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Four Video Examples Of The Zimbabwe Hymn "Ishe Ndinzwe Nokufara"

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post presents examples of video examples Of a Zimbabwe hymn "Ishe Ndinzwe Nokufara". This hymn's title is also given as "Ishe Ndinzwe Nekufara".

Information about the Shona language and the Shona lyrics for this song are also included in this post. An English translation of those lyrics would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks to the composer of this hymn. Thanks also to all those who are featured in videos shown in this post and thanks to all those who are quoted in this post and the publishers of these examples on YouTube.

"Shona... or chiShona, is a Bantu language, native to the Shona people of Zimbabwe…
Shona is a principal language of Zimbabwe, along with Ndebele and the official business language, English. Shona is spoken by a large percentage of the people in Zimbabwe. Other countries that host Shona language speakers include Botswana and Mozambique"...

The Bantu language with the largest total number of speakers is Swahili; however, the majority of its speakers know it as a second language. According to Ethnologue, there are over 180 million L2 (second-language) speakers, but only about 45 million native speakers.[5]

According to Ethnologue, Shona is the most widely spoken as a first language, with 10.8 million speakers (or 14.2 million if Manyika and Ndau are included), followed closely by Zulu, with 10.3 million. Ethnologue separates the largely mutually intelligible Kinyarwanda and Kirundi, but, if grouped together, they have 12.4 million speakers

From June 14, 2012 Nziyo dzeChishona

Ishe Ndinzwe Nokufara

Ishe ndinzwe nekufara
Ndinzwe netsitsi dzako
Dzaunopa vanhu vose
Ngadziuye pandiri, pandiri.

Rega kundisiya, Baba,
Kana ndiri mutadzi,
Ndinokuipa pamwoyo,
Asi uya pandiri, pandiri.

Uya pano, Muponisi!
Kana uchindishevedza,
Ndichauya kwauri, kwauri.

Mweya Mutsvenewa Mwari!
Rega kundipfuura,
Ngandione ndiri bofu,
Taurai izwi resimba, resimba.

Rudo rwako Mwari Baba,
RoparaIshe wangu,
Nokuwadzana KwoMweya.
Kungavepo kwandiri, kwandiri

Unfortunately, I don't speak Shona or any other language except English. While there are several video examples of this song and online lyrics for these songs in the Shona language, I've been unable to find any online English translations (or Spanish or French lyrics which can be translated to English via Google translate) for this or any other Shona Gospel song. Having an English translation, or at least an English translation of the title and summary of Shona songs would add to my (and I'm sure many others') appreciation of these songs.

UPDATE March 22, 2016: Thanks to Vivian Maravanyika for posting an English translation of this song in the comment section below. Your help is greatly appreciated!

These videos are presented in chronological order based on their publishing date on YouTube with the oldest dated video given first.

Example #1: Ishe ndinzwe nekufara.mp4

mtapemunya, Uploaded on Sep 23, 2011

AFM Worship team 2011
"AFM" = Apostolic Faith Mission, part of the Christian Pentecostal demonination
Here's a comment from this video's discussion thread:
Judalo J, 2013
"i love this hymn thank u for posting it ,it uplifts my soul weneva m down
"weneva m down"= whenever I am down (sad).

Example #2: ISHE NDINZWE NOKUFARA - Methodist Church Zimbabwe Fellowship - UK

Naison Bangure Published on Oct 14, 2013
Selected comments:
dashing 16, 2013
"Where in UK is this???"

Naison Bangure, 2013
@ Dashing 16, this was at a Conference heldbin Derbyshire. Participants came from Fellowship branches countrywide.

Example #3: Ishe Ndinzwe by Richard Chimbetete & D28

Richard Chimbetete, Published on Apr 5, 2015
From the album One more move
The video that was previously given for Example #3 is no longer available. I added this video on March 22, 2016.

Example #4: Ishe Ndinzwe Nekufara by Dr A Madziyire

Judah Danda, Published on Jan 27, 2015

The Apostolic Faith Mission
Is Dr. A Madziyire the composer of this hymn?

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  1. There's an online Shona/English dictionary at, but it only does one word at a time so I didn't get very far! 'Ishe' means 'lord' though, so maybe your guess about the title is right?

    1. Thanks for that info, slam2011.

      You may be referring to this website

      As you indicated, the word "Ishe" translates as "Lord". "Ndinzwe" appears to be a name (perhaps Jesus?) . That site gives this translation for the word "Nekufara"- And { with } being happy". However it gives no translation for the word "Nokurara".

  2. Lord Let Me Understand Happiness (Loose translation)

  3. Ishe ndinzwe nekufara (Lord Let Me Hear Happiness)
    Ndinzwe netsitsi dzako (Let Me Hear Your Mercy)
    Dzaunopa vanhu vose (That You Give Everyone)
    Ngadziuye pandiri, pandiri. (Let It Come To Me, To Me)

    Rega kundisiya, Baba, (Don't Leave Me Father)
    Kana ndiri mutadzi, (If I Am A Sinner)
    Ndinokuipa pamwoyo, (I Will Give You My Heart)
    Asi uya pandiri, pandiri. (But Come To Me, To Me)

    Uya pano, Muponisi! (Come Here Healer)
    Ngandichengetwenewe; (Let Me Be Kept By You)
    Kana uchindishevedza, (If You Are Calling Me)
    Ndichauya kwauri, kwauri. (I Will Come To You, To You)

    Mweya Mutsvenewa Mwari! (Holy Spirit Of God)
    Rega kundipfuura, (Don't Pass Me)
    Ngandione ndiri bofu, (Let Me See I Am Blind)
    Taurai izwi resimba, resimba. (Speak A Voice Of Strength, Of Strength)

    Rudo rwako Mwari Baba, (Your Love God Father)
    RoparaIshe wangu, (The Blood Of My King)
    Nokuwadzana KwoMweya. (That's The Clicking Of The Spirit)
    Kungavepo kwandiri, kwandiri (It Will Be There For Me, For Me)

    1. Vivian Maravanyika, thanks you for your translations.

      I really appreciate your help!

  4. Ndinokuipa pamwoyo, (I Have Sins In My Heart)

    A correction which I couldn't slot in