Thursday, January 5, 2012

African Gospel Song "You Are The Most High God", Part 4

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part 4 in a 4 part series that focuses on the African Gospel song "Jehovah, You Are The Most High God". This post features four additional video examples of "Jehovah, You Are The Most High God" from throughout the world.

Part 1 of this series provides a general overview of "Jehovah, You Are The Most High God" and also features several significant videos of that song.


Part 2 of this series focuses on tempos and rhythms that have been used for various renditions of that Gospel song.

Click for Part 2 of this series.

Part 3 of this series includes information about the call & response structure the song "Jehovah, You Are The Most High God". Part 3 also includes the text to (lyrics of) two versions of this song.

Click for Part 3 of this series.

The numbers that are assigned to these songs continue from the first post in this series on.


Video #9: Jehovah You are the most High - Elder Daniel Akakpo - COP Mass Choir [United Kingdom]

Uploaded by danakakpo on Nov 20, 2010

The Church of Pentecost UK. National Crusade 2009 held at Tottenham. Indeed Jehovah is the Most High. Be blessed as you listen.....[United Kingdom]

Video #10: Most High God [Zimbabwe]

uploaded by zimbabwemutinhimira on Apr 5, 2010

Jehovah you are the most high God. There is no one like you and the devil trembles in your presence.

Video #11: Jehovah You Are The Most High PFF Church [Berlin, Germany]

Uploaded by Vivieanicia on Aug 15, 2011

Video Example #12: Jehovah you are the most high [Geographical Location not given]

Uploaded by Juliet Iyeyemi·on Aug 27, 2010

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