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My Favorite Pancocojams Blog Posts (2011)

Compiled by Azizi Powell

Traditions are important anytime, but are particularly important at the end of the year. And since this Pancocojams blog is one and one half years old, and I didn't start this tradition till now, I've decided to backtrack, and share a hyperlinked list of my favorite Pancocojams blog posts for 2011 along with a featured video from each of those posts.

I'm only featuring five posts for 2011 because the first Pancocojams post was published on 8/29/2011. Only 99 Pancocojam post were published in 2011. For 2012 and subsequent years, I'll share ten of my favorite Pancocojams blog post.

I'm sharing a list of my favorite posts from 2011 as a way of encouraging blog visitors to check out those posts.

This list of favorite posts isn't the same as a list of posts that are the most popular - have the most visitor views - since Pancocojams has been online (launch date 8/29/2011). In a list of the 10 most viewed posts, nine of those posts were published in 2012. The only post in 2011 which made that list is The Funga Alafia (Fanga) Song - Part 2 (Lyrics), November 11, 2011 I grouped all of the posts in that three part series together, and those posts did make my "favorite Pancocojams posts" list.

In case you're curious, as of 12/24/2012, the Pancocojams post that has received the most views is "The Right Rhyming Pattern For Shabooya Roll Call Verses" Monday, January 30, 2012 (4992 views).


#1 - Marching For Jesus - Black Church Processions; November 6, 2011

This is a four part series. Here's a video from Part 3:

MCHCA Ushers & Nurses Grand March

uploaded by mchcainc on Aug 19, 2009

#2 - The Funga Alafia (Fanga) Song; November 11, 2011

This is a three part series. Here's a video from Part 3:

Baba Olatunji plays Fanga

Uploaded by dkern8 on Mar 22, 2011

Baba Olatunji and the dancers and drummers from our class perform Fanga at Omega Institute in August of 1993.

#3: Pinning Birthday Dollars. September 29, 2011

Nigerian Money Dance

Kevin Brown, Uploaded on Dec 19, 2010

At this 50th Jubilee -Money is sprayed on the birthday celebrant. This is a joyous custom reserved for significant occasions such as a wedding, child christening or a funeral.

#4 - The Changing Definition of "Soul Sister"; December 23, 2011

King Curtis & The Kingpins - "Memphis Soul Stew"

Uploaded by McGarVision on Feb 8, 2008

The only band that could make Booker T & The MG's sweat. "And now we need a pound of fat back drums..." King Curtis was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 6, 2000.


#5 - Little Sally Walker (A Story. Tellin It Like It Is & Was); September 16, 2011

Little Sally Walker Walking Down The Street

by AnnaGraceBananaFace on Feb 25, 2009

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