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I Am On The Battlefield For My Lord (Videos & Lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post presents general information about & lyrics of the African American Gospel song "I'm On the Battlefield for My Lord". This post also features five videos of this Gospel song.

My thanks to the composers of this song - Sylvana Bells and E.V. Banks. My thanks also to the arrangers of these particular renditions of this song. Thanks also to the vocalists, and musicians who are featured on these videos, and thanks to the videographers and the uploaders of these videos.

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"I’m In The Battlefield For My Lord

This classic gospel song, written by Sylvana Bells and E.V. Banks, and performed here with lots of swing by Rev. D.C Rice, his congregation and some jazz musicians, is the perfect closing for the religious set of the Anthology. The song itself is an old favorite of Gospel singers, using the war imagery to express one’s faithful worship of God."

This post includes a listing of various recordings of "I’m In The Battlefield For My Lord" including one by Rev. D.C. Rice 1928-30.

I woke up this morning with the song "I’m In The Battlefield For My Lord" on my mind. I know this song because I heard it during one of my visits back to the Baptist church where I was raised in my hometown of Atlantic City, New Jersey. I had no idea that this song was composed in the 1920s as it still sounds very contemporary. Judging from my experience and from renditions of this song that have been posted on YouTube, "I’m In The Battlefield For My Lord" is still very popular among African American Gospel choirs and it is also sung by non-African American congregations.

(written by Sylvana Bell and E.V. Banks; arranged by Thomas A. Dorsey)

I am on the battlefield for my Lord.
I’m on the battlefield for my Lord,
And I promised Him that I
Would serve Him ‘til I die;
I’m on the battlefield for my Lord.

Verse #1:
I was alone and idle,
I was a sinner too.
I heard a voice from heaven say
There is work to do.
I took the Master’s hand,
And I joined the Christian band.
I’m on the battlefield for my Lord.


Verse #2:
I left my friends and kindred
Bound for the Promised Land.
The grace of God upon me
The Bible in my hands
In distant lands I trod.
Crying "Sinner come to God".
I’m on the battlefield for my Lord.


Now when I met my Savior,
I met Him with a smile.
He healed my wounded spirit
And owned me as His child.
Around the throne of grace
He appoints my soul a place.
I’m on the battlefield for my Lord.


Editor's Note:
These lyrics are from

These are the basic lyrics for "I'm On The Battlefield For The Lord". African American Gospel choirs usually enhance these lyrics by repeating the chorus two times in the beginning of the song and repeating the chorus mutiple times at the end of the song. Another common enhancement is the adding an interjection such as "Oh!", "Oh Yes!". "Well!", "Yeah". "I said" and "Church" to the beginning of certain lines. And in the video #4 given below, the choir changes the words of the chorus by singing "I'm on the battlefield and I'm working for Jesus". That arrangement of "I'm On The Battlefield For The Lord" ends with repeated lyrics about "working for the Lord".

Also, notice the different tempos for this song that are shown in these featured videos.

(These videos are presented in no particular order of preference.)

Video #1: Mother Mae Etta Peterson - "I'm On The Battlefield"

Published on May 17, 2012 by ncrtodscrossing

Tods Crossing Annual Remembrance Service
Mother Mae Etta Peterson
Tods Crossing Warren OHIO

Video #2: "I'm On The Battlefield" Pastor Eddie D. Smith Invitation To Christ

Uploaded by church4life1 on Nov 25, 2010

Pastor Eddie D. Smith Sr. sings this song after Preaching a powerful sermon "Ownership vs. Stewardship."

Video #3: Voices Of Truth - I'm On the Battlefield for the Lord

Uploaded by truewaycooljc on Oct 25, 2009

Voices of Truth sing I am on the Battlefield for the Lord featuring Elaine Lilly

Video #4: 2nd Baptist Church - "I'm on the Battlefield"

Uploaded by EzellEalyMinistries on Oct 27, 2009

2nd Baptist Church, Praise Ensemble sings "I'm on the Battlefield", Soloist: Bro. Sharonn Bairfield

Video #5: Metropolitan AME - I'm On the Battlefield for the Lord

Uploaded by MetropolitanAME on Jan 18, 2011

Praise and worship with the First Family at Metropolitan AME on January 16, 2011.
"AME" = "African Methodist Episcopal"

Editor: In this video most of the time the camera focuses on President Obama & his family who were attending that church service.

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