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Here's Who Else Is White! (excerpt from a tongue in cheek dailykos diary)

Edited by Azizi Powell

I admit that this is a departure from the usual posts on this blog, but I want to share a short daily kos diary & selected comments frpm that diary that were written in response to Fox News host Megyn Kelly's December 11, 2013 on-air comments that both Santa Claus and Jesus are White.

Although this daily kos diary and its comments are tongue in cheek, they also creatively address the continued existence of White default & White priviledge in the United States.

Unlike the entire daily kos diary, the selected comments that are posted here contain no profanity and are relatively free of political opinion.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, sociological, and entertainment purposes [with sincere apologies to any readers who may not be knowledgeable about all of the United States cultural refereences].

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Click,0,2380655.story#axzz2nRo4wEUk for an article about Megyn Kelly's comments. That article contains a video of the news segment in which Kelly made those comments.

DAILY KOS DIARY by Jeff Lieber

"I feel compelled to confirm the WHITE-I-TUDE of the following individuals...

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
All The People Riding In That One Horse Open Sleigh
The Dude Your Wife Lost Her Virginity To
Tweety Bird
Sarah Palin
The Tooth Fairy
The Star Of That New Movie You Want To See
Eric The White (Formerly Eric The Red)
The Man In The Moon
The Pillsbury Dough Boy
6 of the 7 Dwarves. All 8 of the Reindeer.
Sarah Palin
Sully From "Monsters Inc."
Ferdinand The Bull
Chewbaca, R2D2 and C3P0
Casper the FRIENDLY ghost.
Jenny from the 867-5309 Song
Sea Monkeys
Humpty Dumpty
Oh Susana... who shouldn't cry for me because I've come from Alabama w/ a banjo on my knee.
Sarah [profanity deleted] Palin.
God (also, important to note... MALE).

Noticeably, but understandably, absent on this list...
[picture of Barack Obama]

(These comments are all from December 13, 2013 and are numbered according to the order of their appearance in that diary.)

1. Yo, you forgot Mr. Clean.
by Publius2008

2. Paul Bunyan, obviously.
Babe, however, was a OoC (Ox of Color).
by grover

3. Honestly Frosty the Snowman is the
only 100% verifiable white guy around, and even he could have some off colors.
by AnnieR

4. especially if a dog's been nearby
Beware of yellow snow!
by Front Toward Enemy

5. Well, one of those for sure
The Pillsbury Dough Boy
by gulfgal98

6. He used to be.
But what with all the emphasis on whole grains, he looks more tan nowadays.
by JBL55

7. The Road Runnier is obviously white.
Wylie E. Coyote....hmmm, shady and dishonest and pretty stupid. Definitely not white.
by ExpatGirl

8. "Runnier"....sigh.
by ExpatGirl

9. Add any character whose ethnicity is not explicitly stated in a book: white

Even characters who are explicitly black in a book are supposed to be white in the movie adaptation. So sayeth the supposed diehard fans of the book "The Hunger Games" who had a Twitter meltdown when the black character Rue was played by a black actress in the movie. They know better than the author.

When it comes to acting, you know actual for real pretending to be someone else, you can never cast a non-white person in a "white" role.

White actors however can play any ethnicity they want because of course it's just make believe.
by Vita Brevis

10. Pillsbury Dough Boy
and his cousins, the Michelin Man and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
Not a bit of melanin in that family's genes.
by grover

11. Well done!

Jack and Jill
Peter Pan
Bilbo Baggins
Frodo Baggins
Sponge Bob Square Pants. (it's a white sponge)
Yogi Bear

The list goes on and on.
by TomP

12. Wait, Sponge Bob is white?
I always took him for yellow. Maybe he's one of those people who's acquired honorary whiteness...
by FogCityJohn

13. Snoopy
And all of the Peanuts characters, including Franklin.
by RudiB

14. You know, on a serious note,
it's the right-wing logical fallacy at work:
White is good.
Jesus and Santa are good.
Therefore, Jesus and Santa are white.
Facts have nothing to do with it.
by Cali Scribe

15. Um...not to sure about Humpty Dumpty.
He may appear to be eggshell white but he has cousins who were definitely colored. I believe they are the Easter Eggs.
by Dave the Wave

16. You want white, you can take this one to the bank
The Easter Bunny.
by pollbuster

17. Except, of course,
chocolate Easter Bunnies which everyone knows aren't real.
by pollbuster

18. Another in the definite white category
Snow White.
by pollbuster

19. Superman
All Kryptonians are white. Fact.
by duha

20. Um, no "e" in Santa Claus
whether he's white or not
by exlrrp

Thanks to all who are quoted in that diary.

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  1. Here's three more I'd add to that list of who else is White:
    All the good guys & good gals in books, movies, and tv.

    All the angels, except Satan, but he's a fallen angel so he doesn't count

    Not just Superman, but all the superheroes, at least all the ones who merit having a movie or being the lead in movies

  2. Here's who else is White (in Megyn Kelly's world & in the world where White [race] is a default & White priviledge influences people's (White & non-White) perception of everything:

    Kings and Queens (and Princes & Princesses)

    Black people, Indians, and other People of Color only have chiefs (& those chiefs'
    wives & children- whatever titles they have if they even have any titles).