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Ben L' Oncle Soul - Elle Me Dit (video & information)

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This post showcases a video & lyrics to Ben L'Oncle Soul's song Elle me dit (She Told Me). Information about Ben L Oncle Soul is also included in this post.

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"Ben l'Oncle Soul (born Benjamin Duterde, in 1984) is a French soul singer and songwriter.

After graduating in 2004, he started singing in a gospel group called Fitiavana. He often wears a bow tie like Uncle Ben from Uncle Ben's Rice.[1] His friends called him l'Oncle Ben, but he decided to change it in 2009, shortly before the release of his first maxi single, Soul Wash, to avoid copyright problems.[2] His eponymous debut album was released by Motown Records in 2010.[2]

On 25 June 2011 Ben L'Oncle Soul opened the 32nd edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival in a major free concert for more than 10,000 people ... The concert was his third appearance in Montreal having performed at the 2010 FrancoFolies and at the 2011 Montréal High Lights Festival"...


Ben L'Oncle Soul - Elle me dit (clip officiel)

Universal Music France, Uploaded on Jul 18, 2011

It seems to me that this video concept is of early 20th century Americans (African Americans or Black Canadians?) living in a rural area.

Notice that the couple jumps the broom at the end of their wedding ceremony. Click for a pancocojams post on "Jumping The Broom".

A translation from French to English of a song entitled "Elle Me Dit" on this website:

However, I've been apprised by a person who speaks French that that is another song with that title and not Ben L'Oncle Soul's song.

Thanks to Ben L'Oncle Soul for this song. Thanks also to the producer of this video & its publisher on YouTube. Hat tip to Afro-Europe for alerting me to this video.

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