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"It's A Highway To Heaven" (videos and lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases five videos of the African American Gospel song "It's A Highway To Heaven" (also known as "Walking Up The King's Highway"). This post also provides a standard version of the lyrics for that Gospel song.

I've not been able to find any information online about the composer or the composition date for this Gospel song. Perhaps the composer of this song is unknown. If anyone knows that information, please share it here by adding a comment.

The earliest date that I've been able to arrive at for the Gospel song "It's A Highway To Heaven" is "the 1960s".

I remember this song being sung as a processional in New Jersey in the 1960s. Video #2 of this post shows "It's A Highway To Heaven" being sung as a choir processional. Here are two comments from that mention that manner of singing this Gospel song:

"Remember when my late Godmother used to march into the church along w/the Choir at our little church in Harlem back in the 60's. Really love this song and miss her & those days but looking forward to meeting her & them on the King's Highway !"
-missuma2, 2011

"Mine too!!!!! But they never sang it this fast  and took them at least 10 mins to march in. Lol!!! Wow what memories."
-skidiva1; 2011

[These videos are presented in chronological order.]

Video #1: Mahalia Jackson Highway to Heaven

Uploaded by 1joker88 on Aug 6, 2009


Video #2: Alex Bradford - It's a highway to heaven

jaapdesticker, Uploaded on Dec 6, 2008

A historic event: probably the first black gospel concert ever in the Netherlands. Recorded in Utrecht, november 1962
Click for biographical information about Professor Alex Bradford.

Video #3: The O'Neal Twins with choir and congregation - It's a highway to heaven

Uploaded by 5blindboys on Aug 19, 2009

"Choir singing in church with The O'Neal Twins leading"

Video #4: Gospel Legends - Highway To Heaven

Uploaded by PrazHymn83 on Mar 22, 2010

"Various Gospel artists minister with "Highway To Heaven" at a meeting of over 100 Gospel legends at Bill and Gloria Gaither's studios in Alexandria, Indiana."

Video #5: Walking Up the King's Highway (Loretta Oliver)

fstanley35, Uploaded on Mar 2, 2008

Some have asked: "What happened to the old Fellowship Baptist Church Choir"? Well, here's what happens when they all get together again. Check the Reunion Choir here with Ms. Loretta Oliver on the lead...


It's a highway to Heaven
None can walk up there
But the pure in heart
It's a highway to heaven
I am walking Up the King's highway


Verse 1
My way get's brighter
My load get's lighter
Walking up the King's highway
There's joy in knowing
With Him I'm going
Walking up the King's highway


Verse 2
Don't have to worry
Don't have to hurry
Walking Up the King's highway
Christ walks beside me
Angels to guide
Walking Up the King's highway


Verse 3
If you're not walking
Start while I'm talking
Walking Up the King's highway
There'll be a blessing
You'll be possessing
Walking Up the King's highway


Note: Like other Gospel songs, there are different arrangements for "It's A Highway To Heaven".

My thanks to the featured soloists, choirs, video producers, and the video uploaders.

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  1. Wow! I'm so glad you did this!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Barbara.

      I have fond memories from my childhood about this song.