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Examples Of "Mamacita" & "Little Mama" In American & Caribbean Records

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This post showcases one American R&B video and one Caribbean Reggae video with the title "Mamacita". "Mamacita" is a Spanish word that means "little mother". However, in those two videos that term is used as a general referent for young women who may not actually be mothers.

This post also showcases one American Hip Hop video that includes the referent "little mama" in its refrain and refers to a particular young girl. In addition, this post showcases a Hip Hop video by a female whose stage name is "Lil Mama".

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I found a number of blogs that feature discussions* about the use of what I call "parent referents" for children.

Some people who posted to those blogs were unfamiliar with that custom and asked if it was a trend. Other commenters shared that it was very normal for some (but not all) people from a number of different racial and ethnic backgrounds -in all socio-economic levels- to use "parent referents" for children. The commenters on those blogs who wrote that they were familiar with the use of parent referents for children indicated that they or people they knew who used those terms are Latino/Hispanic (in the USA), African Americans**, from South American nations, from Caribbean nations, from the Middle East (Arab; Israeli), from India, Middle Eastern nations, India, and Italian American.

The parent referents which were cited were "mama", "mami", "little mama", "mamacita" and/or "mamas" for girls as young as babies and "papa", "papi", "papito", "daddy", "little daddy", and/or "baba" (which means "father" in Arabic) for boys as young as babies. All of those referents were considered to be terms of affection for children which are used by adults, including the children's parents. These terms can also be used as referents or nicknames for specific children by other children. And sometimes people keep those nicknames when they become adults - for example, Boston Red Sox baseball player David Ortiz ("Big Papi") who is from the Dominican Republic.

*Three hyperlinks to websites are given in that post.

Troop - Mamacita (Video) [R&B]

koollatter Published on Aug 31, 2013
"Troop is an R&B group from Pasadena, California. The group has had five number one singles and ten top ten singles on the Billboard R&B Charts.[1] They have also completed five albums, which include three certified gold and one certified platinum album. TROOP is an acronym for "Total Respect Of Other People”...

Troop, consisting of childhood friends Steve Russell, Allen McNeil, John Harreld, Rodney Benford, and Reggie Warren, signed to Atlantic Records and released their debut single Mamacita from their self titled album in 1988. Mamacita reached Number 2 on the Billboard's R&B Charts.[1]”…

Example #2: Collie Buddz - Mamacita

CollieBuddzVEVO Uploaded on Oct 25, 2009

Music video by Collie Buddz performing Mamacita. (C) 2007 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
"Collie Buddz (born Colin Patrick Harper, August 21, 1984) is a reggae artist best known for his single "Come Around".[1] Although born in New Orleans, Louisiana, he was raised in Bermuda."

Example #1: dj nadinho funk the puppies hey lil mama funky y2c

nadinho vieiraPublished on Feb 5, 2013
The first line of this song's refrain is "Hey little mama, why you dance so funky”. In this record, "little mama" is used to refer to the duo's female singer/dancer. However, other girls featured in this video as well as girls listening to this song could also hope to be the "little mama" who received/ receives favorable attention because she danced/dances so funky.*

*"Funky" here means to dance very well with sensual moves.
"The Puppies is a child hip hop duo composed of brother and sister Calvin "Big Boy" Mills and Tamara "Dee" Mills.

Specializing in Miami bass music, the duo released two albums and scored one Top 40 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, "Funky Y-2-C". [1994] Members: Calvin "Big Boy" Mills and Tamara "Dee" Mills
Click for a post about the use of African American Vernacular English in this song and in that video's YouTube comment thread. Also, click for the pancocojams post on the meaning of the words to that song.

Example #2: Lil Mama - G-Slide (Tour Bus)

LilMamaVEVO Uploaded on Nov 15, 2009

Music video of Lil Mama performing G-Slide (Tour Bus). (C) 2007 Zomba Recording, LLC
"Lil Mama" is a stage name for "Niatia Jessica Kirkland (born October 4, 1989) who is an American hip hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York City, New York. A rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, spokesperson, dancer and actress".

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