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German Vocalist Joy Denalane - "Let Go" & Four Other Songs

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This post features five songs by German Soul vocalist Joy Denalane. The featured songs are "Let Go", "Vier Frauen" (Four Women), "Niemand (Was wir nicht tun)", "Im Ghetto von Soweto", and "Stranger In This Land".

This post also includes information about Joy Denalane.

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"Joy Maureen Denalane (born 11 June 1973), known as Joy Denalane, is a German singer-songwriter, known for her mixture of soul, R&B, and African folk music with lyrics in German and English…
Denalane, the third of six children, was born in the Berlin-Schöneberg, the eldest daughter of a German mother and a South African father...

Denalane came in first contact with hip hop group Freundeskreis, who searched for a female counterpart to lead singer Max Herre's voice on their track "Mit Dir" then. However, the duet was released as a single in July 1999 and made the top ten in Germany, the top thirty in Austria, and the top fifteen in Switzerland—pushed by the fact Denalane and Herre had become a couple.

Afterwards Denalane joined the FK Allstars, which also consisted of Afrob, Gentleman, Sekou, and Brooke Russell, among others, and went on tour with them for more than two years. Later on she signed a contract with Four Music (founded by Die Fantastischen Vier) and began working on her debut album Mamani, which was released in June 2002 and debuted at number eight on the German Albums Chart. Inspired by African roots, the album was primarily produced by husband Max Herre. In total Mamani spawned six singles, including the lead single "Sag's Mir", the socially critical track "Im Ghetto von Soweto" (featuring her uncle South African flugelhorn legend Hugh Masekela), and "Kinderlied", a song dedicated to her oldest son Isaiah"...


Example #1: Joy Denalane - Let Go (HQ)

KageniTV Uploaded on Dec 26, 2011

"Let Go" by Joy Denalane of her 2nd album "Born and Raised"

Example #2: Joy Denalane - Vier Frauen [Four Women]

FappZ, uploaded on Nov 7, 2010
This song was composed & originally performed by Nina Simone.
Click for a video of Nina Simone singing this song in 1965.

Example #3: Joy Denalane, Niemand (Was wir nicht tun), live in Berlin

hdpoll Uploaded on Mar 27, 2011

Niemand (Was wir nicht tun), Joy Denalane feat. Max Herre, Marteria & Klaus Doldinger, Echo 2011 Berlin

Example #4: Joy Denalane "Im Ghetto von Soweto" - Live

NesolaGmbH, Uploaded on Feb 20, 2008

Ausschnitt der Joy Denalane Live DVD "Mamani" aufgezeichnet in Berlin.

Example #5: Joy Denalane - Stranger In This Land (HQ)

KageniTV Uploaded on Dec 24, 2011

"Stranger In This Land" by Joy Denalane of her 2nd album "Born & Raised".

Soundtrack of movie "Desert Flower" with Waris Dirie

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