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Freedom Songs From The USA & South Africa

Edited by Azizi Powell

Here are videos/sound files of two songs from the United States and South Africa which have the word "freedom" in their titles. Both of the examples from the United States were favorite songs of the 1960s civil rights movement to secure equal rights and justice for African Americans. As such, these songs-which were reworkings of African American spirituals- were called "freedom songs" or "civil rights songs".

These songs are presented for their aesthetic, historical, and educational values. Enjoy and be inspired to make the world a better place for all!


Video #1

Oh Freedom!

Uploaded by swflprof on May 2, 2008

A Negro Spiritual with pictures from the Library of Congress and National Archives. I decided on this Spiritual after researching the National Archives for photographs of Slavery. This is a topic I felt should not be ignored, nor exploited, rather remembered lest we repeat history.


Here's a comment from this video's viewer comment thread:
...This is from a previous poster:

This recording of "Oh Freedom" was done by The Princely Players. You can find the recording on "Wade in the Water: African American Sacred Music Traditions, Vol. I-IV" which was distributed by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. It's a 4-CD box set so its kind of expensive but you can also get it in MP3 format for cheeper
- swflprof ; August 2011;


Video #2

Stayed On Freedom - Eric Bibb

Uploaded by coconutguardian on Oct 26, 2008

Editor: This song is also known as "I Woke Up This Morning".



Video #1

African -song- freedom is coming

Uploaded by T2KTV on Jan 1, 2009

Sarafina -freedom is coming
Changes is now


Here's some information about this movie clip:
Sarafina! is a 1992 South African film starring Leleti Khumalo, Whoopi Goldberg, Miriam Makeba, John Kani and Tertius Meintjies...

The plot centers on students involved in the Soweto Riots, in opposition to the implementation of Afrikaans as the language of instruction in schools. The character Sarafina (Leleti Khumalo) feels shame at her mother's (Miriam Makeba) acceptance of her role as domestic servant in a white household in apartheid South Africa, and inspires her peers to rise up in protest, especially after her inspirational teacher, Mary Masombuka (Whoopi Goldberg) is imprisoned...

Video #2

"Freedom" By Soweto Soleil, website -

Uploaded by SowetoSoleil on Nov 7, 2007

video clip won the best music video at the African Music Awards in Libreville, Gabon. This style of music is a combination of african, reggae and blues with a jazzy swag

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