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Seven Videos Of Aicha Kone (Cote d'Ivoire vocalist)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases seven videos of Cote d'Ivoire vocalist Aicha Kone.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

Note: Unfortunately, with the exception of the video given as Example #7 whose title provides a clue about the song's theme, since I don't speak the language/s that the vocalist uses, I don't know what these songs are about. Any information about these songs would be appreciated.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to Aicha Kone for her musical legacy. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post, and thanks to the publishers of these videos on YouTube.

From artist Biography by Adam Greenberg
"Born to a mother of aristocratic Manding lineage and a father from the Ivory Coast, Aicha Kone was forbidden by her parents to follow a life of music. Eventually, inspired by American soul singers such as Aretha Franklin and African soul singers such as South African Miriam Makeba, she covertly joined the National Institute of the Arts of the Ivory Coast, where she began her studies. She released her first solo album in 1981 and has since worked extensively with other artists, including Kante Manfila (of Les Ambassadeurs, along with Salif Keita) and Manu Dibango."

From [This Wikipedia page is translated from French to English]*
"Aïcha Koné, a native of the north (Gbon in the department of Boundiali) is a singer Ivorian born on 21 May 1957 in Abidjan, which many of her lyrics are in Bambara or Malinke.

The daughter of a doctor, she will have a difficult start because of the hostility of her father, the Dr Y. Moussa Kone opposed to seeing his daughter a career in music. Aisha truly began her musical career with the Orchestra of the Ivorian Radio and Television ( ORTI ), where she is hired as a singer led, among other things, Boncana Maiga . Who would become her mentor and will be until Farafina Miria her appointed arranger, she was introduced by George Benson , director of programs Ivorian Radio Television RTI , which has revealed the Ivorian public. The girl rubs and other great masters of African music as Manu Dibango with whom she will work. In her years at ORTI, Aicha Kone said they helped her to "organize and structure herself." Early influenced by the South African Miriam Makeba , she meets during her Guinean exile, and challenged by the mandolins Nana Mouskouri and the guitars' s Enrico Macias with oriental accents that reminds her music Mandingo , she released her first 45 Denikeleni in 1979 Aisha is imposed on the African music scene. This is a performer that occurs worldwide. She is the only singer to have won Ivory Coast 2 Gold discs and more than 45 awards and trophies...

Awards Listed
1989 : Ngomo Peace Prize (trophy of the song in the former Zaire )
2003 : Golden Lion in Guinea
2005 : Tamani Honor (Trophy in Mali)
2008 : Kunde of Honor (Trophy in Burkina Faso)

Aisha promotes peace in every African country when she sings "Kanawa" invites politicians in countries such as Liberia , the Somali , the Chad and Angola to stop the war and reconcile for a better Africa.
*The only English grammatical corrections that I made to this article was to the pronouns (changing "his" to "her", "it" to "her" and "themselves" to "herself").

These examples are presented in chronological order based on their posting dates on YouTube, with the oldest dated examples presented first.

Example #1: Ivory Coast - Aicha Kone - Mangoni

Seka Moke Uploaded on Sep 18, 2008


Example #2: aicha kone - baya

alpha mamoudou, Uploaded on Aug 16, 2011

cote d'ivoire


Ibrahim D. Uploaded on Dec 21, 2011

Example #4: AICHA KONE - Kameleba 2006.wmv

Chaîne de guineebox, Uploaded on Dec 25, 2011

Musique ivoirienne

Example #5: Aicha Kone - Décidé

Diakaba Published on Jul 8, 2012

Ah Guéléma Mokolon Kani Guéléma

Example #6: AICHA KONE "Concert Finale MISS CÔTE D'IVOIRE 2014" Ayé Africa Liberté

ballotc, Published on Jun 12, 2014

Aïcha KONE en Concert à la Finale de MISS CÔTE D'IVOIRE 2014 à l'Hôtel Ivoire d'Abidjan en présence de Madame la Première Dame Dominique OUATTARA

Titre "chanson" = Africa Liberté (chantée en Lingala du CONGO)

Example #7: Aicha Koné - Wassoulou

Diakaba, Published on Jul 14, 2012
"The Wassoulou Empire, sometimes referred to as the Mandinka Empire, was a short-lived (1878–1898) empire of West Africa built from the conquests of Dyula ruler Samori Touré and destroyed by the French colonial army."...
"Samori Ture (also known as Samory Touré or Almamy Samore Lafiya Toure, c. 1830 – June 2, 1900) was the founder of the Wassoulou Empire, an Islamic state in present-day Guinea that resisted French colonial rule in West Africa from 1882 until Ture's capture in 1898.”...

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