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The Kumbaya Song Around The World

Edited by Azizi Powell

Soweto Gospel Choir - Khumbaya [South Africa]

erastusbean, Uploaded on Mar 12, 2009

Great black gospel music group.

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This post features selected video renditions of the African American [South Carolina & Georgia Gullah sea isles] spiritual "Kumbaya" ("Come By Here").

Click for the history of and the standard American lyrics for this song.

These videos are posted for their historical, sociological, spiritual, and aesthetic value. My thanks to the featured vocalists and to the uploaders of these videos.

[Videos featured on this post have been assigned numbers for the purpose of referencing them. No preferential ranking is implied by these numbers.]

Video #1 - Soweto Gospel Choir - Khumbaya [South Africa]

This sound file is posted at the top of this page.

Click for a video of a live performance of this group's performance of "Kumbaya"

This version of "Kumbaya" is also sung by the choir in Video #3.

Click for my transcription of lyrics to this version of "Kumbaya".

Video #2 - The Glory Gospel Singers - Kumbaya My Lord [USA]

Uploaded by Mausis07 on Aug 10, 2009

Video #3 - Khumbaya, Gospel Night 2009 Group 3 [Japan]

Uploaded by koichikm on Sep 13, 2009

Video #4 - Kumba Ya - Jaasai Vocal Group [Spanish language; no information given about the country this group is from]

Uploaded by rubenjaasai on Sep 27, 2006
Ensayo cotidiano, sin base vocal

Video #5 - Kumbaya, my Lord [France]

Uploaded by PM8707 on Jun 4, 2010
Le negro-spiritual "Kumbaya" par la chorale gospel Arc-en-Ciel de Strasbourg

Video #6 - Wind - Kumbaya 2004 [Germany]

fritz51277, Uploaded on Jun 13, 2009

Wind - Kumbaya 2004

Click for the German lyrics to this song.

Video #7 - Kum Ba Ya - Bonnie Keen [USA]

Uploaded by beanscot on Jun 14, 2009

The summary statement for this video is incorrect. The song "Kumbaya" has been documented in the 1920s but may have been composed by the Gullah people (African Americans) of the sea isles of South Carolina & Georgia in the late 19th century or even earlier.

Thanks to these featured choirs for their performances of the African Amerian Spiritual "Kumbaya".

Thanks also to the uploaders of these videos, and to all others whose comments or links have been featured on this blog post.

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