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Krosfyah - Sak Passe (video, information, & comments) (Barbados)

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This post features a video of the 2001 song "Sak Passe" by Krosfyah. Krosfyah is a Bajan musical group (a group from the Barbados). However, the song title "Sak passé" is Haitian Creole.

Also included in this post is the English translation of the Haitian phrase "sak passe", information about Haitian Creole, and viewer comments from this video's viewer comment thread.

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"Sak passe" Haitian Creole for "What's up?"; What's happening?" (meaning "How are you?"; "How you doing?"; "How's everything? [with you]"?)

The response to "Sak passe" is "Nap boule" (meaning "Everything's good".)


Haitian Creole (Kreyòl ayisyen) is a creole language based on the French language. It is spoken in Haiti by about 7.5 million people (as of 1998), which is nearly the whole population. Via immigration, several hundred thousand speakers live in other countries, including Canada, the United States and France, as well as many Caribbean nations, especially the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

There are linguistic influences from several West African languages, namely from Wolof, and some Gbe languages, notably Fon and Ewe/Anlo-Ewe. There are two dialects: Fablas and Plateau Haitian Creole.

Since 1961, Haitian Creole has been recognized as an official language. Its usage in literature is small but growing. Many speakers are bilingual and speak both Haitian Creole and French, but Creole has a lower social status than French in the minds of some. Many educators, writers and activists have emphasized pride and written literacy in Creole since the 1980s. There are newspapers, radio and television programs in this language. Miami-Dade County in Florida sends out paper communications in Haitian Creole in addition to English and Spanish.

It is not to be confused with Haitian Vodoun Culture Language.

Simple sample phrases
• How's it going? — Sak pase? [sakpase]
• General response to Sak pase: Map boule! [mapbule] (Fr. je brule [ʒəbul])
Other Haitian Creole sample phrases and vocabulary are included in this article.


krosfyahdotnet, Uploaded on May 31, 2009
The phrase "The road is mind" is a bragging statement that this song is the best one that is sung on the road (in the streets) during Carnival.

Click for lyrics to the song

WARNING: Some comments in this thread sexually explicit language and profanity.

These comments are numbered for referencing purposes and are posted in chronological order by year with the oldest year posted first.

1. kieronstah92
"eyyyy !!! *dancing* ba whats da tune nah boy... chip chip chippin and i chipping and chip chip < old soca"

2. j dc
"this video is on fire, me on high over video it make me feel like dancin!"

3. Karina Collymore
"trinis speak creole 2!! these use 2 be under the british and the French"
"Trinis" = from Trinidad

4. KillaJfromDeadly
in reply to Karina Collymore

"@jackieakamomma3 trini probably speak they own creol but they dont speak the french/creole like Haiti, Dominica, St Lucia, guadalupe, Martinique"

5. ingeniouslynerdy
"This is my"
"Jam" = American slang for "song".

6. DigitalIslandboy
"lol De man selling coconuts and the other selling sno cones butt-up their carts on one another talking about the road is theirs. ;-)"

7. fashionlovesmee
"This is a BAJAN SONG lol
"Bajan" = from Barbados

8. yaadie
"LOL the ignorance. sak pase is Haitian Creole for "What's up?" or "What's happening?" "

9. TheWindy509
"its doesn`t matter if its a haitian or barbadian song WE ARE WEST INDIAN c`mon people we all came from afrikka "

10. Jugglers United
"Still sounding so sweet after so many years"

11. Razia Hassan
omgsh i have not heard this song in years ! good chune
"Chune" = tune (In the Caribbean "tune" refers to the entire song and not just the melody.)

12. Mastah Shifu1
"what does this have to do with haiti??"

13. snoopchewy1
in reply to Mastah Shifu
"It has nothing to do with Haiti. Just listen to the words (if you can understand what they're singing). They met a girl from Haiti and she welcomed them Haiti style... sak pase."

14. snoopchewy1
"Just so you know, these people are not Haitian. They're from Barbados. They're just singing about a Haitian girl they met."

15. TheAmericanbajan
"sak pase mean how r u"

16. StarGyrl
"Chune! I haven't heard this song in AGES."

17. KAS1JM
"and y'all got it from Haitians, whether you knew it or not....SAKE COMPASSE , SAK PASSE FOR SHORT"

18. Lisa Marie
"My daddy is bajan from st.james so u dont have to correct me... They're still shouting out Haitians"
"They're still shouting out Haitians" = "shouting out" here means "praising"; giving due credit and respect to..."

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