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"Take Me Back" (Gospel song lyrics, videos, & artists information)

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This post showcases a video of the Gospel song "Take Me Back" performed by Andrae Crouch & The Disciples, Bishop G.E. Patterson & his church's congregation, and Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes.

The lyrics of this Andrae Crouch composition and information about the other featured singers are also included in this post.

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Thanks to Andrae Crouch for composing "Take Me Back" and other religious songs. Thanks also to Andrae Crouch and the other featured singers. Thanks also to the publishers of these videos on YouTube and the transcriber of this song's lyrics.

(Andrae Crouch), 1975

Take me back, take me back dear Lord
To the place where I first received you.
Take me back, take me back dear Lord where I
First believed.

I feel that I'm so far from you Lord
But still I hear you calling me
Those simple things that I once knew,
Their memories keep drawing me.

I must confess, Lord I've been blessed
But yet my soul's not satisfied.
Renew my faith, restore my joy
And dry my weeping eyes.

(Repeat Chorus)

I tried so hard
To make it all alone
I need your help
Just to make it home.

(Repeat Chorus)

Lyrics source:

Click for information about Andrae Crouch and The Disciples' album entitled "Take Me Back". The song "Take Me Back" is #1 on Side two.
All of the songs on that album were written by Andrae Crouch.

With the exception of Example #1, these videos are presented in chronological order with the oldest dated video given first.

Example #1: Andrae Crouch & The Disciples "Take Me Back" 1975

Johnny Tarberg, Uploaded on Feb 3, 2012

Good old classic by Andrae Crouch & The Disciples
"AndraƩ Crouch (born July 1, 1942) is an American gospel singer, songwriter, arranger, recording artist, record producer, and pastor...

Crouch's first group was the Church of God in Christ Singers (COGICS) in 1960, which included Billy Preston...

While attending Valley Junior College in California for a career in teaching, he was called to the ministry and formed The Disciples in 1965, along with Perry Morgan, and Bili Thedford...

In 1972, the Disciples appeared on network television's The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.[3] By 1985, they had also performed at the Hollywood Bowl and Carnegie Hall and toured 68 countries. Crouch's most popular songs from this period include "The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power", "Through It All", "Bless His Holy Name", "Soon and Very Soon", "Jesus is the Answer", and "My Tribute". Their contemporary gospel sound reached beyond the traditional African American base and touched a racially and musically diverse audience."...

Example #2: Bishop G.E. Patterson Sings "Take Me Back"

BrothaRollins,Uploaded on Oct 16, 2007

The ending of "The Departed Glory Shall Return". This is a great sermon, here is our BET [Black Entertainment Television] TV Bishop singing "Take Me Back". This clip brought tears to my eyes because the Lord has taken me back in his arms so many times.
The gold covered plates near the pastor indicate that this church service is held on "Communion Sunday". The sacrament of Communion is usually held in African American Baptist churches on the first Sunday of every month. Click for information about Communion.

Here's some information about Bishop G. E. Patterson from
"Gilbert Earl Patterson (September 22, 1939[1] – March 20, 2007[2]) was an American Pentecostal-Holiness, Charismatic minister who served as the international Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), Inc...

Patterson founded the rapidly growing Bountiful Blessings Ministries (BBM) which is viewed internationally on The Word Network weekly, as well as on local TV stations throughout the nation. Bountiful Blessings Ministries has a mailing list of over 100,000 active donors from outside the Memphis viewing audience."...

Example #3: "Take Me Back" - Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes

malacomg, Uploaded on Jan 7, 2011
"Willie Neal Johnson (1935–2001) was a gospel singer who became known as "Country Boy" for his rootsy blues-driven style and his down to earth friendly personality...

Willie Neal Johnson and the Gospel Keynotes... [rose] to popularity across the Southwest the group signed to Nashboro Records where they scored a major hit with Show Me the Way. They received a Grammy nomination in 1980 for Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now. The Gospel Keynotes went on to record over 20 LPs for Nashboro.

...After Nashboro closed its doors they signed to the Malaco Music label located in Jackson, MS. In 1985 they changed their name to Willie Neal Johnson and the New Keynotes. With Malaco they recorded seven albums. They were inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in Detroit and the American Gospel Quartet Hall of Fame in Birmingham, Alabama in 1999."...

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  1. This song ‘Take Me Back’ is my favorite one of the best gospel songs. And you know why I like it the most because this is the only song I am having, in which my all favorite gospel artists performed together. Thanks for giving me its lyrics.

    1. You're welcome, annidug!

      I'm glad you like these old school Gospel songs. They move me more than most of the newer Gospel that I've heard.

      Be blessed!