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Seven Examples Of Annet Nandujja & The Planets (Ugandan traditional singer & dancers)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases seven examples of Ugandan singer/dancer Annet Nandujja & The Planets, a renown Ugandan traditional dance group. Information about this vocalist and about this dance group is also provided in this post along with selected comments from some of these featured videos are also given in this post.

The content of this post is provided for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.
Any information [in English] about the meaning of these song titles & the song lyrics would be greatly appreciated.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to Annet Nandujja & The Planets for their cultural legacy. Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post. In addition, thanks to the publishers of these YouTube sound files and videos.

From "1 on 1 with Uganda's Favorite Traditional Dance Group: The Planets" by Risdel Kasasira, First published: December 20, 2006
"If you are invited to a national function in Uganda, or any other big celebration where traditional dance groups are to perform, chances are that it will be the Planets performing. The Planets have earned themselves reputation as Uganda's favorite traditional dance group. The group does all types of traditional dances but their specialty is Kiganda dance....

The group, which was started by three dancers, now boosts of 45 members...

The most outstanding dancer in the group is Annet Nandujja who caught the eye of the American President George W. Bush and he almost joined her in the dance when he visited Uganda in 2003….
Planet's Director, Kiyimba Musisi.: The Planets is a cultural dance group founded in 1990 to promote Uganda's culture in the form of music, dance and drama. In our music, we send the messages on HIV/AIDS, sanitation, environment and other health issues to the people. We compose songs on issues that affect our communities in different parts of the country.”...

"The hobby that got her canes now earns Nandujja bread" [The hobby that got her punished now is her profession] As told to Christine Katende, Posted Sunday, August 26 2012
"In Summary
Traditional dancer, composer, singer and senga Annet Nandujja dreamt of becoming a teacher, but now earns her living as an artiste.

I was born in 1959, in Kanoni Village in Ggomba sub-county, Wakiso District. I grew up in Kibinge Village, Masaka District, where my mother was living then. I remember being a quiet, obedient and hardworking child, who was admired by the whole village. Because of my character, my father would not let me leave his side. No body compliained about me as was the case with other people’s children.”...

These examples are presented in chronological order based on their posting date on YouTube, with the oldest examples given first.

Example #1: : Omwoyo Gwabafumbo by Nandujja and the Planets

ugpulse, Uploaded December 19, 2006
XTKLE18, 2006
thanks for this traditional Baganda tribe dance of Uganda.

Katente, 2006
Thanks Maama Nandujja & Planets. Indeed we need to be told about the secret of keeping the marital bed intact!

Evelyne N. 2008
Some of the finest bakisimba dancing. Go Planets!

MOREEENITA4 years ago
The singer is Maama Nandujja& Planets

Esmi Nyz, 2012
I remember watching this lady at a friends wedding :-) Good advice...

Example #2: : Kiganda Drums and Dance by the Planets

Ugpulse, Uploaded December 19, 2006
BZ, 2011
"wow!wow!wow! you have to love africa!we are one people-in zambia we have similar dances-is this a bantu tribe?if it is it would explain alot!proud to be african-proud to be a bantu! bantu=people"

rogerz steelboy, 2012
in reply to BZ
"yes dey re bantu from tribe is called baganda......."

Example #3: Annet Nandujja: Etooke (

Ugandan Music, May 26, 2007

Luganda music video
Nassejjed, 2007
"these are called baganda tribe from central uganda she is singing about how to make marriage successful"

Simon SingoStar, 2008
"She is actually saying that men are like little kids--treat them likewise. Don't nag them so much (advising housewives). Pamper them, give a little massage when they come from work! True in a way but men should reciprocate too! Treat yr lady like a malaika and she will do the same 2 u."

psentongo, 2010
"A very artistic, creative and wise lady, together with her team...absolutely phenomenal....good advice for married couples....if only they could heed yo counsel!!!! Well done.. Cheers, ^_^ and blessings, From a Church minister in the UK"

Example #4: Annet Nandujja - Obufumbo

Munnabulemeezi Omulyannaka Owemmamba, Uploaded on November 10, 2008
jjojomi30, 2011
"Kyekyo Mama, Obufumbo bwakitiibwa - interpreted Marriage is honorable"

Example #5: WBS by Annet Nandujja ENGOMA @ Afroberliner ugandan african music

Afroberliner Afrohifi, April 21, 2010

Example #6: Annet Nandujja: Kyewandabako Amazina Amaganda

Munnabulemeezi Omulyannaka Owemmamba, September 17, 2010

Example #7: Namulabyeko Annet Nandujja

Djmac Pro, January 8, 2013

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