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Videos Of The Gospel Song "Hold On Old Soldier"

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This is Post III of a four part series of selected videos and sound files of African American spirituals or Gospel songs that include the words "hold on" or "holding on". This post showcases three videos of the Gospel song "Hold On Old Soldier" and the lyrics of that Bishop Walter Hawkins composition.

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(composer - Walter Hawkins)

Verse 1:
Don't worry tired soldier,
you have the Lord's shoulder
to lean upon when you feel weak
and you'll never grow weary,
give your strength to Him.

Verse 2:
You may be feeling a little discouraged,
or just looking for some kind of sign
to reassure you that He's not forgotten,
but remember your past whenever you ask,
God was right there...

Chorus 1:
Right there to carry you through,
right there opening doors for you,
faithful in every way; so
hold on old soldier,
hold on old soldier,
hold on old soldier.

(When you get up off of your knees)
(and the world you must face,)
(remember the angels of God,)
(surrounds you by His grace).

Your heart may be aching,
but He's sitting there waiting;
you're wondering what to do,
(then the Lord said to you, "I'm right here...")

Chorus 2:
Right here to carry you through,
right here opening doors for you,
faithful in every way.

Hold on old soldier.
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Video #1: "Hold on old Soldier" Live on Testify! Gospel.avi

Uploaded by WBHawkinsLove on Jul 11, 2010

We Remember - Bishop Walter L. Hawkins
No Copyright infringement intended.

Video #2: Hold On Old Soldier - Mississippi Mass Choir

Uploaded by kadeemgraves on Nov 15, 2009

This is off there 1993 album, "It Remains To Be Seen". Lead Vocalists: Bishop Walter Hawkins and Frank Williams

Video #3: Community of Praise-Hold on Old Soldier

Uploaded by rebeccamats on Nov 14, 2008

Community of Praise-Hold on Old Soldier

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