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African American Male Stomp & Shake Cheerleaders (videos)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcase six videos of University level stomp and shake cheerleader squads that include at least one male.

The content of this video is provided for historical, cultural, and aesthetic purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

I'm aware that some non-Black cheerleaders participate in university level stomp and shake cheerleading. However, there is no question that almost all of the cheerleaders who have participated in this African American originated sport/performance art in the past and the present are Black (if not African American). And to date, in my perusal of multiple YouTube stomp and shake university level cheerleading videos, I have never seen a non-Black male cheerleader.

However, by no means is this post a comprehensive video presentation of African American males in stomp and shake cheerleading.

From my review of YouTube videos, it seems to me that 99.9% of university (and high school) stomp and shake cheerleaders are female. In contrast, according to "97% of all cheerleaders are female, however, almost 50% of collegiate Cheerleaders are male." [end of quote.] The term "collegiate cheerleaders" in that quote for the most part probably refers to traditional college & university level cheerleading squads.

These videos are presented in chronological order with the oldest dated videos presented first.
No comments from these selected videos are included in this post and they are presented with relatively very little editorial comments.

Multiple videos of the same squad from different years are included in this post to show different examples of male cheerleaders on that particular squad.

WARNING: As is the case with many YouTube videos, the comment threads of these videos may contain profanity, racist comments, and other objectionable content.

That said, some of the comments on these threads provide historical information and/or provide glimpses of African American opinions about the subject of traditional cheerleading versus stomp and shake cheerleading, and about African Americans themselves.

Example #1: WSSU CHEERLEADERS FOR MTV (watch in High Quality)

Flowchildent, Uploaded on Sep 24, 2008

WSSU Cheerleaders tryout for MTV Show
WSSU = Winston Salem State University is a historically Black university located in North Carolina.

The MTV show was Paula Abdul's Rah! Cheerleader show (2009). From the comments on this viewer comment thread and another video comment thread for the "traditional" female cheerleading squad for Morehouse University, Atlanta, Ceorgia, a historically Black male university*, neither of those squads were accepted as participants on that reality television show. I haven't been able to find the names of the five cheerleader squads that were featured on that show. However, from the comments I read, all the featured squads were traditional cheerleaders.

*Morehouse's cheerleaders are Spelman University students. That nearby female historically Black university is considered a sister institution to Morehouse.

Example #2: VSU Woo Woos and NSU Cheerleaders "Hello Cheer" 1997

GoTrojans, Uploaded on Nov 12, 2008

NSU vs VSU 1997 Labor Day Classic - 1st game at NSU Dick Price Football Stadium
Virginia State University is a historically Black university. It's cheerleaders are called "Woo Woos. Norfolk State University is a historically Black university in Virginia.

Notice the male cheerleaders on both teams.

I've watched a number of YouTube videos of the VSU Woo Woo. I was surprised to see male Woo Woo cheerleaders as there were no male cheerleaders in any of those other Woo Woo videos. I wonder what year this changed.

Example #3: LC Cheerleaders Cheerin' Their Team On!!!

vcheer88 Uploaded on Mar 13, 2009

Livingstone College Cheerleaders
Livingstone is a historically Black university located in North Carolina.

Example #4: WSSU Cheerleaders 09-10/ Talkin out the side of yo neck!

yorztrulie, Uploaded on Feb 4, 2010

Dancing to the song "Talkin out the side of your neck" at the WSSU vs. NCAT bball game where the Rams won. GO RAMS!!!! lol
WSSU = Winston Salem State University, North Carolina; NCAT = North Carolina Agricultural & Tecnologial State University

"Talkin out the side of your neck" is a recording by Cameo. To "talk out the side of your neck" means to talk nonsense.

Example #5: Tuskegee Cheerleaders Spring Open House 2010

Gashlyn2010, Uploaded on Jun 20, 2010

Tuskegee Cheerleaders Performing "Get on that Skegee Train"
Tuskegee is a historically Black university that is located in Alabama.

The words to this chant and the words to a number of other stomp & shake chants and cheers can be found on my stomp & shake cheerleader page. The link to that page is given below in the Related Links section.

Example #6: 2013 WSSU Homecoming Cheerleaders pump it up

Artistry Photography, Published on Oct 13, 2013

2013 WSSU Cheerleaders perform during Homecoming
The way that male cheerleaders perform within the same squad has changed over time. For instance, a number of comments in the viewer comment thread for the 2007 video "HBCU CHEER BATTLE pt. 2" criticized Winston-Salem State University's cheerleaders because they said that the one lone WSSU male cheerleader, Darius, shaked while doing the cheers. In response to this, CharlesClarkTV, a commenter who supported WSSU wrote that year that "...I didn't see Darius shake not one time so someone needs to look at the video a little clearer. Ya'll hating because he killed just like that girls did without shaking!!"

WARNING: The publisher's summary statement and the viewer comment thread for that video contain profanity.

Click for information about another conference of historically Black colleges and universities, mostly in North Carolina. The universities in this post that are members of CIAA are WSSU, Livingstone, NCAT, and VSU which was previously a member of MEAC.

That above linked CIAA page contains a statement about stomp and shake cheerleading. All the squads of CIAA universities perform stomp and shake cheerleading.

Also, click

Some cheerleading squads in the MEAC perform stomp and shake cheerleading while others perform traditional cheerleading. The universities in this post which were members of MEAC at the time of those videos are VSU and NSU.

Click for some historical information about males on Winston-Salem State University's cheerleading squads.

Click this page of my cultural website to find general information & comments about and selected videos & the words of university level stomp & shake cheerleading squads.

Thanks to the cheerleading squads that are showcased in these videos. Thanks also to the publishers of these videos on YouTube.

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  1. I just happened upon several comments in the viewer comment thread of this video of Winston-Salem State University's stomp and shake cheerleading squad's call being similar to an [un-named] sorority's calls: "WSSU CHEERLEADERS FOR MTV (watch in High Quality)

    I believe that that sorority call the commenters referred to was that of Sigma Gamma Rho, Inc. However, the commenters who wrote in support of WSSU refuted that there was any connection between that squad's calls and the call of that sorority.

    Here's one of those comments:
    lilpimpok, 2012
    in reply to AORaines
    They don't "eyyuppp" to mock sororities. They do it because the "eyyuuup" is more like an accent for the cheer. Its just to give the cheer a little more life and flavor. The majority of HBCU cheerleaders incorporate the "eeyyuup" in their cheers but of course it originated from the mighty WSSU cheerleaders A.K.A Cheer Phi!"
    HBCU= Historically Black Colleges And Universities

    A.K.A. in that quote means "also known as".