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Byron Lee & The Dragonnaires - Five Soca sound files or videos

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases four sound files & one video of selected soca songs performed by the Jamaican band "Byron Lee & The Dragonnaires".

The content of this post is presented for historical, folkloric, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

My thanks to Byron Lee & the Dragonnaires for their musical legacy. My thanks also to the composers of these songs, as well as to the producers & uploaders of these sound file and this video. All copyrights remain with their owners.

Byron Lee and the Dragonaires (known as Byron Lee's Dragonaires since Lee's death) are a Jamaican ska, calypso and soca band. The band played a crucial pioneering role in bringing Caribbean music to the world...

Years active: 1950 to present
Genres: Ska, mento, reggae, calypso, soca...

From 1979, the Dragonaires output was heavily concentrated on calypso, soca, and mas, regularly performing at Trinidad & Tobago's carnival, and also touring the Caribbean and North America.[1] Throughout the 1990s they were also regulars at Jamaica's carnival, and their "Dance Hall Soca" hit (recorded with Admiral Bailey) was credited with starting the ragga-soca craze of the late 1990s...

Byron Lee died on 4 November 2008...

The band has continued since Lee's death, with the name slightly altered to Byron Lee's Dragonaires.
[These songs are presented in no particular order.]

Video #1: Dollar Wine - Byron Lee (FUN VID)

Born_A_Gent, Uploaded on Jan 15, 2008

vid fuh de dallawine soca song. de pics a go with de song, buh nah de wine bottle, if yuh geh one good comment of a good advice type if yuh nah geh a good one den nah badda speak.

Here's my translation of that Jamaican Patois comment:
[This is the] video for the dollar wine song. The pictures go with this song, but not [the one of] the winee bottle. If you are going to add a good comment [that is alright], but if your comment is bad, it's better that you don't leave one at all.
Here's two comments from a discussion thread for another souund file of this song.

"It doesn't matter who want to claim this song this was an intercaribbean effort, colin lucas from trinidad sing it first, byron lee remade it with a lead singer who was definitely not a jamaican so in conclusion stfu and enjoy the music and be proud to be west indian and if your not west indian come and have a good time anyhow."
-rmsutherland; 2011

"Collin Lucas composed and performed song in 1991. It won road March Titles in England, Canada and South Florida that year. He also recorded it with the Trinidad Band called Taxi in 1994. Byron Lee covers music and plays mostly Calypso and later Soca music already made popular by original artists for each year that the song he plays came out since the 1960's. Easy to check original recordings. Please refer to Album credits on CDS and records if you have them ."
-bujudoug1 ; 2011


miguel palacios, Published on Dec 3, 2012

Un verdadero clasico, no podia faltar en mi lista de videos! disfrutenlo y comenten... a bailar!

Google translate from Spanish to English:
"A true classic, could not miss on my list of videos! Enjoy it and comment ... to dance!"

Video #3: Byron Lee - Doh Rock It So

Uploaded by trinigyal15 on Jul 11, 2008

Old soca.


miguel palacios, Published on Dec 23, 2012

Hola aqui les dejo otro video de Byron Lee & The Dragonaires espero lo disfruten es uno de mis favoritos...

Google translate from Spanish to English:
"Hello here I leave other video of Byron Lee & The Dragonaires hope you enjoy one of my favorites"

My translation of that comment into Standard American English: "Hello. Here's another upload of a Byron Lee & The Dragonaires video. I hop you enjoy one of my favoritess."

Video #5: Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - Soca Love Songs Medley

edward spencer Published on Dec 27, 2013

Albums : Soca Engine & Socarobics

Arranged By Neville Hinds. 1996 & 1997

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