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Sugar Aloes - I Love Being Me (Lyrics & Comments)

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This post showcases a video of Soca superstar Sugar Aloes performing his song "I Love Being Me". That video also features a brief appearance of the Soca superstar Baron.

In this lighthearted song, Sugar Aloe asserts that he doesn't look or sound like Baron. Indeed, within the song Aloe points out some differences between himself and Baron.

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"Sugar Aloes, aka Michael Anthony Osuana, is a prominent calypsonian hailing from Trinidad and Tobago. Singing local hits such as "Party Time" and parang favorite "Juanita", Aloes has amassed a fan base of at least three generations of Trinidadians and calypso lovers region-wide. Sugar Aloes is also famous for his songs "I Love Being Me" and "Signs of the end of Time". On Sunday 3 February 2008 Michael Anthony Osuana, aka Sugar Aloes, was crowned the winner of the Calypso Monarch 2008 Competition[1] at Queens Park Oval in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. He won this competition singing a song entitled "Look in the Mirrow". In this song, he made some sarcastic remarks about government, which maintained a certain degree of humour."
Click for my speculation about the meaning of the stage name "Sugar Aloe".

Sugar Aloes - I Love Being Me

trinidesi, Uploaded on Oct 17, 2007

Aloes in his element singing his Classic "I Love Being Me" in d 1992 dimanche gras.
"Dimanche Gras (Big Sunday) is a huge competition that takes you into J'ouvert which is the start of the two day Carnival celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago. The Kings and Queens of the Carnival Bands are paraded before judges, one of which will win King and Queen of Carnival, as well as the Calypsonians competing against each other with their various compositions in song, all hoping to come away with the coveted title of Calypso Monarch."


[verse 1]
I've met many people trying to make confusion
Trying to put Baron against me
Some say for an imposter I'm blissed with imitation
And how I trying to sound just like he
But I will like to let those people know
For fourteen long years, Baron did leave and go
1979 is when I came on de scene, then Baron came back in

[chorus 1]
But I don't sound like de Baron
For your information, de Baron doh sound like me
So when I'm singing my tune
And you hear a sweet croon
I'm just being me

[verse 2]
Even when I'm dressed in some fancy style or fashion
Or wearing some costly jewelry
Dey talk bout how dey see me talking to four, five woman
Dey does say I trying to be like he
But is one ting dat dey don't understand
Baron love Indian and plenty action
I just love nice tings and I'm being friendly
Yes it makes me happy

[chorus 2]
But I don't look like de Baron
And if ah should mention, Baron more "gnashy"* than me
So whenever you see me
Looking nice and dandy
I'm just being me

[verse 3]
I and Baron do address each other as brothers
We think dats the way dat it ought to be
But through jealously people just getting horrors
And decide to make a controversy
Even reportors and all join de brew*
And de question is who have more gold than who
Like when I'm not feelin to put mines on
Dey does say dat it in de pawn

[chorus 3]
But I don't have gold like Baron
For their information, Baron don't have gold like me
So whenever I'm wearing
It's not flam ah flamming
I'm just being me

[verse 4]
Mehself and Baron we both have religious background
So we enjoy singing from since we small
If you should notice while are we on de stage performing
Is so natural dat we don't have to bawl
We just relax and let the feelings flow
Do what we want, where ever we go
It's a gift from god dat we both receive
So please don't be deceived

[chorus 4]
And please don't take me for Baron
Just pay close attention
And don't take Baron for me
We both have one ting in common
It's ah gift from heaven
But I love being me

[chorus 5]
Don't mistake me for Baron
Just pay close attention
Doh mistake Baron for me
We both have one ting in common
Dats public attraction
But I love being me

Sugar Aloes Lyrics - Calypso Music Lyrics

Thanks to unknown October 4, 2016 for lyric corrections indicated by an asterisk.
(Disclaimer: I'm an African American and am not an expert on Trinidadian culture and/or Trinidadian words or phrases. I'm hoping someone who is familiar with the use of these terms in Trinidad will help with these explanations by adding any additions and corrections.)

Baron love Indian
Baron loves (is more interested in or more involved with
Indian women) than Aloe is.

Note that East Indians (South Asians; people whose ancestry in whole or in part are from India) are an integral population of Trinidad, and Indian culture has greatly influenced Soca music and other Trini music genres.

(found in the line "Baron more bashy than me")

Based on how this word is used, I THINK that it means that Sugar Aloes is saying that it's his contention that his jewlery is more costly than Baron's. And/or does "bashy" in that line mean that Aloe is contending that Baron's jewlery is more ostentatious or is fake (is "bling bling"?)

Notice the preceding & subsequent lines about wearing gold (jewelry).

However, if either of those guesses are what bashy means in that line, notice the differences between that use of "bashy" and this Jamaican definition that is found in

1. A Jamaican slang word for something being of value or looking good.
2. Something's looks or aesthetics having the tendency to be awesome.
3. Rhasta word for: nice, down, dank, sweet, cool, etc. A descriptive word of praise.

1. Our time riding hoorses on da beach proved to be a bashy time mon, should've come.

2. You lookin bashy girl! Where did you get that sexy romper for romping?

3. My Thanksgiving dinner? Yeah yeah it was bashy, with that smoke and my mom's home cooking.

Maybe the important phrase in that definition is "looking good". Something can look good and still be an imitation.

Given the canon of Caribbean singers, I find it unlikely that Sugar Aloe would praise Baron over himself. But it would be a natural part of Calypso/Soca music for Sugar Aloe to "put down" Baron in a good natured, witty way.

Flam ah flamming
(used in the chorus 3 found above
I THINK this means the jewlery that I wear is not for show (it's not me showing off) but is just me being me.

Found in the lines:
"So whenever you see me
Looking nice and dandy"

I think this means "looking like a dandy".
Dandy- a man who is a sharp dresser (dapper, natty)

In de pawn
"Dey does say dat it in de pawn" = in the pawn shop


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  1. It's not "bashy"'s "gnashy" (skinny). And reporters join the "brew", not "crew".