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Five Examples Of "Have You Got Good Religion?, Certainly Lord" (African American Gospel)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases several renditions of the African American Gospel song "Have You Got Good Religion". That song is also known as "Certainly, Lord". In the 1960s the words to "Have You Got Good Religion" was adapted and sung as a civil rights song with the title "Certainly, Lord".

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Thanks to the unknown composer[s] of this song, and thanks to all those who are featured in these examples. Thanks also to the publishers of these examples on YouTube.

[First verse]
Have you got good religion?
(Certainly, Lord)
Have you got good religion?
(Certainly, Lord)
Have you got good religion?
(Certainly, Lord)
Certainly, Certainly, Certainly Lord.
Follow the pattern above with other verses such as:
Do you really know the Lord?

Have you been baptized?

Is your soul set free?

Do you love the Lord?

Do you love everybody?

I know I have religion.

I been born again.

Is your soul set free.

Oh, certainly, certainly.
Verses can be repeated multiple times. Often this song ends with singing the first verse again.

Many of the verses given above are from the rendition given as Example #1 below.

Example #1: Have You Got Good Religion? by Timonthy Flemming Sr.

Herbert Dennard, Uploaded on Mar 27, 2008

Have You Got Good Religion by Rev.Timonthy Flemming Sr.
This song is sung accapella, with hand clapping and foot stomping (on a wooden floor.) This is an old school way of singing in African American churches.

Example #2: Bishop Leonard Scott: Hymns for the Nation - "Have You Got Good Religion (Certainly Lord)"

BaptistBoi, Uploaded on May 24, 2009

Sorry about the was taken from a duplicate tape and was then copied to a DVD so I know it's not the best, but hopefully you will still enjoy, rate, and comment!!!!!
Here's my transcription of the verses that are added to this arrangement of "Have You Got Good Religion?" [Additions and corrections are welcome.]
If you've got that old time religion.
Then you got to show some signs.
[Repeat both of these lines]
You've got to walk right.
You've got to talk right.
You've got to sing right.
You've got to pray right.
Certainly, certainly, certainly Lord.
Certainly, yes Lord.
[Repeat that above line a number of times]
Yes, Lord.
[repeat a number of times]
Certainly, certainly, certainly Lord

Example #3: Have You Got Good Religion?

Church Videos Uploaded on Jul 12, 2008

VOP Choir
Price Chapel AME 7.6.08

Example #4: Have you Got Good Religion

CHRISITNE WILLIAMS, Uploaded on Jun 22, 2009

Sis. Calloway leading the SBC Gospel Choir in singing "Have you got good religion". Have you got good religion? Certainly, Lord. Certainly, certainly, certainly, Lord.
In this video, the congregation and choir are singing this song as an offering song. While they sing, the congregation files row by row (usually from the front rows of the church to the back rows) to put their offering (money) into the plates that are placed or held at the front of the sanctuary.

Example #5: Have You Got Good Religion?

ShilohOldSite, Published on Aug 21, 2012

The Senior Choir of Shiloh Baptist Church (Old Site) in Fredericksburg, Virginia, sings "Have You Got Good Religion? (Certainly, Lord!)" at a worship service on March 4, 2012. Sidney Robinson sings the lead. The director is Anita Scott. The organist is Joan Olson.
Notice the slower tempo of this rendition of "Have You Got Good Religion?". This is an older way that this song was sung.

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