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The Temptations - Beauty's Only Skin Deep (lyrics, video, comments)

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This post showcases the 1966 R&B song "Beauty's Only Skin Deep" by The Temptations. This post also includes comments about the meaning & the history of that folk saying.

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(Writer(s): Norman Whitfield & Edward Holland, Jr.)

So in love, sad as could be
'Cause a pretty face got the best of me.
Suddenly you came into my life
And gave it meaning and pure delight.
Now, good looks I've learned to do without
'Cause now I know it's love that really counts
I know beauty's only skin deep.
Yeah yeah yeah.
Beauty's only skin deep.
Yeah yeah yeah,

Now, you speak your words warm and sincere
And let me know that your love is here.
A pretty face you many not possess
But what I like about you is your tenderness.
A pretty face may be some guys taste
But I'll take lovin' in its place,
'Cause I know beauty's only skin deep.
Yeah yeah yeah.
Beauty's only skin deep.
Yeah, yeah yeah.

Now, friends ask what do I see in you.
But it goes deeper than the eye can view.
You have a pleasing personality
And that's an ever lovin' rare quality.
Now, show me a girl, a girl that's fine
And I'll choose the one with true lovin' ev'ry time,
'Cause I know beauty's only skin deep.
Yeah yeah yeah.
Beauty's only skin deep.
Yeah yeah yeah.
So if you're lookin' for a lover
(Oh, yeah) don't judge a book by its cover.
(Oh yeah) She may be fine on the outside
(Oh yeah) but so untrue on the inside.


SHOWCASE VIDEO - Beauty Is Only Skin Deep - Temptations

gmonath, Uploaded on Feb 17, 2012

"'Beauty Is Only Skin Deep' is a 1966 hit single recorded by The Temptations for the Gordy (Motown) label. Written by Norman Whitfield and Edward Holland, Jr., and produced by Whitfield, the song was a number three pop hit and a number one R&B hit in the United States.[1]

The song's theme is inner beauty, and its value over physical appearance. David Ruffin sings lead on this song, relating the story of a man who's become frustrated with dating pretty women with "ugly" attitudes. He now praises his current girl, whom he does not find as physically beautiful, but feels that her personality more than makes up for it. "She may be fine on the outside/but so untrue on the inside", is a typical lyric from the song."

"Beauty's But Skin Deep" is a poem by John Davies of Hereford
from 1616.

"There is also an old jingle, author unknown, which parodies the famous beauty line. It reads:
'Beauty is but skin deep, ugly lies the bone;
Beauty dies and fades away, but ugly holds its own'."


The saying "beauty it's just skin deep, but ugly, it's to the bone" is found in this song/rhyme that is included in Thomas W. Talley's 1922 collection Negro Folk Rhymes: Wise & Otherwise:

Love is jes a thing o' fancy,
Beauty's jes a blossom;
If you wants to git yo' finger bit,
Stick it at a 'possum.

Beauty, it's jes skin deep;
Ugly, it's to de bone.
Beauty, it'll jes fade 'way;
But Ugly'll hoi' 'er own.

Source: Talley's Negro Folk Rhymes [p. 2]

Thanks to The Temptations for their musical legacy. Thanks also to the composers of this song, and to the publisher of this video on youtube.

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