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Videos Of Young Black Girls Hair Styles & Hair Care

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases five videos of braiding and other hair styles worn by young Black girls.

The content of this post is presented for educational and aesthetic purposes.

Featuring these videos does not necessarily mean that I recommend any hair care routine or recommend any hair care product that is shown or mentioned in these videos or video viewer comments.

My thanks to those hair stylists whose styles are featured in these videos. My thanks also to the bloggers whose comments are quoted in this video. Thanks also to the composer of the song in the bonus video, and to the vocalist, and puppeteer who worked on that video. Thanks also to the producers & uploaders of these videos.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

[These videos are presented in no ranking order]

Video #1: hair styles for the "lil' naturals

Uploaded by fefe01 on Oct 2, 2010

kid styles
Here are two comments from this video's viewer comment thread:

I absolutely love the last couple slides with the twist outs! I was wondering what your routine is the for the girls? Do you wash every month? do you do hot oil treatments? any tips would help as I have a three yr old daughter who is all natural! Thanks!
-kris87ish ; April 2012

thanks! well for my daughter i norm. wash her hair every 2 wks or as needed depending on the product buildup...if she has braids or twists its prolly once a month! i use herbal essence totally twisted conditioner and shea moisture products on her hair and mine as well...on my niece's hair my sis cond. with the same and i think she uses olive oil on their hair...if i do their hair then they get the products that i just keep their hair moist. and ends protected and u should b fine =)
-fefe01; April 2012

Video #2: How to: Care for Black Afro Hair

Uploaded by worldofbraiding on Aug 25, 2010
Here are two comments from this video's viewer comment thread:

my hair is just like hers but it stands up in a small afro and it is a little hard to comb and it won't grow
-loriboo1999 ; June 2012

Thanks for your comment. Firstly, do not be tempted to go the 'Chemicals' route. Find a qualified braider (ask to see certification!!) and start braiding your hair in simple natural braiding styles. Use plenty of hair growth oils and Moisturisers rich in natural ingredients, eat the right foods all to coax your hair,s natural growth...
-worldofbraiding ; 2012

Video #3 : Summer Hairstyle For little girls

Uploaded by mzthng7 on Jun 8, 2010

This is summer hairstyle for my daughter Jailynn.

Video #4: Collection Of Girls Hairstyles

Uploaded by BrownGirlsHair on Jun 27, 2011

Collection of a few of the different styles we've done!

Video #5: HairandBeautyDirect Black and Mixed Race Childrens Hairstyle Slideshow

Uploaded by hairandbeautydirect on Aug 24, 2010


A collection of 200+ hairstyles for mixed race and black kids... perfect inspiration if you are looking to give your child a new style.

For more information on black and mixed race children's haircare check out's book entitled "Love Your Childs Hair: Master the art of styling and maintaining your black and mixed race child's hair"
Available here:

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