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Five Examples Of Haitian Kompa Music By Les Freres Dejean

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"Because the orthography and spelling of the Haitian Creole language (Kreyol Ayisyen) is not fully standardized, Compas is also known as Kompas, Kompa, Compa, Konpa, and Conpa, and is sometimes called Kompas Direk or Compas Direk. Compas is pronounced like "cohm-PA." The word "Compas" comes from the Spanish, and roughly means "beat" or "downbeat."

Compas is a genre of music from Haiti. Like most genres of Caribbean music, compas has deep roots in African music, and the African influence is clear in the back-beated rhythms that help define the genre. Compas descends from a genre of Haitian music called "meringue," which is related to merengue music, the popular genre from Haiti's fellow Hispaniola island nation, the Dominican Republic.
That article continues with information about the history of Compas music.

"Kompa (Compa, Konpa) Music
Kompa, Compa (konpa) music is the number one Haitian pop style, developed by Nemours Jean-Baptiste in 1955. The music was originally referred to as Kompa Direct. Compa or Kompa means beat or rhythm in Spanish.

Kompa is sang in Haitian Creole ("Kreyol"). Unlike other Caribbean styles, it has a slow tempo. Kompa makes use of the tambour and conga extensively. The conga and tambour gives Kompa a uniquely Haitian flavor. Improvisation is a major component of the music.
That article continues with information about the history of Kompa music.

(These examples are posted in chronological order based on the date of their posting on YouTube with the oldest date presented first. These dates shouldn't be confused with the order of their recording.)

Example #1: les freres Dejean "malere"

coolfungus, Uploaded on May 7, 2009

Les freres Dejean de Petion ville with one of their biggest hit "malere" . You can see why they are, indeed, the "creme de la creme" of Kompa music

Example #2: Les Frères Dejean A L'atrium - L'Univers (6-13-2008)

E4Mizik, Uploaded on Aug 3, 2009

This clip features a performance by the legendary Les Frères Dejean, it was recorded at L'Atrium in Martinique in 2008, but was released in 2009.
The musicians are listed at this video's link:

Example #3: Freres Dejean,LA PRIERE, Atrium ETE 2009(RESIGNAC)

John Fitzgerald Resignac, Uploaded on Sep 17, 2009

Freres Dejean de Petion-Ville, Atrium Summer 2009

Example #4: Les Freres Dejean en Concert @ Zephyr (French Guiana) July 2009 - Gladia

E4Mizik, Uploaded on Mar 23, 2010
The musicians are listed at this video's link:

Example #5: Les Freres Dejean - skah-shah- djet-x et system-band /groupes mythiques haitiens par D'jl prod'

Valentino Abauzit, Published on Jun 18, 2012

Montage vidéo fait par d'jl avec des groupes haïtiens qui grâce a eux cette musique perdure .ils nous ont marqué. J'ai choisi ces quatre groupes parce qu'il me rappelle mon enfance merci d'apprécier et très bonne écoute a vous.Les Freres Dejean - skah-shah- djet x et system band D'jl prod'

Thanks to Les Frères Dejean for their musical legacy. Thanks also to the uploaders of these featured sound file and videos.

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