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Abou Djouba Deh, Traditional Senegalese Fulbe (Fula) Singer (videos & information)

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Revised January 20, 2018

This post showcases seven videos of Abou Djouba Deh, a Senegalese vocalist of traditional Fulbé (Fula; Fulani, Peul) songs. The singer's name is also given as "Abou Djouba" "Abou Diouba" and "Abu Juba".

Brief informational quotes about Fula (Fulani, Fulbé, Peul) culture and brief informational quotes about Abou Djouba Deh are also included in this post.

The content of this post is provided for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic reasons.

All copyright remains with their owners.

Thanks to Abou Djouba Deh for his musical legacy. Thanks to all others who are featured in these videos. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post, and thanks to the publishers of these videos on YouTube.

The Fula people or Fulani or Fulɓe (Fula: Fulɓe; French: Peul; Hausa: Fulani; Portuguese: Fula; Wolof: Pël; Bambara: Fulaw) are one of the largest ethnolinguistic groups in Africa, numbering approximately 40 million people in total. They are one of the most widely dispersed and culturally diverse of the peoples of Africa.[18] The Fulani are bound together by the common language of Fulfulde, as well as by some basic elements of Fulbe culture, such as The pulaaku , a code of conduct common to all Fulani groups.

A significant proportion of their number, (an estimated 13 million), are nomadic, making them the largest pastoral nomadic group in the world.[19] Spread over many countries, they are found mainly in West Africa and northern parts of Central Africa, but also in Sudan and Egypt...

Total population:
c. 40 Million +
significant concentrations in:
Nigeria, Guinea, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Chad

The Fula have a rich musical culture and play a variety of traditional instruments including drums, hoddu (a plucked skin-covered lute similar to a banjo) and riti or riiti (a one-string bowed instrument similar to a violin), in addition to vocal music. The well known Senegalese Fula popular musician Baaba Maal sings in Pulaar on his recordings. "Zaghareet" or ululation is a popular form of vocal music formed by rapidly moving the tongue sideways and making a sharp, high sound.

Fulani music is as varied as its people."...

"Quite an interesting style to Abou's mbalax as his incisive vocals put the bite on your ears one minute while his softer side is quite hypnotic the next. The music from the seven members of the group is a pleasure to listen to with the twinkling strings of Mamadou Sy and Djiby Dia's xalams up front and competeing with Moussa Ngning and Elle Mbaye's drumming. Nice bit of keyboard play from Aziz and Baidy Diallo which adds to the overall difference. ( F.T.Index:Cemmedel Kessel, Dewgal, Mounal, Jam E Kasamaas, Dimo, Dental. ) [6T/36M]"

"A lovely album of traditional Fula style music that's just full of tinkling xalam, hoddou and kora, plus percussion from tama, talmbatt, etc. Abou is an immensly popular and also a very powerful singer not just in his own ethnic area but is also much appreciated in Dakar. His style is quite similar to Baaba Maal so if you like Baaba then you'll love this one from Abou. Beautiful and atmospheric. (F.T.INDEX: Doro Dia, Demiba, Diao Dia, Poullo-Oro, Yobe-Garr, Cire Kane, Thilo Ba, Bodial.) [8T/30M] "
This album review is an excerpt from an alphabetical listing of reviews of various Senegalese albums.

These videos are presented in chronological order based on their publishing dates on YouTube with the examples with the oldest dates presented first.

Example #1: abu juba/yewwende

barubah54, Uploaded on Jun 19, 2008
"Yéwendé" by Abou Diouba Deh, le Jaaré N'Genndy, Abou Diouba Deh, le Jaaré N'Genndy

Example #2: Abou djouba Deh

Al Hussein Ly, Uploaded on Nov 13, 2010

ina welii
this selection of Abou Djouba's songs reminds any peulh (fulani) back home

Example #3: Abou Diouba Deh: Beeli Seeno | Fulbe(Fulani) music

Ethio0203, Uploaded on Dec 21, 2010


DIAMAL70, Published on May 25, 2012

Example #5: Retour triomphal sur scène d'Abou Diouba Deh à Nouakchott [PhotoReportage] Published on Apr 14, 2013

Révélé pour son œuvre musicale qui a marqué des générations et des époques, le chanteur sénégalais Abou Diouba Deh a chauffé Mauricom ce vendredi 12 avril 2013 avec une prestation musicale qui s'est prolongée tard dans la nuit.
Google translate from French to English:
Revealed for his musical work that has influenced generations and eras, Senegalese singer Abu Diouba Deh heated Mauricom this Friday, April 12, 2013 with a musical performance that went on late into the night.
“Revealed” here probably means “celebrated”

Examble #6: Abou Djouba Deh - Adama Nilla Sow

2F-Fooyere Fulbe, Published on Nov 14, 2013

Abonnez-vous sur Pulaagu Tv- pour rester au cœur de l'univers Fulbé
Adama Nilla Sow

Example #7: Abou Djouba Deh - Mamoudou Samba Lewyel (Live)

2F-Fooyere Fulbe, Published on Nov 14, 2013

Abonnez-vous sur Pulaagu Tv- pour rester au cœur de l'univers Fulbé

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