Tuesday, December 23, 2014

List Of Noteworthy Pancocojams Text Posts (#3)

Edited by Azizi Powell

"Noteworthy Pancocojams text posts" (NPTP) is a new periodic feature that provides hyperlinks to examples of text emphasis pancocojams posts. "Text emphasis" posts are those whose content emphasizes quotes, comments, definitions, and/or lists more than videos. Indeed, these posts may not contain any videos.

"Lyric posts" - posts that focus on examples of the words to songs or the words to rhymes and cheers - are another category of a text emphasis pancocojams posts. However, I'm not including any examples of lyric posts in these noteworthy Pancocojams text posts lists. Examples of those lyric posts can be found by using the tabs below or using the internal search feature.

This NPCP list contains seventeen hyperlinks of Pancocojams posts which were published in 2014. Additional text emphasis posts from 2014 are found in List #1 & #2. These posts are only a sample of pancocojams text emphasis posts that were published in 2014.

I'm compiling these lists as a reminder of these posts and as a way of making them easier to access. The number given in parenthesis indicates the list number for that series.

Of course, what I consider to be a "noteworthy" pancocojams text posts may be different from examples of such posts that you might list. Please let me know in the comment section below which pancocojams text posts you've read that you consider to be noteworthy. Thanks!

These titles are given in the order of their posting date and not in any order of preference. The numbers have been assigned for referencing purposes only.

1. The Changing Meaning Of "Banji" (Banjee) - From "Paris Is Burning" to Sharaya J's "Banji" Record

2. The Differences Between The Dozens And Reading/Throwing Shade

3. What "One Day Congotay (Congote)" Means

4. What "Reading Someone", "Throwing Shade", & "No Tea No Shade" Mean

5. The REAL Sources & Meanings of The Saying "Hold My Mule"

6. African Proverbs (information, text examples, and music example)

7. A Partial List Of African American Play Party Songs

8. What Testify (Giving A Testimony) Means In Church

9. The Origins & Meanings Of "Jaffe Joffer" & Other Names From "Coming To America" (with videos)

10. Mame Coumba Bang (Senegalese River Goddess), Information & Comments

11. Linguistic Alert! Another Vernacular Meaning For "Sang" (with videos)

12. What Qualities Are Valued In Stomp & Shake Cheerleading?

13. The History & Significance Of The Pan-African Red, Gold, And Green Flags

14. The History & Meaning Of The Red, Black, And Green Flag

15. Very Old Reference To John Canoe & Aunt Sally Stuffed Figures In The Caribbean

16. The Source Of The "Shave And A Hair Cut. Two Bits" Tune

17. The Devil, Jumbies, And The "Shut De Door"(Keep Out The Devil) Song

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