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Big Mama Thornton "One More River" (Sound File & Lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post presents a sound file & lyrics for the song "One More River" by Big Mama Thornton. Information about Big Mama Thornton is also included in this post.

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"Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton (December 11, 1926 – July 25, 1984) was an American rhythm and blues singer and songwriter. She was the first to record the hit song "Hound Dog" in 1952.[1] The record was #1 on the Billboard R&B charts for seven weeks in 1953;[2] the single sold almost two million copies.[3] Its B-side was "They Call Me Big Mama." Three years later, Elvis Presley recorded his even more broadly successful rendition of "Hound Dog," based on a version performed by Freddie Bell and the Bellboys. Similarly, Thornton wrote and recorded "Ball 'n' Chain", which became a hit for her,[1] yet Janis Joplin's later recording of it made a bigger impact in the late 1960s.

Thornton was born in Ariton, Alabama, United States. Her introduction to music started in a Baptist church, where her father was a minister and her mother a church singer. She and her six siblings began to sing at very early ages...She was also a self-taught drummer and harmonica player, and frequently played each instrument onstage."...

One More River"- Big Mama Thornton

Rowoches, Uploaded on Mar 7, 2011

Blues Legend, Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton singing a Gospel number, "One More River." From the 1971 album, SAVED.

(sung by Big Mama Thornton & choir)

Great day in the morning,
I got one more
I just reach
my journey’s end.

I got one more
little mountain.
I got one more, oh Lord, I said mountain.
I know I got one more, one more mountain
I reach
my journey’s end.

Leader - Oh Lord!
You got
You got one more little mountain
Group ( overlapping leader, continues to sing ) one more river
Leader-to cross.
Leader- You got one more mountain and a river
Leader and Group- before you reach your end.

Group - Oh-oh oh oh oh, shout!
Leader – I want to shout, Jesus.
Group (continues singing) - Just shout !
Leader – Lord have mercy, Jesus.
Group – Oh shout!
Leader – I want you to lift me up.
Group- Oh shout, shout!
Leader – Stand me tall.
Group- Shout, shout , shout.
Leader – I want you to carry me home safely.
Group - Shout!
Leader – And make sure
my trials is done.
Group (overlapping with Leader) – And make sure my trials is done.

Leader & Group (singing together)- One more river,
One more mountain,
One more river
Leader- to cross
(Group stops singing)
Leader -Before you reach your end.
Lord, before you reach your end.
Oh oh oh!
You reach
Your journey’s end.
Group (with Leader joining in towards the end) - Ah Ah Aaah!
Transcription by Azizi Powell from the sound file. Italics mean that I'm unsure of that transcription. Additions & corrections are very welcome.

Thanks to Big Mama Thornton for her musical legacy. My thanks to the composer of this song, the other vocalists & the musicians who performed on this featured song. Thanks also to the author of the article which is quoted in this post and the uploader of this featured sound file.

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