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Spiritual (Shouter) Baptist Churches In The USA & Canada

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This is Part II of a two part series about the Christian denomination known as the Spiritual Baptist Church (or Shouter Baptist Church). This post provides information and five videos of the Spiritual (Shouter) Baptist Churches in the United States and Canada.

Part I presents information about and seven videos of Spiritual (Shouter) Baptist Churches in the Caribbean. Click for that post.

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"The origins and early development of the Spiritual Shouter Baptist Religion in Trinidad and Tobago are not well known but the consensus is that the religion developed among the people of African descent during the Nineteenth Century.

It can be found throughout the Caribbean under various names but according to Gibbs de Peza (10), the name Spiritual Shouter Baptist is indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago. It is a unique religion, comprising elements of Protestant Christianity and African doctrines and rituals. It is also one of the few religions indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago.

The term Shouter was given to the Baptists because of their tendency to shout, clap and sing loudly during their religious services.* It was a derogatory term imposed on them by mainstream society. During their fight to have the Shouters Prohibition Ordinance repealed, the Baptists decided to use the term Spiritual Baptists instead of Shouter Baptists, in an effort to gain respect for their religion.

There are four theories that place the roots of the Spiritual Shouter Baptist Religion in Africa, Britain, North America and St. Vincent."...
Click that link to read about those four theories.
*The spiritual meaning of “shout” is more than speaking loudly and may not even include speaking loudly. Here's the definition that I added to this pancocojams post on a number of terms that are used in Pentecostal churches:
"Shout – to do a holy dance, speak in tongues, or other actions that show that you are being touched by the Holy Spirit (also known as “getting happy”, feeling the Spirit, cutting a step”

Also click
[The History Of The] Shouter Baptists [In Trinidad & Tobago] and for more information about this Christian denomination.

These videos are presented in chronological order based on their posting dates with the oldest videos given first.

Example #1: Rock of Ages Spiritual Baptist Church, Atlanta GA [United States]

roasbc, Uploaded on Oct 14, 2011

Church 10th Year Anniverasry

Example #2: Spiritual Baptist Holy SPIRITs IN the HOUSE - St. Francise Toronto SPIRITUAL BAPTIST

Published on Jan 28, 2013

Spiritual Baptist Holy SPIRIT is IN the HOUSE - St. Francise Toronto

St. Francis National Evangelical Spiritual Baptist Faith / Canada

Example #3: New York Spiritual Baptist Baptism [United States]

SplendidVideo, Published on Feb 20, 2013

Clips from a Spiritual Baptist baptism and thanksgiving in Brooklyn and Queens New York.

Example #4: St. Mary's Spiritual Church 7th Annual All Nations Fellowship Service 2/18/2013 #8

St. Mary's Spiritual Church, Published on Feb 28, 2013

Rejoicing, singing Ride in Prince Emanuel Ride In.
This church may not be a part of the Spiritual (Shouter) Baptist denomination, but the church service shown in this video seems to me to be very similar to the videos that I've watched of the Spiritual Shouter Baptists.

Here are the words to the song as posted by Elijah Richards, a commenter on that video's viewer comment thread:
Ride in Prince Emmanuel ride
For my heart is over flown for i luv u so
Ride in Prince Emmanuel ride in

Example #5: "Shouters" N.E.S.B.F - Spiritual Baptist Toronto [Canada]


Natalie Namen, Published on Mar 31, 2013

In 1976, Archbishop Dr. Deloris Seiveright was one of the founding Ministers and Director for St. Frederic's Cathedral Spiritual Church in Toronto. The Shouters National Evangelical Spiritual Baptist Faith International Centre was also founded by Archbishop Dr. Deloris Seiveright (NESBF Archdiocese) in 1988.
In 1988, Shouters NESBF Int'l Centre of Canada held their first worship service at Eglinton Ave. West Toronto, then moved to Scarborough. They have struggled for respect and unity in Toronto, Ontario and all of Canada. In Canada the Shouters Baptist have had its origin since 1974 due to all the Caribbean people and their Faith. However, the Faith was officially incorporated in 1984 & 1988. Between 1974 and 1984 the NESBF was under supervision of Trinidad & Tobago. Since 1988 Archbishop Seiveright has been the overseer of seven (7) NESBF churches in Toronto, Ontario.
In July 1996 Deloris Seiveright was elected and enthroned Archbishop of Toronto and all of Canada. She won the African Canadian Achievement Award in March 1999 and the Racial Harmony Award in March, 2000. Youth Mentorship Program and IYOP (International Year of Older Persons) October 17, 1999. Service Award March 2001 from Trinidad and Tobago Shouter Baptist. Our Worship of freedom gives us the opportunity to unite with all churches in the African Diaspora with our Cultural and Spiritual roots.

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