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The Chain Gang Cadence (The Soul Patrol Shuffle)

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This post showcases a video clip from the 1990 American movie "Cadence" [also known as "Stockade" in Europe.]

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cadence 1990 chain gang march (soul patrol shuffle)

CJDone, Published on Jul 3, 2013

cadence 1990 chain gang march (soul patrol shuffle)
Comment from this video's viewer comment thread:

Francesca Van der Geld via Google+
"Cadence is a 1990 film directed by (and starring) Martin Sheen, in which Charlie Sheen plays an inmate in a United States Army military prison in West Germany during the 1960s. Sheen plays alongside his father Martin Sheen and brother Ramon Estevez. The film is based on a novel by Gordon Weaver.

PFC Franklin Bean (Charlie Sheen) gets drunk and goes AWOL upon the death of his father. As punishment, he is thrown into a stockade populated entirely by black inmates. But instead of giving into racism, Bean joins forces with his fellow inmates and rises up against the bigoted prison warden, MSgt. Otis McKinney (Martin Sheen).

This comes from a great but underrated movie called Cadence in the USA and Stockade in Europe."

Click for videos of the song "Chain Gang" as well as the lyrics to that song.

Click for a pancocojams post on the influence of the United States military on fraternity & sorority steppin.

"Soul Patrol" is also a referent for a military unit of African Americans in the American Vietnam War.
Soul Patrol: The Riveting True Story of the First African American LRRP Team in Vietnam by Ed Emanuel(Author)
Publisher: Presidio Press (July 29, 2003)

Book Review by Kregg P Jorgenson on February 11, 2004
"Soul Patrol by Ed Emanuel is a fine tribute to the LRRP/Rangers he served with during the Vietnam War. More than that, it also offers an indepth look at the bravery and heroism of black American soldiers who not only served honorably but with proud distinction. The motto that 'Rangers Lead The Way' is clearly evident in Emanuel's book and one that speaks to the sacrifice and service of those who wore the patch."
This review is not a recommendation of this book by this blog editor, but is given to point out that use of the phrase "Soul Patrol".

"Soul Patrol" is also the name of vocalist Taylor Hick's fans. Taylor Hicks is a White American soul singer who was the winner of the 2006 "American Idol" television show.
“ 'Soul Patrol!' Hicks screamed upon learning he'd won the competition and a recording contract to boot.... Hicks' devotees have picked up his trademark chant — an homage to the music that the singer thrives on — as their nickname.”

Thanks to the composer of the "Chain Gang" song and the choreographer & performers of "The Soul Patrol Shuffle". Thanks also to all those who were quoted in this post & thanks to the publisher of this movie clip on YouTube.

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