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The Diversity of Ethiopia (Featuring Videos Of Amhara, Gurage, Hammar, & Other Ethnic Group/s)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part I of a two part series that features videos of a small portion of the diversity of Ethiopian music and dance cultures.

Part I features seven music videos that showcase Amhara, Gurage, Hammar, and other Ehtiopian ethnic group/s.

Click for Part II of this series. Part II features seven music videos that showcase videos of Afaan Oromo, Dawro, Gambella, Sidama, Tigrigna, and Wolaitan ethnic groups.

The content of this post is provided for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to the recording artists and all those who are featured in these videos. Thanks also to the producers of these videos and their publishers of these videos on YouTube.

Any information about these songs would be appreciated.
Click the Ethiopian music and dance tag found below for additional Ethiopian YouTube videos.

These videos are presented in chronological order based on their posting dates on YouTube, with the video with the oldest date given first.

Example #1: Ethiopia music Guragegna-Balageru by Mesfin Zeberga directed by Abreham welde

Melle Anzeno Uploaded on Sep 28, 2009

Ethiopia music Guragegna-Balageru

Example #2: Hamar Omo Tribe Music

South Ethiopia Published on Aug 13, 2012

Example #3: Ethiopian Gurage Music - Gadem 2013 ( แŒ‹แ‹ดแˆ )

Harot Tube Published on Apr 7, 2013

Guragigna Music - Gadem
by- Reshad Kedir

Example #4: Southern Ethiopian Music

SuperTubeExpressionPublished on Jul 2, 2013
If you know the name of this ethnic group I would appreciate you sharing it in the comment section below. Thanks!

Example #5: Tegist Kiros - Zena - (Official Music Video) - New ETHIOPIAN MUSIC 2015

Ethio One Love Published on Dec 20, 2014

Example #6: Tamrat Desta - Besua ena Bayne - (Official Music Video) - NEW ETHIOPIAN MUSIC 2015

Ethio One Love Published on Dec 30, 2014

Example #7: New Ethiopian Music 2015 By Mamila Lukas - Zago

Focus Ethiopian Published on Jan 28, 2015
Here's a description of this video from
"The music of Ethiopia is extremely diverse, with each of Ethiopia’s ethnic groups being associated with unique sounds. Some forms of traditional music are strongly influenced by folk music from elsewhere in the Horn of Africa. However, Ethiopian religious music also has an ancient Christian element, traced to Yared, who lived during the reign of Gabra Masqal. In northeastern Ethiopia, in Wollo, a Muslim musical form called manzuma developed. Sung in Amharic, manzuma has spread to Harar and Jimma, where it is now sung in the Oromo language. In the Ethiopian Highlands, traditional secular music is played by mostly itinerant musicians called azmaris, who are regarded with both suspicion and respect in Ethiopian society."

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