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The Barrett Sisters - "I'll Going To Fly Away" (example &, lyrics)

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This post showcases a rendition of the Gospel song "I'll Going To Fly Away" by The Barrett Sisters. Information about the song "I'll Fly Away" is included in this post as is information about the Barrett Sisters.

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Thanks to the composer of "I'll Fly Away" and thanks to the Barrett Sisters for their musical legacy. Thanks also to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

"I'll Fly Away", is a hymn written in 1929 by Albert E. Brumley and published in 1932 by the Hartford Music company in a collection titled Wonderful Message.[1][2] Brumley's writing was influenced in part by an older secular ballad.

"I'll Fly Away" has been called the most recorded gospel song,[1][2] and it is frequently used in worship services by Baptists, Pentecostals, Nazarenes, the Churches of Christ and many Methodists.[3] It appears in many hymnals where it is listed under the topics of eternal life, heaven and acceptance. It is a standard song at bluegrass jam sessions and is often performed at funerals."
Albert E. Brumley was Anglo-American.

"The Barrett Sisters are an American award-winning gospel trio from Chicago, Illinois. The trio consisted of sisters DeLois Barrett Campbell, Billie Barrett GreenBey and Rodessa Barrett Porter. They have been singing together for more than 40 years.[1]...

While still a senior at Englewood High School, Delores was recruited by The Roberta Martin Singers, a seminal group from the Pilgrim Baptist Church that was known for its stellar roster of lead male voices, notably Robert Anderson and Norsalus McKissick. She toured and sang with the troupe until the early 1960s, when Ms Martin encouraged her to begin an independent recording career in a trio with her sisters, and as a solo artist.[3]

In the mid-1960s, the sisters recorded their first album on Savoy Records, "Jesus Loves Me," on which they recorded Sam Cooke's "Wonderful". They followed with "I'll Fly Away" and "Carry Me Back" where they were joined with Roberta Martin on "I Hear God". Ms. Martin sang lead on the title track. In the 1970's they recorded two albums for Nashboro's subsidiary label Creed: "God So Loved The World" and "Coming Again So Soon". Ms. Campbell followed with a solo album also on Creed called "Through It All". They have recorded more than eleven albums in all.

Over their career, The Barrett Sisters have toured internationally over thirty times.[4] The Barrett Sisters have performed at countless churches and in many respected concert halls including the Lincoln Center in NYC, Constitution Hall in Washington, DC, Orchestra Hall in Chicago, and Theatre-DeVille in Paris, France."...

SHOWCASE EXAMPLE: I'm Going to Fly Away - The Barrett Sisters

Kim Johnson, Uploaded on Mar 6, 2007

Going Home to Gospel with Patti Labelle -
Quinn Chapel - 1991, Chicago Illinois
Delores Barrett Campbell and the Barrett Sisters
The Barrett Sisters' "I'm Going To Fly Away" begins with an new introductory verse to that song and has a different, more percussive tempo than the standard form of "I'll Fly Away".

(as sung by the Narrett Sisters)

Lord, give me wings (Give me wings)
I want wings,
Wings of faith to fly away
To be at rest (I wanna rest)
Lord, give me wings (Give me wings)
I want wings,
So I can fly away somewhere
To be at rest.
(To be at rest.)

Some glad morning when this old life is over, children
I’m gonna fly away, I’m gonna fly away
To a home on God’s celestial shore
I’m gonna fly away, I’m gonna fly away

Just a few more weary days and then
I’m gonna fly away, I’m gonna fly away
To a land where joy shall never end
I’m gonna fly away, I’m gonna fly away

I’m gonna fly away oh glory
I’m gonna fly away, I’m gonna fly away
When I die hallelujah by and by
I’m gonna fly away, I’m gonna fly away (REPEAT)

Source: [Beginning verse- my transcription, "Some glad morning" lyrics from

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