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The Hues Corporation- Rock The Boat (video & information)

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This is Part I of a two part series on the 1974 Disco song "Rock The Boat" and children's "Rock The Boat" cheers.

This posts showcases the song "Rock The Boat" as recorded by The Hues Corporation (1973).

Part II features examples of "Rock The Boat" cheers.

Click for Part II of this series.

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SHOWCASE VIDEO - Rock The Boat 1974 Hues Corporation

Jasminne2009·Uploaded on Aug 18, 2009

Click for this video's summary which includes the lyrics for this song. Those lyrics include this refrain:
Here's information about The Hues Corporation's "Rock The Boat" from their Wikipedia page
"Rock the Boat" is a disco song by the group Hues Corporation in 1974. "Rock the Boat" was written by Waldo Holmes, who also wrote the Blacula songs.

"Rock the Boat" was first featured on the Hues Corporation's 1973 album, Freedom For The Stallion (an edited version later appeared on certain editions of the band's follow-up album, 1974's Rockin' Soul).[1] and was released as the second single from the album in early 1974 to follow-up Stallion's title song, which had peaked at #63 on the Hot 100. Initially, "Rock the Boat" appeared as though it would flop, as months went by without any radio airplay or sales activity. Not until the song became a disco/club favorite in New York did Top 40 radio finally pick up on the song, leading the record to finally enter the Hot 100 and zip up the chart to #1 in July 1974. The record also reached the top 10 in the United Kingdom (number 6). It is a heavy airplay favorite on oldie and adult-contemporary stations today
This write up doesn't mention that a large number of children's cheerleader cheers are titled "Rock The Boat" and have their source in the Hue Corporation' "Rock The Boat" song. The "Rock The Boat" cheers that I've collected online use a foot stomping cheer structure, but are probably not performed with the foot stomping activity that is the same as historically Black Greek lettered organizations' steppin foot work, (individual handclaps, and sometimes also (individual) body patting. Examples of those cheers are featured in Part II of this pancocojams series.

Click for a pancocojams post on foot stomping cheers.

Notice that one of the dance movements that the Hues Corporation does while singing "Rock The Boat" is to lean to the side and smoothly (gently) swing their hips from side to side. That "rock the boat" dance movement became part of many young African Americans' mid 1970s R&B dance repertoire and is still done when people want to perform "old school" dances.

In contrast, here's a link to a video of the 2011 Hip-Hop dance [crank that]* "rock dat boat"

*"Crank that" is often used in front of the name of a Hip-Hop dance. It means "do that [dance name] dance" or "start doing that [dance name] dance".

Click for a 1973 Reggae song entitled "Don't Rock My Boat" by Bob Marley. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence that the Hues Corporation song & Bob Marley's song had such similar titles.

Click for information on that Bob Marley song including the fact that Bob Marley recorded three different versiond of "Don't Rock My Boat, the first one being in 1968.
Click for a video of the 2001 R&B song "Rock The Boat" by Aaliyah. That song's tune & lyrics are completely different from The Hues Corporations tune & lyrics. A number of dance routines are based on the choreography that Aaliyah did in that video.

Click for information about this record.

This concludes Part I of this series.

My thanks to The Hues Corporation & the other artists mentioned for their musical legacies.

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