Thursday, February 16, 2012

African American Battle Of The Bands

Edited by Azizi Powell

These videos of marching bands from a small number of historically Black colleges & universities are presented for their historical, folkloric, and aesthetic value.

A complete listing of historically Black colleges & universitites is found at

Here's an excerpt from that page:
There are 105 historically black universities and colleges, and the majority were created in the United States after the Civil War. They were defined by the Higher Education Act of 1965 as any college or university established prior to 1964 whose main mission was (and is) to educate black Americans, and were accredited--or made strides toward being accredited--by nationally-recognized agencies.

The history of these historical black colleges and universities offer stories of courage, dedication, and commitment to the ideal of intellectual pursuit for all Americans.
My thanks to the video uploaders, and all those groups that are showcased in this post.

These videos are not placed in any ranking order.

Video #1: Black History Month on ESPN: Marching Bands from Bethune-Cookman and Florida A&M Compete In Battle of The Bands

Uploaded by ESPN on Feb 11, 2011

"Marching Bands from Bethune-Cookman and Florida A&M compete in the Battle of the Bands using a mix of modern tunes, fight songs and traditional standards. The 300-plus sized band that learns over 20 songs with dance routines, military style formation and chants is mentally and physically demanding with practices that rival the football team's preparation for game day. The long hours and hard work are only a small part of the payoff that is the hometown pride and year-long bragging rights to the school with the most powerful sound and creative show.

Black History Month on ESPN Season 1 Ep. 23

Both of these historically Black universities are located in Florida.

Video #2: SU Marching Into Stadium vs JSU 2010

Uploaded by TBoneNupe1911 on Oct 18, 2010

SU = Southern University (New Orleans, Louisiana); "JSU" is "Jackson State University" located in Jackson, Mississippi.

Notice at 8:15 that some members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. do a (probably impromptu) stroll (slow walking dance routine) to the music.

The “Nupe” (pronounced Newp) in the video uploader’s name indicates that he is a member of that Black Greek lettered fraternity.

Video #3: NCCU vs. A&T 5th Quarter 9.25.2010 - Part 1

Uploaded by SpeechlessQue on Sep 26, 2010

North Carolina Central University versus North Carolina A&T State University, battling it out in the 5th Quarter after the Aggie-Eagle Classic. Video by Harvey Thompson. Editing by me.

Editor: A&T = "Agricultural and Technical".
Click for Part 2 of that video.

The "Que" in the video uploader's name indicates that he is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Drumline #4: Southern Heritage Classic Big Ballin' Battle 2011

Uploaded by PacMan12995 on Sep 11, 2011

TSU and JSU go at it with Big Ballin'
TSU = Tennessee State University; "JSU" is "Jackson State University" located in Jackson, Mississippi.

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