Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Keywords For Two Days Of Traffic Searches For Topics In Pancocojams Blog

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post presents data of visitors* traffic searches for keywords which led to a pancocojams blog post. This data is for two times within two days (June 23, 2014 and June 24, 2014).

My assumption is that "search keywords" mean subjects that were being sought throughout the Internet via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and that those subjects just happened to be covered in a pancocojams post. An alternative is that those search keywords were being sought via the pancocojams internal search engine, but I think that this is a much less likely explanation for this data.

Each of these list is of the top ten keyword searches which led to a pancocojams post. The entries also include the number of visitor searches for each of those keywords. This data also includes the total number of page views to pancocojams for those two days (although the data collected for a specific day ends at 8PM each day).

I've also included the total number of page views all time history for pancocojams as of the time that I completed this post [10:39 PM =742,964]. Note: The first pancocojams post was published in August 29, 2011]. In addition, I've included the total number of published pancocojams posts to date (including this one] = 2,015.

Other traffic sources information that are available to the editor of Google blog sites are referring sites, referring URLs, audiences (by nation), and the top ten posts per the time that that information is being sought (for now, day, week, month, or for all times). This post doesn't include any of that information.**

** I added a list of the top 10 Pancocojams posts as of this date in the comment section and a list of the top ten search words & the top ten nations with visitors to pancocojams since this blog began.

I should also note that the results of this keyword search often changes considerably during the day. This data only records the lists that were available for around 9:30 AM & PM on those particular two days.

I've chosen not to include hyperlinks for these respective posts. However, each keyword/topic can be found by using the above mentioned pancocojams internal search engine that appears on the top right hand side of each pancocojams post.

*This data doesn't include my visits to the site or my internet searches for these topics.

This post is presented for meta purposes as snapshots of what visitors at particular points in time were interested in. Although I regularly review this information whenever the spirit moves me to do so I decided to record it in this format on a whim for curiosity's sake. I now intend to publish posts such as this periodically, again whenever the spirit moves me to do so.

I'm glad to find that this two days worth of traffic search data reflects my eclectic interests in Black culture throughout the world - particularly in various Black music genres. I'm also glad to find that items on these lists also somewhat reflect my interest in African American Vernacular English and in playground rhymes & cheers.

Each list presents the top ten searches in order, presented from the highest number to the lowest. For this post, the number of searches is given in brackets. These keywords are presented "as is".

List #1: 9:34 AM, June 23, 1014
shabooya roll call [6]

bless that wonderful name [4]

boney m brown girl in the way [4]

buck jumping definition [4]

come magnify the lord for he is worthy to be praised [4]

nothing from nothing saturday night live [4]

soweto gospel kumbaya lyrics [4]

bye felicia meaning [3]

gospel songs you are the high [3]

i cant hold my mule [3]

List #2: 9:47 PM, June 23, 1014
african booty [2]

emmy kosgei lyrics taunet nelel [2]

gospel song anyhow [2]

i believe i can fly i got shot by the fbi song [2]

koffi olomide mother [2]

lord said to noah music [2]

meaning of fatou [2]

see my pinky see my thumb cheer [2]

tue tue barima [2]

ushilonjalo by ayanda shange [2]

Total Number of Page Views to Pancocojams Blog June 23, 2014: 2,118 [not including editor’s page views]

List #3: 9:31 AM, June 24, 2014
i love the lord he heard my cry lyrics alfonso bowens [3]

majeremane at mehlomakulu fist [3]

african booty [2]

emmy kosgei lyrics taunet nelel [2]

gospel song anyhow [2]

i believe i can fly i got shot by the fbi song [2]

lord said to noah music [2]

mambo sawa sawa translation [2]

omega psi phi fraternity songs lyrics [2]

Rejoice lwueze [2]

List #4: 9:42 PM, June 24, 2014
i love the lord he heard my cry lyrics alfonso bowens [3]

majeremane at mehlomakulu fist [3]

rock steady jody call [3]

throwing shade yahoo [3]

bye Felicia [2]

bye felicia meaning [2]

examples of singing to the lord [2]

john crow [2]

kumbaya lyrics soweto choir [2]

lyrics to happy hearted roustabouts [2]

Total Number of Page Views to Pancocojams Blog June 24, 2014 [not including editor’s page views] - 2,141

Total Number of Pancocojams Page Views All Time [beginning in August 29, 2011] - 742,964

Thanks for visiting pancocojams!

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  2. For the record, (no pun intended), I want to mention that I usually don't have any idea what topics I will focus on in pancocojams posts ahead of time. The topics "come to me" via a song I might wake up singing, or a news item, or via YouTube skimming.

    That said, I'm mindful that while most of pancocojams posts focus on African American culture, I also want to include topics from other Black cultures throughout the world. If I find that I've concentrated too much on African American music, dance, vernacular, or other AA topics, I'll purposely switch up to focus on African, or Caribbean or other Black cultures throughout the world. I will also mix it up if I find that I happened to focus too long on a particular subjects such as Gospel music, traditional instruments, playground rhymes, cheerleader cheers, military cadences, fraternity/sorority chants & steppin, particular dance genres, or Black hair care and/or other customs...

    I'm very open to visitor suggestions about topics for future pancocojams posts & I'd love to "hear" from more visitors.

    Thanks again!

  3. Here's a list of the top ten search words since this blog began in August 2011 to date [June 25, 2014, 8:20 AM]:

    shabooya roll call [1560]

    black funeral songs [260]

    african american funeral songs [255]

    funga alafia lyrics [120]

    che che koolay [117]

    delta sigma theta chants [110]

    spoken word poetry examples [84]

    african american line dances [76]

    kumbaya by soweto gospel choir [61]

    alpha kappa apha chants [46]

    Also, here's a list of the top Audience [nations] since this blog began in August 2011 to date [June 25, 2014, 8:33 AM]:
    United States [441706]

    United Kingdom [38290]

    Canada [18074]

    France [14801]

    Germany [13604]

    Russia [8418]

    Australia [7750]

    China [6971]

    Ukraine [5677]

    Netherlands [4943]

    Thanks again for your support of this pancocojams blog!