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Ten Examples Of Malagasy Traditional Music & Dance

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post presents ten examples of traditional music from Madagascar. General information about Madagascar is also included in this post.

The content of this post is presented for entertainment and aesthetic purposes.

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Editor's Note:
I am very unfamiliar with Malagasy music. Please accept my apology if these examples aren't considered traditional Malagasy music or dance. Corrections & identification of those examples correct music or dance genre would be appreciated.

" Madagascar is an island to the east of the southern part of Africa.

It is the world's fourth largest island, with 4,828 km of coastline...

Madagascar was part of the African continent but broke off and drifted to where it is now about two million years ago. This means that the plants and animals of Madagascar are unique, and different from those of Africa...

Madagascar was governed by France from 1895, but became a republic in 1958, calling itself the Malagasy Republic. It remained under French guidance until 1960, when it became a fully independent country. In 1975, the country re-named itself the Democratic Republic of Madagascar. In 1993 it became the Republic of Madagascar."

These examples are presented in chronological order based on the date of their posting on YouTube.

Example #1: Sabarera (Hazolahy)

antoniek, Uploaded on Oct 25, 2006

Music video by Malagasy group Hazolahy

Example #2: Masoala Song Madagascar

errorist. Uploaded on Sep 20, 2006

On the very remote Masoala Peninsula, Eastern Madagascar, the villagers gather to sing.

Example #3: - Monja

daveanso,Uploaded on Nov 20, 2007

Traditional music from Madagascar

Example #4: Masoala Forest Lodge Dancers

toledo43612, Uploaded on Nov 29, 2008

These people walked 5k to dance for us at the lodge.

Example #5: Traditional dance from Akany Avoko orphanage, Madagascar

Maureen Lee Maloney, Uploaded on Mar 21, 2009

A dance by the adorable kids at Akany Avoko orphanage in Antananarivo, Madagascar. This is such a great place.

Example #6: Oay Lahy É (O! Dear Friend)

Krmadinkovich, Uploaded on May 9, 2009

The Music of Madagascar: Classical Traditional Recordings of the 1930's
Here are two comments from this video's viewer comment thread:

Jonnyrafa1, 2010
Very old one. Like to hear my grand Ma voice.
-"Hey ! guys, So long ! So long !...
(then answered)
-Where are you going, babe?
-So long ! so long!...
-Why? why?
Harivelo, 2012
"This is a classic from my country. Thank you very much for posting it."

Example #7: Bakomanga::Ramafadrahona

Rabehasy, Uploaded on Jun 1, 2009

Example #8: Lalatiana::Ny voninavoko

rabehasy, Uploaded on Jul 10, 2009

Lalatiana::Ny voninavoko

Example #9: Gasikara::Telo Fangady

rabehasy, Uploaded on Aug 12, 2009
- Playliste Telo Fangady :

Example #10: Monja Manintsindava

andry12003, Uploaded on Feb 8, 2010

this vid shows the Manintsindava Band from Madagascar (lead by Monja on the far left with the rifle)
they perform a traditional dance from the Androy area (south of Madagascar).You can hear the lokanga( traditional violin)

Thanks to all those vocalists, musicians, and dancers who are featured in these examples. Thanks also to the composers of these songs, and the uploaders of this sound file and these videos.

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