belle". The album was well received.

Having cut his musical teeth, his rise to stardom, not withstanding the obstacles on his way, his being a force to be reckoned with in music was only a matter of time and by a stint of hard work, he was to release two other albums in 1991 and 1999 which were chart busters.

Through his music, the recipient has done so much to draw attention to the sorry state of his place of birth, Ajegunle, which he calls "A.J. City" and it is to his glory that the state of Ajegunle is well known to the average Nigerian, Government and Non Governmental Agencies who have since concentrated efforts to the living standards of the residents of the area. He was to exhibit the activist and leadership qualities in him not only through his music but by leading a peaceful protest march to draw attention to the total neglect of Ajegunle by the National Electric Power Authority having being denied electricity supply for a record 9 months culminating in the immediate restoration of power supply.

The recepient, who has become a role model to children has been recognised far and wide. He is a multiple award winner, was the Best New Artist in Nigeria in 1995, amongst several other awards. Mr. John Odafe Asiemo has been recognised both locally and internationally that a major musical concert is hardly held in Nigeria today without this young man on the bill. Even CNN could not ignore this great act. One virtue exhibited by this great star is that he would more often than not appear in indigenous outfits while his movies are mostly done in his native language and of course, the language of the masses - "pidgin english ".

Unlike the prophet who is not recognised in his own land, John Asiemo has been recognised by his people who conferred on him the title of "Aare Onifaji of Ajegunle ". As a philanthropist and a man who will not forget his roots, the recepient has established a scholarship scheme for Ajegunle children from the proceeds of his God given talent..."
Ajegunle is a district in Lagos, Nigeria that is referred to as a ghetto. Information about Ajegunle is given in the Addendum below.

Daddy Showkey's nickname is "Ghetto soldier".

Click for a pancocojams post that showcases comments about the meanings of the word "ghetto" in Africa.

African Dance: 10 Most Popular African Dance Moves
[listed as #10]
"Prior to the advent of the makossa dance, the galala dance was the official dance in every Nigerian ghetto community. This dance style was highly promoted by prominent Nigerian acts who happen to be an offspring of the ghetto community. Some notable acts that stood tall to promote the galala cause include Daddy Showkey, Baba Fryo & African China".

From The Nigerian Dance Culture
September 4, 2010 – 12:51 am By Augustine Ogwo
..."Prior to the advent of the makossa dance, the galala dance was the official dance in every Nigerian ghetto community. This dance style was highly promoted by prominent Nigerian acts who happen to be an offspring of the ghetto community. Some notable acts that stood tall to promote the galala cause include Daddy Showkey, Baba Fryo & African China"...

From What's Your Best Nigerian Dance Ever? - Music/Radio – Nairaland

What's Your Best Nigerian Dance Ever? by Afam4eva On Dec 23, 2012
"Galala: I don't know who invented this dance move but i know it was made popular by Daddy showkey in the 90s. It's a dance move whereby the dancer kinda slides backwards while a little bit bent".

Re: What's Your Best Nigerian Dance Ever? by Caseless On Dec 23, 2012
"Op*, dadday showkey invented galala. I once saw him demonstrating how he started that dance step. Galala originated from a boxing training session....where he was just punching the bag and stepping continously doing it and galala was there from the body/foot moves."
Op= original poster [the person who wrote the first comment on the discussion thread]

Re: What's Your Best Nigerian Dance Ever? by Afam4eva On Dec 23, 2012
"I thought so too but i didn't wanna write something i wasn't sure of. Though we all know Galala was usually associated with Daddy Showkey."

Example #1: Daddy Showkey - Fire

rush3k Uploaded on Sep 16, 2006

Old song by Nigeria's Ghetto Soldier ... and that little kid juggling the football is today the Nigeria international called Obafemi Martins.
Selected comments from this video's discussion thread:
singer holicm 2014
"This song is dedicated to boko haram and all their cohorts lol. Fire burn fre burn all the bad people dem fire burn all the man wey no like beta tin fire burn"

Lizy Smart, 2014

ThankGod Okonta, 2014
"tell dem.... fire go burn dem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

yemi odejobi, 2015
"Fire burn all the politicians wey dey chop our money"

Idonigbo Obu, 2015
" Give me plenty water, water no get enemy!!!

Example #2: Daddy Showkey - Somebody Call My Name

rush3k, Uploaded on Nov 25, 2006

Number One Ajegunle Ghetto Soldier
Selected comments from this video's discussion thread:
c poise, 2007
"ye u r right... showkey made d difference u know, d dance is unique n his style is unique and hilarious too... d song brings back great memories wen i was in naija... omo i miss naija o"

mannieovw, 2007
"man dis song dey bring memories...ALL DE NAIJA SAY WOOOFFFF WOOFF"

MusickDiva88, 2008
"man...memories...i remember us kids in my old neighborhood, Ibrahim street, ketu, alepere trying to dance to this song...

Up, Up, Showkey"

febe4real, 2009
"its been a few years since i heard this soon and it still makes me wanna dance wow....Galala ..."

Femi Ojambati, 2011
"This galala suddenly rose up in Naija but it died up soon also. why?"

olumideoku, 2011
"Roof Top Dancing.....Daddy showkey trademark...anyoda artist dat does a video on top of the roof...stole it from Showkey..."

kolakoncepts, 2012
"hahahaha... classic"

Vally Andy, 2012
"Showky bobo, we miss you our African brother. Come sing again :)"

keelecie, 2013
"Cool stuff back in the day. Showkey bobo!"

emtee bee, 2014
"Those days when everyone in my family will stop everything they are doing just to watch daddy showkey on tv. Oh God, missed those times."

Agility, 2014
"Back in those days when we use to chase cassette sellers behind when they pass my hood...nice music"

nsibiet ben, 2014
"the good old days"

ADDENDUM: information about Ajegunle and bonus video
"Ajegunle is a district of Lagos State, Nigeria and is located in the heart of Lagos. In the past few years, it has produced notable footballers and musicians, among whom are Samson Siasia, coach of Nigeria's Olympic Team, Watford striker Odion Ighalo.,[1] former Super Eagles ace defender Taribo West and Emmanuel Amuneke, former African Footballer of the Year.

Ajegunle's uniqueness lies in the fact that it is a concentration of all the many ethnic groups in Nigeria. It is bordered on the west by Apapa Wharf and Tincan, two of Nigeria's biggest sea ports from where over 70 percent of imported goods come into the country.

The city, popularly known as "AJ city" or simply "AJ", was subject to the ijaw/ilaje conflict that became an inspiration for the album CRISIS released in 1999/2000 by African China.

...Ajegunle was brought to limelight by popular musician Daddy Showkey,daddy fresh in the late 90's."

Ajegunle on TWF

Talk with Funmi, Uploaded on Mar 22, 2010
Two comments from this video's viewer comment thread:
rajecks, 2010
" it!...i guess this is the new galala...hahahah"

mimi mi, 2011
"that little boy is the bomb....they didn't show the rest of his dance there was more because i've watched it on funmi's blog"

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