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Transcription of The Black Gay Male Pledge of Allegiance

Edited by Azizi Powell

On May 9, 2012 President Barack Obama became the first United States President to indicate his personal support for same sex marriage. As an African American heterosexual female, I recognize the historical significance of President Obama's statement and I support it. I consider same sex marriage to be a civil rights issue, and I believe that all people should have the same rights and equal protection under the law regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, economic class, gender, and/or sexual orientation.

There are numerous Black people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people. I support equal rights for all Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people (LGBT) people, and for all non-Black LGBT people. I support equal rights and equal protection under the law for people who are LGBT because I believe that it is the right thing to do. I also support equal rights for people who are LGBT out of my own self-interest because I recognize that what impacts other people impacts me.

This post is an expression of that support.

This video is reposted for historical, sociological, and educational purposes. The copyrights remain with their owners.

My thanks to the author of this pledge and to the composer and performers of this music. I appreciate being able to share this video with others.

The Black Gay Male Pledge of Allegiance

Uploaded by TheAntiIntellect on Jan 2, 2010

"I was inspired to create this pledge while thinking about all of the black gay men who struggle daily with their sexual orientation. Hopefully this video inspires just one black gay male to see himself as the person worthy of dignity, humanity, and personhood that he is. It is my goal that black gay men will be ground themselves in self acceptance and self love and will refuse to internalize the hatred of other people. This is a new day and this is our pledge."

Information posted on indicates that this pledge was written by Derrick, a senior history major at Florida A&M University.

Here is my transcription of this pledge, from the words which are superimposed on that video

(written by Derrick)

I first pledge to love myself unconditionally even if it may be hard to see why I should do so, but I pledge to love me.

I pledge to remove myself from the shackles of self-hate and mental slavery.

I pledge to never consider my sexual orientation a sin.

I pledge to never consider my sexual orientation a choice.

I pledge to never consider my sexual orientation an abomination.

I pledge to question those who claim to not agree with my sexual orientation as that is as preposterous as disagreeing with someone for being born a midget or an albino (something you have no control over).

I pledge to reject any notion that my mere existence as a gay man will result in me burning in hell.

I pledge to question, reject, and challenge any religious belief system that preaches my condemnation and persecution for being a gay man.

I pledge to not internalize homophobia.

I pledge to not internalize heterosexism because although heterosexism may be the dominant sexual orientation that fact alone does not may my sexual orientation or myself deficient.

I pledge to learn about Bayard Rustin if I already haven't.

I pledge to not allow people to consider my sexual orientation a "lifestyle" as a lifestyle is something that you can give up or stop doing such as gambling or going to church.

I pledge to educate myself about Sex, Gender, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation because with education comes empowerment.

I pledge to use condoms with sexual partners.

I pledge to respect the dignity, personhood, and humanity of all men and question anyone who would deny it to someone on the basis of Race, Gender, or Sexual Orientation.

I pledge not to create hierarchies in the gay community that pitt Masculine gay men against Feminine gay men. Because there is no right or wrong way to be a gay man. We all come in many shapes and forms.

I pledge to always recognize that it was our transgender sisters who started the Gay Rights Movement and as such they should not be maligned in our community.

I pledge never to consider homosexuality a more “sexual” sexual orientation. Sexual activity is unique to all sexual orientation not just homosexuality. There are promiscuous straight women, straight men, gay men and gay women.

I pledge to challenge society in order to help change society if not for myself but for future generations of gay black men.

I pledge to be the change I want to see in the world.

Will you make the pledge?

Click for the interview of President Obama expressing his personal support of same sex marriage.

Click for information about African American civil rights and gay rights leader Bayard Rustin who is mentioned in the pledge.

Click for information about the Stonewall Riots which I believe are alluded to in the pledge statement about the beginning of the gay rights movement.

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