Sunday, January 1, 2012

Three African Children's Choirs

Edited by Azizi Powell

Happy New Year and Happy Kwanzaa on this last day of Kwanzaa (Imani-Faith)!

Here are three videos of African children's choirs. Enjoy and be inspired to help make the world a better place for children everywhere.

Video #1
African Childrens Choir- Uhuru (Freedom) [Uganda]

Uploaded by majabsalu on Sep 4, 2008

Editor: This is from a film entitled Beloved.

Here are the lyrics from a viewer's comment:

(Swahili)English Tuko na uhuru (We have freedom)
Ndio zawadi (It is indeed the gift)
Tu(na)penda kuwa huru (We love to be free)
Inua mikono yako (Raise your hands)
Tunalia, cheka, cheza kiwanjani (We cry, laugh and dance on the field)
Tuko na uhuru (We have freedom)
DlVlNATl0Nx, 2008

Video #2: The Drakensberg Boys Choir - Shosholoza [South Africa]

Uploaded by chris2brooks on Jun 30, 2008

Absolute chillingly good song sung by the best boys choir in South Africa. All the boys are very talented and very intelligent. All boys need an above average IQ to get in the choir as they have to go to a private school and the nature of the choir the study where ever they are. Wait for the middle of video absolutely wow!!!

Shosholoza is a Ndebele folk song that originated in Zimbabwe but was popularized in South Africa. The song is a traditional South African Folk song was sung by Ndebele all-male migrant workers that were working in the South African mines in a call and response style. The song is so popular in South African culture that it is often referred to as South Africa's second national anthem...

Although the original author of the song is unknown, Shosholoza is a traditional miner's song, originally sung by groups of men from the Ndebele ethnic group that travelled by steam train from their homes in Zimbabwe to work in South Africa's diamond and gold mines.

Click that link for the lyrics to this song.

African Kids 4 Christ: Ose Baba (Yoruba) [Nigeria]

Uploaded by jasonlohrmd on Apr 30, 2010

From the DVD "All About Jesus"


Here's information about this choir from a viewer comment:
"These are children from the villages around Ile-Ife. None of them attend International Schools. The choir was formed to help raise funds to subsidize the care of poor children who come to the Adventist Hospital in Ile-Ife. So far they have raised more than $4,000 and helped subsidize the care of more than 100 pediatric patients at the hospital.
-jasonlohrmd; October 2011

Editor: The English translation of O Se Baba (pronounced Oh Shay bah bah) is "Thank you Father"

There are a number of YouTube video versions of this African Gospel song. One version by Nigerian Ggenba Wise is featured as Video #1 on this pancocojams blog post: African Gospel Song "You Are The Most High God", Part 1

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